Monday, March 5, 2018

Trudeau Continues His India Errors

Justin Trudeau - Recent Trip to India
Above Photo looks like a Movie Poster for a
Bollywood version of "The Godfather"

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to be going through a political bad patch.  In his first major appearance before the TV cameras since his infamous hegira to India two weeks ago, he sounded like a nervous and unprepared high school student attempting to give a class presentation.  The subject was the global steel excise taxes being imposed by Trump which will also apply to Canada.  The best Trudeau could do at explaining the situation was a fumbled...

"...which means...we buy steel from them...they buy steel from us..."

To see the excruciating snip from the Trudeau press conference...please go to this link from The Duran and watch the video here.

Then there's the scandal exposed in the National Post just this morning, where the Canadian government leant $41 million dollars to a corrupt African family to buy a Bombadier jet...the family of swindlers defaulted...and now the plane has gone can't make this stuff up.

For the Canadian band "Tragically Hip" sang..."When things fall apart, they REALLY fall apart..."

Tragically Hip - "Boots and Hearts" (falls apart)

CBC pundit Rex Murphy looked on the lighter side of disaster in his review of the Trudeau Trip to India here and said all they really needed to do was stay focused on the tourist opportunities and away from the always inscrutable Indian Political scene.

A pundit in the Vancouver Sun said that Trudeau's worst mistake was (as usual) not admitting his first mistake in allowing the invitation to dine with the attempted assassin...but compounding the error by implausibly blaming the Indian Government.  This is by far the worst aspect of the scandal and, IMO, this will return to haunt the Canadian government in foreign diplomacy for decades to come!

The error has also been compounded by an evident cover-up going on at Parliament Hill where some security officials have been prevented from testifying before Parliamentary committees.  There is the astounding contradiction where the "mysterious government official" was allowed to give "background" to the press...but STILL not allowed to testify before elected representatives!

The greencrow had to visit the Blogger "way back" machine recently to search for previous posts I've done about "le dauphin" in order to flesh out exactly what might be going on. I hate searching my own blog posts because, in doing so, I have to see all the other posts and note how they have been savaged by YouTube deleting the accompanying videos.  It's depressing how this gargoyle, YouTube...which James Corbett of has dubbed "ThemTube" has disappeared the history of our times...positively Orwellian in scope.

But, I managed to locate two past posts on written in December of 2015 shortly after his election.  The title of that one is.  "Just as I feared...Is Justin Trudeau a Flake?

The other one is part of a trilogy of posts I wrote just prior to the October 2014 Federal Election.  It analyses some of the clues on the record about Justin Trudeau's youth and past and identifies my major concern about him...based on his genetic heritage.  I felt badly at the time for condemning someone on the basis of parental genes...but look what has happened. You tell me whether I was on to something or not.

.....The newly chosen and virtually untested leader of the Liberal Party is Justin Trudeau, 42-year-old eldest son of Pierre and Margaret Trudeau. Justin, in appearance and presentation, is an interesting combination of the dominant traits of his parents. He's obviously a political animal like his father and a very good public speaker (he was a grade school teacher prior to entering politics). He's more social than his father and has a love of the spotlight and glamour...much like his mother Margaret. Most middle-aged people will remember the emotional roller coaster trip Margaret took the Canadian public on... back in the day....three children in quick succession....battle with bi-polar mental health issues....marijuana dependency....separation from Pierre...high profile Hollywood affairs. She's been very open about her life. I read her book 'Beyond Reason" and found it highly entertaining and titillating.

Justin, growing up so close to the vortex of "Maggie and Pierre" probably doesn't have the perspective...or the memories that haunt Canadians. No doubt he has his own. He's also written a book about his life 'Common Ground". I haven't read his book and don't feel inclined. I wonder if he used the same "ghostwriter" as Margaret. What I have read in terms of reviews indicates that he is trying to "get ahead" of the press on some of the personal he won't have to deal with them during the next election ("Just read my's all in there!")

The reason I bring up his family past is because Canadians, legitimately, are worried about which side of the family tree he will fall out of....the side of the stoic, cerebral father? Or, the nutbar mother? Some recent incidents would indicate he seems to be trending towards the latter. Canada really can't afford to "do nutty" again. Not after Harper!....

