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CawRANT Events #56

CawRANT Events #56

Good Morning Everybody!  It is a cool, crisp but sunny day on the West Coast.  There was frost on the roofs this morning for the first time this season.  Harvest time is here. Hallowe'en is tomorrow and nature has certainly done her bit...with colourful fall leaves on the lawns and sidewalks everywhere.  Time for a RANT!

First, a disturbing update on the annual return of the spawning salmon to our streams and rivers here in suburban Vancouver.  Nothing...well, next to no fish have returned to the closest local stream where I walk my dogs several times a week.  So far, deep into the spawning season...I have seen exactly three fish and heard the telltale splashing of two more.  That's about five fish in total.  I asked a neighbour who I met on the pathway if he had seen any and he said there were more in the stream one over...but not in this stream.  Generally, by this time we've seen thousands of fish.

This is very troubling.  It could be that they're late this year...we did have a lot of rain two weeks ago but not for the past week.  The salmon generally congregate out in English Bay at the mouths to the various streams, rivers and tributaries and can tell when to start their final journey by "smelling" the water coming at them from the rivers.  Only when the water "smells" right AND THE WATER LEVEL IS HIGH ENOUGH FROM FALL RAINS...will they then begin their mass pilgrimage to their final spawning grounds in the rivers they were born into.

Another problem for the local stream is that the city built a "sediment trap" on it which regulates the flow of water and does a few other tasks....and also provides a small "pond" for other wildlife, such as ducks, to forage and nest.  Building the sediment trap probably disturbed the water "smell", flow, etc. and may be confusing the fish.  Or...they may not have arrived at all...due to all the environmental issues that we are well aware of.  We know that some killer whales deaths have been attributed to starvation.  There are still a few weeks to go in the traditional spawning season so we will have to wait and see whether they come at all.

UPDATE TO THE ABOVE ITEM:  Having just finished my morning walk along the stream and seen about 4 or five dead fish on the riverbank...far away from their spawning grounds upstream...I can deduce the problem is very low water level.  This could be caused by housing construction up the mountain side.  This kind of disruption caused by construction affecting the mountain flow into the stream has happened before.  It can be devastating.

Pro Spanish Unity Demonstrator In Catalan

Next on the agenda is an update on the Catalan situation.  Since I did my initial post on this topic, coming out on the side of the Pro Spanish Unity faction,my fellow Canadian truth blogger, Northerntruthseeker, has put up a couple of posts generally asking some questions on both sides of the debate.  Since my earlier post I have looked further into the question of why only 43% of the Catalonian population voted in the Referendum...which decided the question at 90% in favour of Catalonian independence.  Duh!  I found out why the low voter turn out.  The Referendum was ILLEGAL and so most of the Catalonians stayed home.  The only ones who came out to vote (with the exception of 4.3% who voted pro unity) were the pro Independence minority.  Minority is the crucial word here.  Only a minority of around 40% of the population, albeit a very vocal and well-financed minority, are in favour of Independence.  In my mind, that is case closed.  The Independence Movement does not have the support of the majority of the people affected and should, therefore, be wound down.  Why is it not being wound down?  Well, this is where financing becomes important.  Some entity is financing this cause.  Next question is...where is the money coming from?  There are some deep-pocketed sources that need to be followed up and reported on.  I predict, once these financial sources are made public...the independence movement will evaporate like a Fall morning frost.

If the pro separatist Catalonians raison d'etre is because they are dissatisfied with the European Union...they can join the Brits in a "Brexit" movement for Spain (SPexit)?  And see where that goes.  Other than that...the Catalonians really need to find out who is really bankrolling this expensive project...once they find that out...they can decide whether all the instability and potential for violence and destruction of infrastructure...not to mention destruction of iconic worth the effort.

It is exactly two weeks since the Las Vegas mass shooting was top of the headlines.  I wrote about it extensively in my last CawRANT #55.  Now, folks, it is buried on the back pages...if at all.  See how it works?  It's a two week news cycle.  The last bit of information on the alternate blogs was the revelation that video taken the night of the event captured a helicopter hovering over the crowd and firing firing volleys into it.  Upon questioning the Las Vegas Police Department...which would be the only agency with the authority to be in the skies over that venue that night...the police department, incredibly, says that its "radar went dark" in the said helicopter that night. can actually read this stuff and yet nobody is accountable for all the "massive deaths and casualties" of the fact even if you check up on some of the purported are being callous in the extreme.  This is why the United States has absolutely no credibility on the world stage anymore....corrupt to the core.

