Thursday, March 29, 2018

Still Report on the US cell (FBI) of the Western-wide Police Terror Factory involving vulnerable Patsies

Bill Still - The Still Report
Asks the Burning Question:
Is the FBI linked to Mass Shootings?

To which the greencrow responds...'Is the Pope a Catholic?'  The above video is a must watch.  Like almost all of Bill Still's reports, it's chock-a-block full of "dots" [facts] to connect with other clues as to what is going on in the 5-eyes realm of Western corruption. This time Still examines Police [FBI] corruption in the United States.

Still says that there are several millions of documents held by the FBI about mass shootings--that it refuses to hand over to the US government elected representatives, even though the documents have been formally requested.  One of the sworn constitutional duties of these elected representatives is to provide oversight on agencies like the FBI.  To deny that constitutional right is a de facto admission that a coup has taken place and the powers that be are "above the law" and "above the constitution".  In normal times, this would be cause for alarm and an emergency activation of armed forces in the US Capital to, as Still suggests, surround the offices of the FBI, seize the relevant documents and run them up to Capital Hill.

Still points to the sudden resignation of a US lawmaker from Utah, former Senator Chavez.  Chavez was involved in the formal request for the documents from the FBI before he suddenly and mysteriously resigned his seat.  Still asks why Chavez not only resigned but refused to say specifically WHY he resigned.  The obvious implications are that what he discovered in his early stage examination of some of the documents was so horrific that he feared continuing with the quest to the point of resignation!

It's not rocket science what he likely found out.  We in British Columbia already know what's been going on for years.  The corrupt government agencies are seeking out vulnerable dopes and mentoring taxpayer expense....for months and years...and then setting them up as patsies... to carry out terror acts...whether it be a bombing in a crowded square, a mass shooting in an urban nightclub...whatever.  This is what federal police agencies are doing all over western countries...justifying their existence, huge budgets AND terrorizing the populations into meekly accepting the tyrannical, warmongering, globalist Deep State.  No doubt the FBI documents subpoenaed by the US government document this criminal corruption.

BTW, folks.  I'm STILL waiting to hear the outcome of the Canadian Federal Government's appeal of the BC Supreme Court's 2015 decision to throw out the conviction of our two home-grown patsies...John Nuttall and Amanda Korody.  Like the Pulse Nightclub shooter, these two ex-addict, low-functioning disability/welfare clients had all kinds of connections with CSIS and the RCMP in the months prior to them placing a bomb on the grounds of the BC Legislature on July 1st, Canada Day in 2013.

BC Justice Elizabeth Bruce threw out the convictions, saying that CSIS and the RCMP were "manufacturing terror' by mentoring [putting the couple up in hotels...driving them around to pick up bomb parts, etc., etc., etc] the couple at a cost of over $1,000,000 in overtime alone...all this at a time when the drug dealers involved in the opioid epidemic were, and continue to be, running wild and killing citizens in record numbers.

Following the throwing out of the conviction by Justice Bruce, the Federal government appealed and the appeal was heard in January, 2018.  After that, silence.  No announcement of a decision.  Nothing.  What power these corrupt creeps must have over our society....that they can silence the legal system, the elected representatives and anyone of any ethical persuasion left in the main$tream media.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch, Senator Chavez was a good guy. Seems to me his disbelief regarding 'answers' during the Hearings was not faked. Oh Dear...

As for Canada, Layoffs for every single Gov't position created since the Inauguration of Pierre Trudeau. I used to be able to go to the Stores, which were CLOSED on Sunday, unharrassed.