Sunday, April 8, 2018

Are Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia being detained against their will? Looks more like it every day.

Is the British Government holding the Skripals
in Illegal Detention at the Salisbury Hospital?

Yesterday evening I went to a dinner party given by a couple, friends of over 40 years.  Also in attendance were about 7 other old friends...people we've met regularly over the same period of time.  We've watched each other's children grow up and shared holidays and special occasions together.

One of the women in the group is from England.  I jokingly asked her what she thought of the "Skripal Affair".  She said she certainly believed that the Russians (and Putin personally) had ordered the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.  It was not a surprise for me to hear her express this point of view as she is certainly one of the most rabid and inflexible believers in government "official stories" to ever walk the earth.  She has accepted "whole hog" everything from 9/11 to the death of Diana, to all the other mucky muck black ops that M-16 or M-15 have ever been involved the MosCIAd.  Over the years I've asked her about all of them and it never fails.  Last night, I asked "What was the evidence" that Russia did the poisoning.   Her response was that no evidence was necessary.  All that was necessary was that the British government said they did it.  

Her husband, a retired accountant, has always been a bit brighter and more open...and has on many occasions initiated conversations about geopolitics with me.  Once, years ago, he actually took me aside and whispered (out of her hearing) that he had doubts about the official story of 9/11.  This time, he was similarly open-minded and so I brought up the topic of Putin's March 1 speech and his revelation that Russia had developed at least four "game changing" weapons that were far beyond anything the west currently has.  The husband looked at me with surprise and said he had never heard anything about this development.  Never heard about the Putin speech...never heard about the weapons.  This surprised me because this gentleman does keep up with current events.

In summary, the exchange with the couple made me very depressed [as it has in the past] She is so rigidly clueless and ignorant that it makes me fear for can we continue to make our way through the rocks and shoals of the current baiting and provoking of Russia...if the population is so gullible regarding the ever more blatant lies and false flags that are now bombarding us on an daily, no hourly, basis?  

The campaign to "bring Russia/Putin down" has reached a fever pitch.  Any semblance of  respect for the rule of law, evidence, due process has been tossed aside. Government announcements and press reports have sunk to the level of 4 year olds in a school yard...but in this case, the bullies are taunting a victim who has quite frankly, understandably and publically drawn a line in the sand...which, if crossed...will lead to disastrous results. 

So, upon checking the news this morning, it appears that the UK is continuing its Skripal False Flag deception...unable to entirely "walk back" from it's hysterical allegations of two weeks ago, even though it appears that the Skripals are well enough to appear publically [if allowed], perhaps even leave the hospital.... and solve the mystery.

Yulia's cousin Victoria had a pivotal phone conversation with her the other day during which it was established:

a)  Yulia is alive, well,talking and rational
b)  Sergei is alive, doing well and "resting"
c)  Yulia appeared "guarded" in her conversation with Victoria and told Victoria point blank that "No one would give her [Victoria] a visa to come and visit Yulia in hospital.

The guarded tone in Yulia's voice and her reservations about the visa should have set off huge red flags in any listener.  What was Yulia afraid of?  What made her so sure no one would give her relative a visa to visit her?  Why have no photographs of the Skripals been made public?  Why are they still in hospital...after Yulia said she was going "to be discharged soon"?

If the current situation keeps up for another week...the unmistakable conclusion that must be considered by any rational and non-rigid thinker is that the Skripals are being detained against their will.  Thus far, they have not been allowed to have any visits with entities other than the government--which is relentlessly constructing [fabricating?] a case against Russia.  That the "case" has fallen apart like a cheap suit has not deterred in the slightest the officials and their bought-and-paid-for press from clinging to the tattered remnants of the "official" story and in fact embellishing it with even more curious details that are described in the links here and here.

I am inclined to agree with pro-Russian blogger John Helmer in the last link where he suggests the Skripals are being detained against their will.  All the [pardon the use of the archaic term] "evidence" seems to point in that direction.  As I sometimes do, I will take Helmer's thesis a step further and will predict that we will never see the Skripals alive again.  I hope I am wrong on this point.  The stakes of the UK government/M-15 are too high now...they had hoped that the Skripals would die in the initiating event...whatever that was surely NOT novichok.  But, due to some mind-boggling screw-up on the part of the spooks, the Skripals are alive and in hospital. Or, and this is where I am using my powers of "probabilities" deduction.....

What I think happened is:  Immediately after the black ops event...the Skripals were taken to some place where, by mistake, they were put into the custody of an entity or entities that insists that they not be killed. This could be the Salisbury hospital staff or it could be some other entity(s).  This entity(s) could be one of those "ethical" misfits that the perps are trying so hard to root out of positions of power with their ceaseless "false flag drill" campaigns.  But, here they failed...and there are so many of these entities...that they are able to guard the Skripals 24/7 and prevent harm coming to them [so far].  I believe the Russians know much more than they're letting on. There is currently a tug-of-war going on between these "protective" entities and M-15/the UK government.   If the entities win (and they are likely threatening to "go public" with their situation as their main bargaining chip) The Skripals will survive and likely be secreted off to some other country, as Rupert Murdoch is already alluding to in his newspapers.  If M-15/UK government wins...then the Skripals will simultaneously suffer a dramatic and fatal "relapse" into coma and doubt a delayed symptom of the Novichok poisoning of several weeks ago now.

In the meantime, the Voice of Satan, the BBC, is frantically distracting the sheeple public with more stories slandering Russia and provoking WWIIIThe tired old moth-eaten canard of Assad "gassing his own people"...has been trundled out from the closet and is being tried on for size.  Impotent "leader" Trump has "tweeted" yet another threat against Russia--based on the latest CW lie.  The next week will be pivotal on this earth.  One side or the other will have to back off...and at this stage, I don't think it will be the Russians--or their allies.

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Unknown said...

Or maybe the Skripals were in on the "poisoning" all along, as in, it didn't happen. Hard to tell since governments and MSM seemingly can't tell the truth if their futures depended on it. You just have to come to your own conclusions these days.