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What if USrael Gave a War...And Nobody Came?

Bolton - If All You Have Is A Hammer...

Update from Moon of Alabama

"That was lame. Netanyahoo just finished his show (vid). He claimed that Israel got access to an Iranian archive of its former nuclear program dating from 1999 to 2003. In 2007 a U.S. National Intelligence Estimate found that Iran stopped all nuclear weapon research in 2003 after the U.S. had destroyed Iran's then arch-enemy Iraq. In 2011 the IAEA reported in detail of Iran's former "structured program". It agreed that it had stopped in 2003.

All that Netanyahoo now claims to have acquired is old and known stuff. He refers to an AMAD plan Iran had as if that was some new intelligence. But the IAEA documented AMAD and its development in 2011 (PDF, Annex, page 5). He uses the archive documents of known former programs to declare that Iran has cheated and is not trustworthy. He says that gives Trump reason to disavow the nuclear agreement the U.S. and others had signed with Iran. That is bullshit.

I had expected better from him. Some well forged documents or something more dramatic. This was just nonsense.

My feeling is that this was a diversion from an upcoming military(?) operation against Iran or its assets in Lebanon, Syria or Iraq.

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and...Iran Responds to Israeli Attack on Syrian Military Bases

"Era of ‘hit-and-run’ strikes over: Any attack on Iran’s bases will get ‘heavy response’ – Khamenei 

....His [Khamenei's] statements came just hours after the reports about an alleged attack on the Syrian Army’s positions in the countryside of Hama and Aleppo provinces. The Syrian state media said that the military bases were targeted in a missile strike launched by an unspecified enemy.

In the meantime, Iran dismissed reports about its military advisers allegedly being affected by the strike. No Iranian advisers were killed or injured in the incident, the Iranian Mehr News Agency said, citing some “informed” sources. It also denounced the reports about casualties among the Iranians in Syria by calling them “false.”

The commander of the Fatemiyoun Division, a Syrian pro-government Shia militia supported by Iran, also told Mehr that his unit’s base near Aleppo did not come under attack. Earlier, Sky News Arabia reported, citing rebel sources, that over 40 people might have been killed in the alleged strike. Some US and British media also said that dozens of Iranians were allegedly among those killed in the incident that occurred late on Sunday.
‘US does not want to bear costs of war with Iran, wants to shift them to others’

Washington does not want to engage in a full-scale conflict with Iran and wants its allies in the Middle East to shoulder this burden instead, the Iranian supreme leader said in his speech on Monday. He then accused the US of attempting to “provoke… certain nations” in the region, particularly Saudi Arabia, into a confrontation with Iran.

“The Americans do not want to bear the cost of confronting Islamic Republic,” he said, adding that, instead, Washington wants “Muslims to fight Muslims.” Khamenei then said that “for this very reason,” the US should leave the Middle East.

“What Washington does best is causing insecurity,” Khamenei said, as cited by the Mehr news agency. “Everywhere they [the US] set foot, they… bring misfortune to the people,” he added. It is the US that “needs to leave, not the Islamic Republic,” the Ayatollah went on to say, adding that western Asia is the Iranians’ home, while the US is “an outsider with mischievous aims, seeking to instigate sedition” in the region.

Iran’s supreme leader then warned the regional powers from giving in to the US provocations, adding that, if they face Iran, they will “suffer a decisive defeat.”

Pat Benatar "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

Syria more resolute on terror fight after missile strikes: Assad

Israeli Missile Attack on Syria of April 29, 2018

As I speculated in my last post, Syria and its allies, Iran, Russia and Hezbollah have decided to hold their fire rather than retaliate against Israel's provocative warmongering missile attack of last night.  Please read the following report from PressTV [Iran's national broadcasting network] and I will have more comments to follow:


"Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says the escalation of aggression against Syria will only boost the country's resolve to uproot terrorism in all its forms.

Assad made the remarks in a meeting with Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy Alaeddin Boroujerdi in Damascus on Monday, a day after Syria announced that several of its military bases located in the provinces of Hama and Aleppo had come under missile fire.
According to Syria's state news agency, "a new aggression with hostile missiles” happened at 10:30 pm local time, in which military positions in villages near the cities of Hama and Aleppo were targeted.