Speaking of corruption...conveniently synchronized to divert from the "Harvest Festival" Las Vegas shooting...we had the Weinstein "Limited Hangout"...where first Harvey and then several of his pedo/porno/raping/groping comrades in arms were "outed" and brought to account.  It was kind of a "harvest festival" of sexual harassment and perversion.  The Satanists do like their celebrations.  Now, we have Kevin Spacey being accused 30 years after the fact of pedophilia.  And he is apologizing profusely.  When you read the "voice of Satan" BBC about the Spacey Story...the abject apology is up front and in the headlines while the actual deed is minimized and in the small print. Perhaps this is a signal from the perps that this particular "harvest time" is nearly over.

Headlines this morning, on the BBC and elsewhere are all about the Manifort indictment in the so-called Russia US election rigging scandal  Hey, they wouldn't have indicted him if he weren't guilty...dontchaknow.  Something tells me that two weeks from now, this will be like the Las Vegas shooting...minor, if any, headlines.  Because the story will have by then served its a cover up from and distraction from the story that should be in all the headlines--THE DISCOVERY THAT IT WAS HILARY CLINTON'S DNC CAMPAIGN THAT FINANCED THE DISGUSTING, BOGUS STORY ABOUT RUSSIAN PROSTITUTES URINATING ON TRUMP'S HOTEL BED IN MOSCOW.

All the mud-slinging anti Russian stories IMO are really to divert from potential legal fall out from the Hillary loss...all the Clinton Foundation charity fund theft, the vote buying, accusations of murder of Seth Rich...hiring of pedo campaign workers such as Podesta, the use of private servers to transmit confidential State business e-mails, etc., etc., etc.  It has been a magnificent production...if you like to wallow in that kind of sewage.  The entire post election loss has been one of the biggest diversions of our times...a lie lolla polusa.

The Manafort indictment by the corrupt US Department of "Justice" also comes at a convenient time to bring down President Donald Trump in public opinion right at the time when he is setting forth on his Asian tour.  You can always count on the M$M to hobble the US leader and basically kick the slats out from underneath him when he is trying to appear "presidential".  

Finally, as I always like to do....I will end on a positive note.  Russia Today put up an excellent video showing the superior Russian Jet Fighter, the SU30SM.  As an artist, I can appreciate the graceful loop de loops that this product of human genius is able to carve in the Russian Skies due to its unique thrust-vectoring engines.  Just shows what can result from an effective science and technology education system (in Russia).  The engineers who devised these engines were NOT taught that the laws of physics no longer apply...and three skyscrapers can be reduced to dust and molten steel...due to impacts from two planes and local office fires.  I always say that the West is in the "Post Scientific Era"...while Russia and the East is still enjoying the cutting edge of the "Scientific Era"...and these jet fighters are the result!

Russian SU30SM

"The Russian Defense Ministry has published a video showcasing the capabilities of the Sukhoi Su-30SM, an advanced multipurpose fighter jet. The Sukhoi aircraft are shown in detail performing aerobatics maneuvers and deploying weapons. The highly-maneuverable generation 4+ warplane is the modern variant of the design equipped with thrust-vectoring engines. It was based on the Su-30MKI."

Well, that's it for this CawRANT Events...time to get out and enjoy the invigorating Fall Sunshine!
Bye for now.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Social Worker Helping Troubled Teens Loses Job For Questioning Gardasil Vaccine During Planned Parenthood Required Training

Michelle Snyder and her 12-year-old daughter Ashley
talk about the devastating effects of the Gardasil vaccine.

As a retired social worker (I worked in Child Protection) this was my worst nightmare...having an "ethical dilemma"...where my own personal ethics were in conflict with government policy.  Actually, in my career I had many ethical dilemmas...almost on a weekly basis.  It's part of the job.  In the end, your employer hires you because of your "gut instincts" which the employer uses to base decisions on...yet, your "gut instincts" can get you fired if they conflict with/irritate opposing power structures.  This is what the social worker discovered and expresses in his letter below.  I can feel empathy for him..."There, but for the grace of God go I..."

