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CawRANT Events #63

CawRANT Events #63

Good Morning, Everybody!  It is a cloudy/sunny Spring day in the Pacific North West.  Outside my front window I can see my daffodil buds just about to open.  If all goes well, I should have a bumper crop of daffodils, crocus and hyacinths this year.  My CawRANT is a week late this time.  I should have published it last Monday, according to tradition, but last week was so chock-a-block full of newz stories that deserved their own post that I relegated my Caw RANT to this week.  There is still a torrent of crucial and critical stories so, let's get started.

Canadian Newz

My first story is about BC news. Apparently, the Canadian Revenue Agency ...the equivalent of the US's IRA...has a scandal brewing within one of the offices of its bureaucracy which stretches from coast to coast.  In a Nanaimo, BC CRA office there was an investigation into a situation where the CEO of the office decided for reasons of his own harass and prosecute a couple in Nanaimo who had a restaurant business.  Read the story at this CBC link.  

"Canada Revenue Agency must pay nearly $1.7 million for suppressing evidence in tax evasion case...

'Unprofessional glee'

Punnett said the case suggested "an unfortunate culture within the CRA."

He pointed to a primary report which cited the fact the agency hadn't prosecuted a restaurant or nightclub in Nanaimo as rationale to go ahead with the charges.

He also highlighted an email exchange in which a CRA investigative team leader pointed to press coverage by saying: "Front page of Wednesday's Nanaimo Daily News. I can't wait to read the edition after the guilty verdict....."

The reason I find this story newsworthy is the report's assessment of" unfortunate culture within the CRA." IMO, this is the same culture which has been allowed to breed, like locusts in all the governmental offices all over the West...from the White House to the UK parliament to the Canadian Tax gathering administration. Note, of course, that the taxpayer will be footing the $1.7 million dollar penalty. It is high time that the individuals involved shouldered some of the responsibility and were personally dinged in the pocket book for these high crimes...or served prison time. Unless and until the concept of personal "responsibility" is resurrected and activated...we are, IMO, doomed as a civilization. It may already be too late. But more about that later.

On March 1st, 2018 the World learned that the "Arms Race" had been turned on its head

Last week, the world was still reeling from Putin's earth shattering announcement that Russia has, on a shoestring budget, designed and built not one, not two, but several new weapons...each one of which vastly outstrips anything that the US or its vassals has to offer in the way of earthly self-immolation. What was the response from the West? The West is still going through the five stages of grief, starting with "denial" as exemplified in this report from "The Guardian" and analyzed by

In this piece Mark’s taking the ‘Nowheresville’ tack with added and cringe worthy willy jokes.

He tells us the weapons Putin talked about might sound “terrifying” but that’s ok because they probably won’t work (you know, much like the F-35), and anyhow, the animations in the presentation were “clunky”, and gee gosh, it’s all so frickin funny. Except (abrupt change of take in para 4) it is actually quite a “serious” shopping list that (no discernible irony) “go[es] against the letter or spirit of arms control treaties”. But then, just as abruptly, (para 5) it’s funny again, because…
It is easy to wonder, with a snigger, quite for what Putin is (over)compensating.
In case his sledgehammer wit is too subtle for you, Mark means Putin has a small penis. Yes, apparently he really thinks this comment says more about Putin’s manhood than about Mark Galeotti and his imbecilic reductionism."


No matter how the alternative media tried to nudge the West through the primitive stage of "denial" as in this Duran piece:

"Putin’s message couldn’t be clearer: The West needs to stop provoking a war we don’t want & which no one can win

Putin is trying to wake them up to the reality that if things don’t change nuclear war is a near certainty

...the official denial continued...and slowly morphed into "anger". But, because the liars in the Main$ream media cannot admit even what they are angry at...for fear of showing their vulnerabilities...they presented their anger in the form of an evidence-free attack on Russia. Accusing it of poisoning a former British spy and current M-16 asset who was supposedly (we don't even have proof of this) sitting with his daughter on a Salisbury park bench. No more evidence was produced but a few photos of police, supposedly exposing themselves to the virulent poison but showing no effects...milling around a park bench.