The Syrian president said hostile countries have shifted to a stage of direct aggression after the fiasco that befell their agents and proxies.

He added that the escalation of the aggression against Syria would "only increase the Syrians’ determination to eliminate terrorism in all its forms, and uphold their sovereignty and their right to shape their own future."

He noted that the Middle East is going through a phase of redrawing the entire international map.

The Syrian president also stressed the importance of improving parliamentary relations and exchanging experiences between the two countries.

Syrian government forces on Monday started an intensified military operation against a militant-held enclave near Homs amid a push to regain control over all the remaining areas under their siege.

Takfiri militants have lost much of the territory they once held in Syria amid sweeping gains by government forces on the ground...."

As I type, Netanyahoo is telecasting live from a Tel Aviv military bunker.  He's going on and on about some "evidence" that he has turned up proving that Iran had a secret nuclear program going waaaaaaaaay back.  If this was solid evidence, why didn't he present it to the proper authorities earlier instead of going on TV after an illegal attack on Syria last night.  Does he want the entire world's population to throw up at once?  A massive vomit that will engulf the entire world???!!!!  This is a major risk!

Israel Desperate--absolutely in a Catatonic Frenzy--to Provoke Iran/Russia/Syria

Slimeball Accused of Domestic Corruption

Folks, last night there was an Act of War committed by Israel against Syria, against Iran and potentially against Russia.  As I reported earlier in real time...The tiny borderless entity(TM) in a totally gratuitous act of war, without provocation, bombed three military sites in Syria.  Apparently there was loss of life---including an Iranian Shiite military brigade, which was posted in Syria to protect religious mosques from the destructive predations of the USrael terrorist proxy ISIS, etc. The above video gives the details.

So far, Syria and its Iranian and Russian allies have yet to respond.  The saying from the US revolutionary war comes to mind..."Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes".

The leader who is giving the orders here is undoubtedly Putin.  He is telling his allies the Syrians and the Iranians when to shoot and when to hold fire.  The reason Putin is holding fire is obvious.  There is 10 times the advantage to gain by holding fire than there is to shoot.  As the video reports...the Israelis want to scupper the Iran deal and blame it on the "aggressive" Iran.  They want to bring the US into the war in Israel and start WWIII.  They want to totally isolate Russia and cancel the World Cup and all the other agreements including European pipeline agreements that Russia has.

So much is at stake here and the tension is excruciating.  But I agree with Putin.  Far better to hold fire and allow the world to see the evil in Israel's endless provocations...something certainly to be gained there.  Far better to allow the US to take the blame for pulling out of the Iran deal--and for the international community to see once and for all that the US is non compos mentis or, as the Russians say, "not agreement capable". Far better for Syria and its allies continue their victorious reconquering of Syrian land and sovereignty from the USrael owned terrorists. Far better for Iran to drop the dollar and live to tell about it unlike Iraq and Libya... Far better for all the other agreements and commitments that Russia has--not be jeopardized for the sake of one retaliation.  Far better for the Gaza marches to continue taking place in the public spotlight...showing the genocidal mendacity of the Ziofascists.

Another saying comes to mind "Let them stew in their own juice".

But I am sure there are some other means of retaliation.  I believe the Russians can think of something....

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UPDATE ON BREAKING NEWS: Reports that Israel conducted missile attack on Syria

UPDATE:  Twitter news sent by Ed(itor) Boy down the lane

Southfront report April 29, 2018 "Breaking: Israel hits three positions of the Syrian Army in Hama and Aleppo (Video)

Syrian pro-government sources said that the military positions that were targeted are the 47th Brigade ammo depot east of Hama city, the Fire Fighters Center in the western Hama countryside and a military position around Aleppo airport.

All three positions are known to be bases of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and different Iranian-backed armed groups. According to Syrian opposition sources, several Iranian personals were killed in the strikes.

All of the available facts suggest that Israel was behind these strikes. The Israeli Air Force used a similar tactic to target a position of the IRGC in Syria’s T4 airbase on April 9. Since then, serval Israel officials threatened that they will continue to target the Iranian bases in Syria.

