Thursday, March 22, 2018

Canada's Puppet/Idiot Son is back at it

Le Dauphin Pontificating about something
he knows nothing about

The Idiot Son of Canada's former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, is at it again.  "Le Dauphin" Trudeau, never one to turn down an opportunity, as my intrepid blogging colleague, Northerntruthseeker, often perform a certain scatological function on a controller/ busy doing that "thang" again. Please read this article from the CBC and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

The Russian embassy is firing back at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for criticizing President Vladimir Putin at a news conference this week.

But a leading expert on Russia and the Arctic is dismissing the dust-up as the result of a mistaken prime minister, and a junior Russian diplomat with an itchy Twitter finger.

Trudeau said on Wednesday during a Toronto press conference that Putin needs to start playing a more positive role in the world on a variety of fronts, from Ukraine, to Syria, to the Arctic, as well as answering for Russia's role in the nerve gas attack in Britain two
weeks ago.

The embassy tweeted its response on Thursday, accusing Trudeau of using confrontational and unproductive rhetoric.

Trudeau also said on Wednesday that Canada needs to be vigilant about protecting the integrity of its electoral systems from foreign interference. However, the Russian Embassy tweet did not mention election meddling.

Trudeau's remarks came after several recent warnings about possible Russian interference in the 2019 Canadian federal election from eastern European diplomats in Ottawa, as well as a top NATO researcher.

Trudeau listed some positive behaviour he said he'd like to see from Putin.

"Whether it's pulling back of his engagement in the Donbass or leaving Crimea," the prime minister said, "whether it's taking responsibility for . . . the important questions that the U.K. has asked after the terrible poisoning incident a few weeks ago in Salisbury, whether it's questions around NATO, questions around Syria, questions around the Arctic." 
The House of Commons unanimously adopted a motion this week that blames Russia for what it calls a despicable nerve gas attack in Britain that hospitalized former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the city of Salisbury. The British government says they were victims of a Russian nerve agent.

The Arctic gets dragged into the exchange

Trudeau's final example of the Arctic drew the ire of the Russian Embassy in its tweet. The Arctic is one area where the two countries have tried to co-operate through the Arctic Council and bilaterally.

"We regret PM Trudeau's confrontational rhetoric at yesterday's Toronto press-conference prompted by UK slanderous Russophobic hysteria," said Thursday's tweet.

"This language of ultimatums is totally unacceptable & counterproductive, especially for bilateral dialogue on important issues, like the Arctic."

Trudeau's office did not reply to a request for comment on why he included a reference to the Arctic in his remarks, or whether Canada's Arctic policy had taken a negative turn with Russia.

RCI: Russian embassy warns of fallout for Arctic cooperation
Foreign election interference a reality, says Trudeau after Putin's re-election

Michael Byers, an expert on the Arctic, dismissed the affair as an inconsequential chain of events.

"The prime minister made a tiny mistake and a junior diplomat picked up on it. End of story," said Byers, the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia.

Byers said he has travelled to Moscow and met with Russian foreign ministry officials as part of his work on Arctic foreign policy."The Arctic is one of just a couple of places where Russian-Western co-operation remains good."

Tweet could have been sent by a 'troll'

Byers also said no weight should be attached to the fact the statement was made on a Twitter account linked to the Russian Embassy.He said the account is run by a press secretary "who is a very active tweeter — you might even call him a troll."

Byers said he has blocked the account on Twitter."Yes, he is an employee of the Russian foreign ministry, but he is a long way from the centre."

Greencrow says:  According to the CBC, Trudeau sat down and gave an interview wherein he again poked the Russian Bear.  He doesn't HAVE to do this...Canada is a minor...and getting
more minor all the time...player on the international scene.  Canadians, for the most part, don't want him to do it.  In fact, Canadians elected le Dauphin on the basis that he would be different from former Prime Minister Stephen Harper...who was up to the same kind of embarrassing mischief all the time. Prior to the last federal election, Trudeau made a false promise of a geopolitical "reset" for Canada, which was the main reason he was elected. The Greencrow didn't take the bait and did not vote for le Dauphin, but he was elected all the same.

But, in spite of being elected by a small majority, Trudeau doesn't feel he owes Canadian voters a
single thing.  Like all the other puppet leaders of the 5 eyes vassal states, he knows who has the key to wind him up in the keyhole in his back. When he he did after he returned from his disastrous trip to India a few weeks ago and, after flailing around like a fool in Parliament for a week or so...was shuttled off for yet another vaycay in Florida...where it is presumed he met with his psychoanalyst and/or the key holder to get re-wound and re-programed. Trudeau has now returned and is apparently back in the same old rut.

The only good news is that Trudeau's polling numbers are tanked.  Now, ain't that curious?  Trudeau's numbers are just the same as Harper's were at his low point...after Canadians finally cottoned on to what HE was up to. I have come to detest Justin Trudeau and, when he gratuitously pokes the bear...with the predictable volley of perp fed lies...I want to vomit.


Reading between the lines said...

I want to throw up also ,every time Trudeau opens his mouth lately it is always ignorant platitudes.And who do we have to replace him is my big question?

greencrow said...

Yes, RBTL that was my other point...the perps have arranged the Canadian political scene so there's NO ALTERNATIVE FROM IDIOCY. Singh's a borg as is the Conservative leader who name I can't recall at the moment. It's IMO the final conspiracy against Canada. Canada will not survive past the next election when voters hit the wall of no choice.

No choice = No democracy = no country

Anonymous said...

We might be lucky yet - look at recent turn in Ontario politics with the execrable current premier and the alternative being Patrick Brown - fast forward after a clumsy plot to remove Brown and we have Doug Ford as the PC leader, someone with at least some promise. Who knows, maybe the current CPC leader will be forced out and someone of substance can come forward nationally. As an ex-voter, I live in hope and will actually break my self imposed ban to turn out for the next Ontario election.

greencrow said...

Hi anonymous:

As a former Ontarian, born and bred, I keep an eye on provincial politics there and was amazed that Doug Ford managed to emerge from the cesspool of Ontario politics. Now if Canadians can just get rid of "Khalistan Jagmeet" and "banned Ed" I and many others might be able to vote in the next federal election.

Anonymous said...

First instinct at opening this page--I want to throw up..
Wanted to throw up upon first glance at the vile P.E.T. age 12 Trenton Ontario. Lest We forget.
Oops we forgot.
Father of Clone of Judas, bringer of eternal shame to our good and great albeit Stolen> <Land.

Deservedly,,,? ...we but shells of our former selves.