Friday, March 30, 2018

Crisis Actors Shooting Themselves In The Foot

Shooting Yourself in the Foot

So. Russia recently announced it has secretly developed some very high tech weaponry...far ahead of anything USrael currently has. Shortly thereafter...US/UK/NATO provokes a situation involving a False Flag operation in the UK [Fake poisoning of UK spy on a Park bench]. Subsequently, 100's of the "Wests" "eyes and ears" in Russia are kicked out in a "tit for tat" diplomatic war...This immediately lessens/eliminates opportunities that USrael will learn anything more about these mysterious Russian wonder weapons.

Does the metaphor "shoot yourself in the foot" have any resonance? Back in the day when sanity was the prevailing mental condition of humanity, finding out that your enemy/competitor had developed a technological "edge" would generally spur you to cozy up to that individual...feign friendliness and the hopes that the details of this advantage would become available/accessible.

Not any more.  In the era of institutional insanity...the opposite is true.  You find out that your enemy has developed a game changing technology?  Insult them!  Provoke them with a contrived piece of sh!t False Flag...blame them without recourse to the historical principles of justice and Punish them draconically.  THAT'S the way to surpass your enemy these days!

I said in a recent comment on this blog that the UK Assistant Secretary of Defense...the one who "blurted out" during a press conference on the Skripal False Flag that the Russians should "Go Away and Shut Up!" was behaving akin to a vandal....his outburst was the verbal equivalent of "...throwing a brick through a Stained Glass Window".  You know those big stained glass they have in St Paul's Cathedral in London.  

But, upon further reflection, I have taken my assessment of his behaviour a bit further.  He did not "blurt out" his was carefully scripted.  Scripted for maximum provocation...and to put the Russians on alert that what would transpire thereafter was going to be a pig mud wrestling match...not an international dispute.

IMO, the British Secretary of only an actor, hired to perform a role.  In fact, all the West's current stable of deplorable puppet politicians, including and especially Canada's very own Bollywood dancing Prime Minister "le Dauphin" Trudeau, are what I am going to call "crisis actors".  Just like the low life, underemployed traitors to their country "crisis actors" that are hired and trained surreptitiously by the Deep State to come on scene and present the "official story" after a school shooting or other "mass casualty" event.  These professional crisis actors don't owe the electorate or the public or the nation anything.  They're employed by the Deep State and can be hired and fired at will.

Yes, all politicians these days...and many well known celebrities in the Newz industry (Main$tream Media) are certified "crisis actors".  They are selected early on...based on appearance (suitability for the role) craven lust for earthly fame and wealth, lack of ethics and chutzpah!  Then they are trained [brainwashed] and, just like the "stardom" days in the '30's and '40's heyday of Hollywood...are maintained in a "stable" of similar actors, trained, kept on the payroll.

At an opportune moment, they are inserted into the matrix and begin their acting career.  They are given lines, poses, and sets.  At the Press Conference in the UK just after the Skripal False Flag, the little "extra" in the British cabinet got his moment on centre stage...basking in the limelight.  His lines were simple, yet unforgettable, he "threw his verbal brick through the stained glass window" of tradition, law and sanity...and then it was all over.

Give the Man an Oscar!


Anonymous said...

Woke up wanting to LEAVE CANADA
It was as if a Spirit Spoke.
Leeeeave Khanuhduh!

Rock Paper Scissors Truth
Ug, Ug, Ug, Rock!
Truth Wins
Ug, Ug, Ug, Paper!
Truth Wins
Ug, Ug, Ug, Scissors!
Truth Wins

Penny said...

Hey GC: I think actors as politicians was very clear with Regan and again with Trump.
To name a few. Arnold Schwarzenegger, another one. And so many more-
Then there are the ones that weren't in Hollywood, but, are lifetime actors as Joe Atwill calls them. Like Justin Trudeau! (Groomed)

Scorp Six Four said...

Politics is a soundbite world. It's about appearances even if the words coming out are ignorant drivel... the tax livestock of the west wouldn't know the difference anyways as they are in perpetual "stuck on stupid". Seriously, watch the news. It's one inane comment after another ad nauseam.

Anonymous... I'd like to leave the US. I was brought here from Canada as a kid. My current wife is Canadian (Sudbury, ON) and though I contemplated returning after we married, I just couldn't abide with the cold and snow for 11 months of the year. But alas, I see that Fate brought me here and this is where I'll expire. At least I have had the chance to buy a shitload of arms and ammo to stockpile that my Canadian kindred can only dream about.

greencrow said...

I grew up in Sudbury, Ontario and c'mon, it's cold only NINE months of the year.

Scorp Six Four said...

Cold and snow are four letter curse words. :)

james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
I think it was Al Capone that said you can get further with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone - or something like that.

Well, Putin and Russia have exhausted the 'kind word alone' approach with the West. So the announcement by Putin of the new weapons they had was a 'kind word and a gun' approach. It was designed to make those in the west with any brains to come to the negotiating table.

But there are those (the usual suspects) that do not want any negotiating from the west side so they have enacted a false flag event and started this massive screeching propaganda campaign to distract from Russia's changed approach to that of a 'kind word and a gun'.

There are many domestic scandals that this screeching distracts from too - Brexit and the horrendous Muslim child rape gangs, for instance.

This also facilitates the creeping and ongoing surveillance fascist state. It's all win/win as far as the lunatics are concerned but lose/lose as far as the human race is concerned.

This is essential viewing-
From the UK Column - The Fusion Doctine