PressTV back up
PressTV [Iranian National TV] is not available.  Site showing "Error - 504 Gateway Time-out".  What a coinkydynk!  Hopefully it will be back up soon.

From Sputnik...Israel media source admits missile attack on Syria.

Israel might be responsible for the attack, according to a report by Haaretz.
Earlier Sunday, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated that Israel would continue to maintain that it had freedom of operation in Syria, cited by Haaretz.
“We have no intention to attack Russia or to interfere in domestic Syrian issues,” Lieberman said at an annual Jerusalem Post conference. “But if somebody thinks that it is possible to launch missiles or to attack Israel or even our aircraft, no doubt we will respond and we will respond very forcefully.”
Earlier this month, Israeli jets struck a Syrian air base, killing seven Iranian military advisers. Israel has warned it could hit Iranian bases in war-torn Syria should tensions with Tehran escalate, according to the Jerusalem Post.
Local residents in the Hama area told Reuters that the attacked bases were used by Iranian-backed forces.


Weird silence on all Western Media newz networks.  Letting Israel "do its thang" in Syria.  Meanwhile, this update from RT:

"....A Syrian law enforcement source told RIA Novosti that the army’s munition depots were hit, in what was most likely an airstrike.
The source said one of the targeted military sites was a munition depot belonging to the Syrian Army's 47th Brigade. A fire at the depot broke out as a result of the attack, he said. Another target was reportedly a munition depot to the east of Aleppo, in northern Syria, located between the Al-Malikiayh and Al-Nayrab airport.
There have been unconfirmed reports of injuries and fatalities as a result of the reported strike. Sky News Arabia reported, citing rebel sources, that over 40 people might have been killed.
Videos posted online, allegedly from the scene of one of the strikes, show a massive explosion that lights up the skyline."

PressTV [Iranian National TV] reports on strike HERE

"Syria has announced that several of its military bases located in the provinces of Hama and Aleppo have come under missile fire.

According to Syria's state news agency on Sunday, "a new aggression with hostile missiles” happened at 10:30 pm local time, in which military positions in the Hama and Aleppo villages were targeted.

The origins of the attacks are still unclear, but come several weeks after Russia and Syria said Israeli warplanes struck an air base in the Syrian province of Homs.

It also comes a few weeks after, the US, Britain and France carried out a string of airstrikes against Syria over a suspected chemical attack against Douma. Washington and its allies blamed Damascus for the suspected assault.

The Syrian government has strongly denied the allegation, calling on Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to send a fact-finding mission for investigations.

Over the past few years, the Israeli military has launched sporadic attacks against various targets on Syrian soil, in assaults slammed by Syria as attempts to boost terrorist groups who have been suffering heavy defeats on the battlefield with Syrian government forces.

Read More:
Syrian army targets Israeli jet over Homs
Israel airstrikes hit Syrian army positions in Golan Heights for 2nd day
Syria urges UN action after fresh Israeli airstrikes

On several occasions, the Syrian army has confiscated Israeli-made arms and military equipment from militants fighting pro-Damascus forces. Israel has also been providing medical treatment to the extremist militants wounded in Syria."

From Robin Westenra at Seemorerocks

Monday, 30 April 2018


"A Syrian law enforcement source told RIA Novosti that
the army’s munition depots were hit, in what
was most likely an airstrike."





From RT

Military targets in Hama & Aleppo, Syria hit by rocket attack – state TV

Powerful explosions have been heard in the countryside of Hama and Aleppo provinces, the Syrian state news agency reports. The state media says military bases there were hit by rockets launched by an unspecified enemy.
The alleged attacks were reported by Syria’s Sana news agency on Sunday evening. Citing a military source, it said that “a new aggression with hostile missiles” took place at around 10:30 pm local time, targeting military positions in the Hama and Aleppo villages.
A Syrian law enforcement source told RIA Novosti that the army’s munition depots were hit, in what was most likely an airstrike.