All of this blunderbuss explosion of lies coming out of UK was carefully timed to screw with the Russian Federal Election. It was even admitted by the CBC that the hope was to distract and produce a blanket of apathy smothering the Russian voters. Well, if that was the pre-text to destroy the reputation for quality jurisprudence, democracy and journalism [sic] in the UK then it was, like everything else the west has tried in an effort to bring Russia down recently, an abject failure. To wit:

According to Russia’s central election commission, Putin won 76.67% of the vote after 99.8 percent of ballots were counted. No serious complaints about violations have been registered.

Not according the lying Western media...which made up out of whole cloth providing no witnesses or evidence...the canard that the election was fraught with fraud.

This morning we find that the West has redoubled its efforts to stop Russia in its economic somehow pressuring Europe to block the building of the nord stream gasline...after all, this is mostly what it's all about, dontcha know. Europe needs to satisfy itself with expensive and environmentally destructive (to North America) North American gas...shipped expensively to Europe rather than the much cheaper Russian gas. The otherwise entirely impotent US representatives even wrote a letter about it:


“We write to express our concern about the continuing development of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that would carry natural gas from Russia to Germany. We oppose Nord Stream 2 and urge the administration to utilize all of the tools at its disposal to prevent its construction,” lawmakers wrote in a letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, as cited by Sputnik.

The letter, first seen by the Washington Examiner, warns the US government over probable monopolization of European energy markets. According to 39 US senators who signed the document, the project, implemented by Russia’s state-run firm Gazprom and its partners, represents a setback in Europe’s attempts to diversify its gas supplies. The pipeline allegedly makes the US more susceptible to Russian coercion and influence.

“For too long, European nations have been held hostage to Russian political pressure on a whole host of issues due to their dependence on Gazprom to deliver gas needed to keep their people warm throughout the winter,” the letter reads.

“The best way to guarantee Europe’s long-term economic health and independence is to enable and support investment in a variety of energy sources, suppliers, and routes to meet Europe’s needs and to force Gazprom to negotiate as a market actor and not a monopolist....,”

Yes, this is what I call the "enveloping din from hell" Western technique of political destruction of the opposition. A cacophony of blistering lies, threats and invectives, rise up like demons from the underworld and, as one, surround and attack the victim. Putin might have his missiles and other secret weapons...but the West has Satan and his hellish fellow demons.

It's all up to Putin to get rid of OUR DEMONS????!!!

At this point I have to comment that a blogger I admire, in fact two Americans bloggers that I admire more than any other, Paul Craig Roberts and Stephen Lendman...continuously say that Putin is too soft. He should strike back "in kind" against the verbal and political slings and arrows of the West. This criticism rings a bit hollow to me. It's easy for us armchair warriors to say the only entity that is opposing the demons is not striving hard enough. I need to point out to Paul and to Stephen that there is NO elected politician either in the United States or the UK who is fighting against the diabolical ones. NONE! Here we encounter that irritating word "responsibility" again. Where is the moral responsibility in the United States [USrael] or the UK? From now on, I suggest that Roberts and Lendman have a proviso with each of their posts critical of Putin for not being "more aggressively oppositional" that their countries have NO opposition!

The Din from Hell

And some might say that I am being too dramatic in my depiction of Putin's enemies as Satanic, demonic and a "din from hell". Well, friends, in point of fact I am being too kind, too weak, too wishy washy. 

Who, else but Satanic demons would do this? Send gestapo-type soldiers to a Palestinian child's home in the middle of the night...terrorize his family, arrest the boy, drag him out of bed...take him to their police station, keep him up all night under interrogation and force him to sign a confession to...wait for it...having lied about the circumstances under which a chunk of his brain had been recently blown from his head. They forced him to say the obvious injury [his head is caved in on one side] was a "bicycle accident" all the while medical records and eye witness testimony say it was an Israeli bullet, fired at close range.