Compare the series of photos below and see whether there is something similar in the behavior of Justin Trudeau and his mother Margaret.  Within days or weeks of the photos taken below, Margaret ended up in hospital with a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder.

Justin Trudeau's mother, Margaret Trudeau 
during her "Studio 54" days
Photos taken days after she suddenly left her young family
and ran off with the Rolling Stones and then to NYC 

Trudeau dances the Bhangra

Trudeau dances the Bhangra 
during official "Diplomatic" trip to India

CBC Comedy Routine about Trudeau
India Trip

Were Justin Trudeau's confused flubs during his recent press conference as a result of medications?  It's a very sad topic...but must be addressed because this guy represents a Country...and even if he is just a puppet of the Deep State (which he undoubtedly is) he is still capable of doing a lot of damage to our reputation abroad...and domestic policies here at home.  Frankly, the question needs to be asked:  Is he compos mentis?  Is he capable of running the country?  I will be watching his behavior very closely in the weeks to come...and if there isn't a dramatic improvement...if he's unable to pull himself out of this nosedive he's taken (and dragged the country along with him) then Canadians have to face the music.  Luckily, the Parliamentary system is very good at getting rid of incapable leaders...all Parliament has to do is have a "vote of no confidence" and he's gone.  But, of course, the last several Canadian governments [notably the Harper regime] have gutted Parliamentary traditions and rules. Do we even have a "non confidence motion" any more?  Good Question!

The even better question is who would succeed him?  Conservative Leader Ed Scheer is banned from travelling to Russia (because he met with some Kiev Junta politicians/fund raisers when they visited Canada) and, of course...then we have the untested leader of the New Democratic Party, Jazmeet Singh...who, it has been recently revealed....has much of the same political "Khalsa Society" extremist baggage that caused Trudeau to stumble over in India.  Sadly, this long circular post comes right back to where I started...THERE IS NOBODY TO VOTE FOR IN CANADA!


Anonymous said...

Here is a tune for Trudeau's mom
But looking at those pictures of her
I would be her boy toy.
As far as your prime minister Justin
He seems like a hippy of the 70's
But I will say one thing
He is living the life
Meanwhile the talking heads and bloggers just float empty words into the universe that will do anything to change his position
And now
I love the line in this tune
2 many churches and not enough truth
digity digity doo daaa
love that part

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Yes, in some respects, Burton Cummings' hit "She's Come Undun", even though written in 1969, several years before Maggie's Studio 54 capers, aptly describes her behavior. It might seem amusing now...after so many years have passed...but reading that the Prime Minister's wife, by her own admission, ended up in LA having sex in a washroom with Ryan O'Neil was a bit disappointing, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that was her favorite tune and she was influenced by it
Also,maybe these people know how to entertain the sheeple and while you people think you have a story
Those people just say
What should we put in the news cycle
As far as book writers
It is just a way for the educated to make some dough
I think they create stories to to push a book on the sheeple???
Why would she brag about being a whore???
At least they lived the life
While you people gossiped about it

Jill said...

Thanks a lot! Now I cannot unsee Trudeau in the 2nd video in the white costume, dancing like a lunatic or a kindergarten child or a frat boy on spring break stoned out of his mind...or whatever that was.

Most politicians are reluctant to even wear certain kinds of hats given to them at events so as to not look ridiculous and then forever have that photo to follow them around.

Justin willingly and eagerly wears full costumes, dances wildly about and acts like a clown. Also in India he was always doing the phony prayer hands. I just don't get it. Remember when he showed Merkel his NATO socks. LOL. Who knew NATO made socks?

Where he actually belongs is on a reality TV show like Survivor or Big Brother. That should fulfill his need for celebrity and attention.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous and Jill:

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous says:

"...Why would she brag about being a whore???" Because she has a simple brain, unable to grasp the big picture...this simple brain has been further compromised by years of heavy marijuana smoking and a mood disorder.


Justin's behavior you're describing could be the result of "...a simple brain, unable to grasp the big picture...this simple brain has been further compromised by years of heavy marijuana smoking and a [possible] mood disorder.