Update:  Earlier this month, Israeli jets crossed into Lebanon's airspace to carry out an airstrike on Syria’s T-4 airbase near Homs, reportedly killing seven Iranian advisers. Two Israeli warplanes fired eight guided missiles, five of which were shot down by Syria’s air defenses, according to the Russian military. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei denounced the April 8 airstrike as “Israel’s crime,” vowing retaliation.

The Silence Of The Skripals or "D" Notice - How "Official Stories" are Maintained

Army officers remove the bench, where Sergi Skripal
and his daughter were found, in Salisbury,
Wiltshire, Britain on March 23, 2018.
Photo by Will Oliver/EPA-EFE

Ever wonder why the media goes into a feeding frenzy over a certain story, particularly one concerning geopolitics, and then...a few days don't hear another word about it?  It's like all the mainstream media journalists and their editors have minds with the focus power of fleas.  They flit from one story or another like humming birds, sucking off the nectar and then moving on, their wings like blurs against the sky.

A typical example of this was the "Skripal Novichok Poisoning" story...that was the complete focus of the BBC and its acolytes, the British Parliament and the United Nations Security Council for a week or two after it broke in late March, 2018.  Then....after over 100 Russian ambassadors were expelled from the UK, the USS and other USrael vassal states...silence.  The Skripals simply disappeared.  We're all supposed to be like the flea brained M$M...we're ALL supposed to forgid aboud them and move the Cosby verdict...or the latest false flag "Ryder van crashes into 14 people, killing 10--and ends up with not a speck of blood on it" hoax over in Canada.

Well, inconveniently for the globalist, ziofascist neocon who literally "own" the newz...some humans do have brains with memory longer than your average gnat.  One of them is Craig Murray.  He has been following the story with the determination of a blood hound.  Here is some of his reporting which is part of a post published by Moon of Alabama.  Please read the following and I will have more comments to follow:


ORIGINAL POST: This comment from Clive Ponting, doyen of British whistleblowers, appeared on my website and he has now given me permission to republish it under his full name:

I have been reading the blogs for some time but this is my first post. Like Craig I was a senior civil servant but in the ministry of defence not the fco. I had plenty of dealings with all three intelligence agencies. It seems to me that the reason none of the MSM are doing any investigating/reporting of the Salisbury affair, apart from official handouts, is that the government have slapped a D-Notice over the whole incident and it is not possible to report that a notice has been issued.
Here is another theory as to what happened. The Russians pardoned Skripal and allowed him to leave (spy agencies have an understanding that agents will always be swapped after an interval – it’s the only protection they have and helps recruitment). In the UK Skripal would have been thoroughly debriefed by MI6 and MI5 (his ex-handler lives near Salisbury). If at some point they discovered that Skripal was giving them false information, perhaps he was told to do so by the FSB as a condition of his release, lives may have been endangered/lost. If he also was also involved in the ‘golden showers’ dossier then elements in the US would have a reason to act as well. The whole incident was an inside job not to kill him, hence the use of BZ, but to give him a warning and a punishment. The whole thing is being treated as though the authorities know exactly what went on but have to cover it up.


I meant to add that the policeman who ‘just happened’ to be around was almost certainly the special branch ‘minder’ who was keeping Yulia under surveillance. The media are not allowed to mention the existence of a D notice.
Those of us who have been in the belly of the beast and have worked closely with the intelligence services, really do know what they and the British government are capable of. They are not “white knights”.
I would add it has been very plain from day one that there is a D notice on Pablo Miller."


Greencrow says:  So, what appears to happen is that the perps use the mainstream media as a tool to provoke, try opponents extra-judicially by way of media...and then summarily punish their enemies.   Once the "mission has been accomplished" i.e., the Russian diplomats expelled and the public antipathy towards Russia ratcheted up a few notches in the febrile minds of the Sheeple, the perps simply shut down the whole operation by way of a "D Notice".  The useful idiots/pawns in the media are thus gagged and silenced...and prevented from gathering more (perhaps inconvenient) evidence on the matter.

This happens over, and over, and over again....story after story.  But the mushy brained sheeple never catch on.  The Perps pee their pants laughing from behind the curtain at the stupid goy.

