Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Wood Carving - The Northern Flicker Family

"The Northern Flicker Family"
Wood Carving/Mobile/Wind Chimes

Well, I finally finished my latest wood carving project..."The Northern Flicker Family".  I've been working on this wood carving/mobile/wind chimes on and off for about four months now.  The project evolved from being 3 indeterminate birds--to being Northern Flickers.  This bird is common in the Pacific Northwest and likes to live in suburban areas where there are lots of insects...it's main diet is beetles.  It can be heard in the early mornings...rat-tat-tat-ing loudly against the metal chimney on your roof.  When it does that, it's calling to its mate.  People who don't take an interest in birds assume it's a woodpecker.  But it is not.

When you look at the Northern Flicker sitting in a tree it is a very nondescript bird...brown feathers with black markings.  It's when it takes flight that you realize what a truly gorgeous bird it is.  The underside of its wings are feathered in neon orange...which flickers brightly as it flies off...hence the name "flicker".

My carved mobile is 30 cm in height and 30 cms in width.  The branch the birds are perched on is "found wood" gathered from the trail I walk daily with my dogs...probably wild cherry or cottonwood.  The birds are carved from yellow cedar which was locally milled and given to me free by a friend.  The wings and legs of the parent bird were carved separately from the body and attached with glue.  Strips of real copper were then glued to the underside of the wings to achieve the "flicker" effect.  I will be adding this post to my "Arts and Crafts" special page in due course.  Enjoy!

Northern Flicker Photo


Due to family commitments, I will be away from my computer for a few days.  While I am away, please enjoy the recent spate of posts I've published recently if you've not already done so.  And you can always check out my favourites blogroll for some very thought provoking reading.


RickB said...

Gorgeous!... the artwork. Thanks for sharing. The pic included in the post really tops off the post.

Anonymous said...

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My mother would like it
She feeds the birds with all her bird feeders and actually thinks shes speaking to them
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thank you for sharing

greencrow said...

Thanks RickB Yes the Northern Flicker is a spectacular bird. When you look closely, it is very muscular...especially in the legs and feet...When you think about the muscles per square inch compared in scale to human strength...the bird is much stronger.

And when you think about the impact on the head of all that rat-tat-tat-ing like a drumroll...humans would get a very bad concussion from similar activity!

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

If I were younger I would sell my work. Now I am just making it as a legacy for my children and their children. My father always wanted me to be an artist...but I voted for financial security and got a job instead. Now I'm retired I can dabble in arts and crafts.

Re sailing and the boat. I am working on a project re my husband and his sailing partners' sail to Australia and back in the 70's. When it is ready, I plan to publish a chapter on the blog...about a 19 day storm they encountered in the South Pacific. All three sailors are contributing to the narrative and it's quite compelling.

Anonymous said...

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