One time I even had an ethical dilemma regarding the Gardasil Vaccine.  One of my "children in care"...a teenaged girl...was given the vaccine at school without my being told or providing my is usually the case.  When you are the legal guardian, you are like a parent and need to sign permission slips for field trips, vaccinations and so forth.  I found out at a "parent/teacher meeting" attended by my child in care that she had already been vaccinated with the Gardasil vaccination without my permission.  I asked why I had not been informed and was told by both the teacher and the 15 year old that the girl had made "her own decision" and had opted for vaccination.  I looked at my child in care and told her that I wished we could have had a conversation about the vaccination prior to...because there have been some concerns expressed in the media, on the Internet about it.  The moment passed without any further repercussion.

I have written about my concerns about vaccinations before on this blog.  I have told about my own experience with my then toddler son who, after having a mega dose of MMR booster-whatever shot, could not feel his legs for a brief period of time when he woke up the next day.  I did not find out about this until he became an adult.  I knew he had some "reaction"...sore arm and lethargy after the shot but was told this was "normal" by the doctor.  Only after he became an adult did he tell me about this experience that was so traumatic that it had stuck in his mind all those years.  This is the same son who suffers from ADD.  He started showing symptoms of the condition around the time of the shot.  I have no idea whether there is a connection or not.

Please read the following article from Geoengineering Watch and I will have final thoughts in comments to follow:


Comments by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News
A Portland-based social worker working for a non-profit organization has contacted Health Impact News about how he allegedly was terminated from his job after attending a required sex education class by Planned Parenthood in Seattle.

Paul Haeder alleges that during the training, where class members were encouraged to write down questions and concerns anonymously, he was told not to come back to day two of the training and also told not to come back to work, because he wrote and submitted (anonymously) concerns about the Gardasil vaccine. He writes:
The creators and distributors of Gardasil are directly tied to my sacking from, get this, pennyante wage slaving job as a social worker. Imagine, Merck and Planned Parenthood, both having their hands on my future.
The charge? I dared to voice some concerns (anonymously) that already have been voiced about this vaccine for 10 years on so many platforms, including by medical authorities, international science panels, and the individuals who are suffering disabilities directly associated with the vaccine.

How Planned Parenthood Demands a Vow of Silence as it Pushes Universal/Forced Inoculations

by Paul Haeder
LA Progressive
I’m writing about this forced paid leave (suspension, administrative leave) leading up to my termination within the last hours of Monday, because speaking up about injustice is a core belief.
Plus, the loss of a job, (one of the big TEN life altering and trauma inducing events), ties into who I am in my life, and for God’s sake, this is my livelihood, and my reputation is on the line, and my word is being maligned, and my caseload of youth-in-crisis is now being given the short shrift from a very big Portland non-profit.
This is also a case of the non-profits in social services here or anywhere that have a super high turnover rate, pay rates that are obscene, worker respect that’s non-existent, and a general feeling that clients are the money trough, and the more on our caseloads, the merrier.
I also write this piece because mine is a tale of many perspectives, (or as the psychologist I am seeing because of the anxiety due to this administrative leave says, “…we all use filters and have confirmation biases”).
It’s a tale of three cities, many cities, really, tied to a huge national birth control and abortion services company–Planned Parenthood–and an even larger player is Big Pharma and its attendant actors.
The creators and distributors of Gardasil are directly tied to my sacking from, get this, a pennyante wage slaving job as a social worker.
Imagine, Merck and Planned Parenthood, both having their hands on my future!
The charge? I dared to voice some concerns (anonymously) that already have been voiced about this vaccine for 10 years on so many platforms, including by medical authorities, international science panels, and the individuals who are suffering disabilities directly associated with the vaccine.