Right now it's happening re the pathetic failure of a false flag that took place on April 13th with the USrael missile attack on Syria.  In this case, Russia even investigated [gasp!] the allegation, brought over the OPCW team...which found no evidence of CW attack...then ferreted out some of the villagers who were filmed by the so-called "White Helmets" and got them to testify that there was no CW attack.  But, But, But, by this time...the western broken septic tank of a media was under a "D" Notice.  Not a word of the evidence provided by Russia has been printed in the Western Media.

The Fake CW attack in Douma, and the one in Salisbury, have been put to bed.  "Move along, nothing to see here...or here".

At the moment the media is onto other and bigger stories.  It is busy concocting a yarn that Trump engineered the détente between North and South Korea.  This is important, see...USrael has multi huge military bases in South Korea--which are premised on the long-time fabrication that a war could break out at any time between North Korea--which is aligned with Russia/China and South Korea--which is an occupied USrael vassal state.  This tension is all about hemming in Russia and China.

Now the leaders of both North Korea and South Korea have made all those USrael bases and all that military hardware brokering a unification agreement between just the two of them It is highly likely that USrael will "do something" to scupper the unification agreement but, having been caught off guard by the sudden wave of unification spirit that occurred before and during the recent South Korean Olympics, the perps have to temporarily put a "best face" on the matter--by pretending that they were/are behind the de facto decision of North and South Korea.  So the Mainstream Media is working overtime on this project...even suggesting that Trump might get a Nobel Peace [sic] Prize for the effort.  And so he should.  He has done exactly as much as Obama did to deserve his.

As I have written about previously, but not for some months, IMO it was Russia (with the support of China) who actually brokered the deal.  Way back in the fall/winter of 2017, Putin called a meeting in Moscow with some representatives of North Korea.  This was mentioned in the press but not highlighted.  Putin does not call meetings for nothing.  It was shortly thereafter that North Korea began to soften its tone.  Kim Jung un seemed more relaxed in and of himself.  He stopped "taking the bait" laid out for him by Trump.  

Then, there was the shockeroo of the handholding and kissyfacing that went on between North and South Korea during the Olympics.  Something significant must have happened to warrant this "sea change".  My opinion is that during Putin's meeting with the North Koreans back in 2017, he offered them a deal.  The deal was that Russia and China would offer North Korea military protection from Western aggression, perhaps even supply North Korea with some S-400 anti-missile systems [just the same as Russia has offered the S-400 system to Turkey and Saudi break their military dependence on the West].  In return...North Korea would respond positively to the overtures of South Korea for reunification.  South Korea's president Moon won his election on a platform of reunification with the North.  Not a lot of people know that.  South Korea is desperate to get out from under the heal of the West...with it's never-ending threat of using the Korean Peninsula as a battleground for WWIII.  The whole region wants USrael OUT.  So there was a meeting of the minds of the regional stakeholders behind what I believe to be Putin's grand chess masterstroke of a deal.

But don't EVER expect Putin to get the credit.  Just like the deal in eastern Ukraine, where he used the Dalbaltsevo cauldron to broker a peace deal...Just like in Syria where he forged unlikely alliances with Iran, Turkey and Hezbollah--to rid most of Syria of the Western proxy head choppers and human organ eaters....and just like in Armenia at the moment--where he is urging negotiation as opposed to Maidanesque regime change violence....Putin's peacemaking genius can never be acknowledged or recognized:


Here is the latest from RT re the South and North Korean situation....
Russia will keep contributing to mending ties between South and North Korea, President Vladimir Putin told his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in in a phone call on Sunday, according to the Kremlin press service. The leaders assessed commitments reached during the Friday summit between Moon and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as “positive,” particularly noting the common goal of complete denuclearization on the peninsula. Putin highlighted the “importance of further efforts of all parties involved [in a] political and diplomatic solution."

No, as soon as possible [i.e., as soon as they can come up with a scheme to create chaos] the "Trump engineered Korean Unification Story", like the "Skripal" and "Syrian CW" False Flag stories will be "D" -Noticed in the Deep State controlled press...or as we used to say...."deep sixed".