This young Palestinian is the cousin of the imprisoned 17 year old girl, Ahed Tamimi...who is being accused of slapping an Israeli soldier who entered her house one hour after a chunk of her cousin's brain had been shot out of his head.

Jewish Settler sets Attack Dog Loose on 
Palestinian Sheep - Dog tears off Sheep's Tail
and bites another Sheep in the Face.
Bidness as Usual

Still have doubts about the devils? Well, watch the above video. This shows satan himself unleashing a pitt bull attack dog on a herd of sheep. The dog bites off one of the sheeps' tail and does serious injury of the face of another sheep. All this done by a settler/Satan....who is on land stolen from the Palestinians. STILL think I'm over-reacting in calling the small, borderless entity of Israel Satanic?

Israeli parole board orders early release of soldier jailed for fatal shooting
Read this next story wherein an Israeli parole board orders early release of this soldier jailed for a fatal shooting of a Palestinian:

The face of Satan

This file photo taken on July 30, 2017 shows Israeli soldier Elor Azaria (C), who shot dead a wounded Palestinian man in March 2016, standing next to his mother Oshra (L) and father Charlie during a hearing at a military court in Tel Aviv. (Photo by AFP)

Murder charges were brought against Azaria after video footage, recorded by a Palestinian rights activist, emerged showing him killing Sharif on March 24, 2016.

Palestinian Abdel Fattah al-Sharif lies on the ground following a fatal shooting in the occupied southern West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron) on March 24, 2016. (Photo by Ma’an news agency)

The Israeli soldier walked up to the injured Palestinian man and, without waiting for any orders from his commander, calmly shot the Palestinian in the head, killing him in front of the Palestinian citizens nearby. Now the murderer is getting off early for "good behavior? Think about it folks? How will that insult traumatize the Palestinians further? How much more can they take? How much more can the world take of this? If Putin ever does set off his missile Kinzhal which is "dagger" in Russian...I know exactly where it should be aimed...right at the heart of Darkness.

Finally, some good news from the world of birds

Whenever the geopolitical events and endless crises get me down...I retreat to the wonderful world of birds. I go out for a walk in the woods with my three dogs and a pocket full of peanuts. The neighborhood crows see me leaving my yard and set up a cawing that can be heard for blocks. She's started on her walk! They fly above me like a jet formation in a Russian air show, occasionally swooping and diving to keep me aware of their presence and interest in...what I have in my pocket. I stop at the bridge with the iron railing and count the crows waiting, only inches away in the nearby branches. Five? Then I carefully balance exactly five peanuts on the iron railing and step away. The senior crow goes first...gingerly picking off the peanuts, stuffing two or three in his beak. This is a precious moment for me because, due to the logistics, I get to stare directly into the birds' eyes at eye level. There is a very heavy silent communication of trust going on.


My final insight for this morning is the eternal value of trust. Trust is what makes the world go around. Putin is the master of trust. This morning, Assad congratulated Putin on his electoral victory and ascribed his landslide vote of confidence correctly as a reward for the trust he has earned.

Canuck The Crow
His Best Side

Ending on a positive note, here's an update on Vancouver's star crow..."Canuck the Crow". Apparently he's gaining fame...even in the Big Apple.


tsisageya said...

Trust. There is only one person I trust and it's not Putin.

You may wish to ask me who do I trust.

greencrow said...

Hmmmmm. Is that a trick question, tsisageya? [greencrow showing lack of trust]

....just so long as the Russian citizens in their plurality trust him. IMO, that's a positive development in this troubled world.

tsisageya said...

Well, honestly, I didn't ask a question, as you see. And there's no reason for you to trust me, I know.

....just so long as the Russian citizens in their plurality trust him. IMO, that's a positive development in this troubled world

But, I agree with that!