Questioning a Vaccine in an Anonymous Forum Comes Back to Bite Me

I learned yesterday (Oct. 23) that Planned Parenthood told my HR Director that I questioned vaccines – a much different question along those lines was scrawled on the paper PP gave us all to write down issues we wanted addressed, as the trainers emphasized throughout the seven hours. We were told “…anything you write and put in a box is anonymous.”
Comments were wholeheartedly solicited by the trainers.
Imagine this, I didn’t even get to ask the question in the class:
“Why is Planned Parenthood so hooked into the corporate and Western Medicine line about Gardasil being safe when there are countless stories of harm done to young girls by this vaccine? Just look them up on the web!”
I gave the trainers the benefit of the doubt and expected my anonymous critique of Planned Parenthood to be taken with an adult attitude, with an open mind and with some sense of the issues of the day – that not everyone believes one hundred percent of the time the efficacy of Big Pharma’s products. Imagine that!
Instead, I was called on the carpet for my behavior (based on my anonymous comments) and now I’m on the ropes because Planned Parenthood has contacted my employer saying I am incorrigible. All three trainers are colluding to say that I am not capable of “giving evidence based birth control information to clients using the Planned Parenthood curriculum” (to 16 to 21 year olds!)
This is what I found out in my half hour visit with a driveling HR person for (the employer I work for), a woman clearly not in the game to help an employee or ally his fears of retaliation, but rather “in it” – this investigation of my behavior — to validate an outside agency’s spurious charges against me.
“You don’t go up against Planned Parenthood,”
is the message, and if you are being trained by them, and even if you are as level headed as anyone in the training, if one iota of doubt leaves the mind of anyone, in my case written down on unsigned notes, (supposedly protected space with no fears of reprisal) (that’s what the trainers repeated several times), you will be subject to not only censoring, but termination.
This was all carried out through the sacred safe space of a learning environment, in the terminology of social workers, “safe space where what’s said and expressed there stays there.”

The Secretive Planned Parenthood of America – Free Speech Not Allowed

It’s my word against the behemoth’s word: the secretive Planned Parenthood of America. In my case: the secretive Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and another branch, the Oregon one, the secretive Planned Parenthood of Columbia Willamette. How is it that my job is on the line because of three trainers colluding to make up a story of my supposed intransigence at a training?
I am being sacked because of the technicality that I did not complete a two-day training because the company, the secretive Planned Parenthood, dis-invited me from Day Two.
So, without day two completed, my place of employment states that I am both out of compliance and also suspect because the trainers for Planned Parenthood told her that I am unable to deliver birth control, family planning, STI and contraceptive advice complying with the secretive Planned Parenthood curricula.
Imagine, a society – the secretive Planned Parenthood – telling me that I am incapable of talking about condoms, the pill, and STDs because I dared question the efficacy of Gardasil. Imagine, this dark society, the secretive Planned Parenthood, telling me and then others (my supervisors) that anyone on our caseloads who might question this vaccine for themselves or loved ones will be told that this vaccine or any product promoted by the secretive Planned Parenthood is beyond reproach or criticism, the evidence be damned!
Imagine, Big Pharma driving this paranoia by my non-profit through the draconian approach of teaching, which is not just a dictatorial pedagogy by the secretive Planned Parenthood but an outright fascist way of dealing with individuals, trained in fields of social work, way beyond the pale of these trainers’ expertise: I’ve worked with homeless, with re-entry adults, with U.S. military, with alternative high school students, with gang-influenced youth, with myriad of youth and adult learners as a community college teacher in five states and two countries, with PK12 rural youth as a substitute teacher, with adults living with developmental disabilities, with agencies managing group homes for youth and adults with developmental disabilities. I have been a journalist with seven daily newspapers and with a monthly magazine and several weeklies. I have traveled and worked in every state in Mexico, every country in Central America.
I am fighting for my job in a universe created by the secretive Planned Parenthood that is not governed by the laws of physics or humanism or fairness. My driveling HR Director failed to see this revelation. Instead, she has told me that, after I asked her how I might make up the second day of training, “I do not have an answer to that, Paul.”
Imagine, no other way for me to sit through another training that would keep me on the job, in compliance.
I never thought that an insipid training in Seattle at the secretive Planned Parenthood would open up this Pandora’s Box of a vaccine that is beyond a doubt the cause of many lifelong incapacitating diseases and deaths according to many who tie the HPV vaccine to their pain and relatives’ deaths.
Read the Full Article at LA Progressive.
Source: Medical Kidnap

My sympathies are definitely with the social worker over this.  He should NOT have been fired.  This situation coincides with another of my work Non-Profit Societies.  These agencies have a reputation for infighting, poor employer/employee relationships and power politics in the boardrooms.  I initiated and ran a non profit when my kids were small (a parent drop-in) and created a board of directors...which was over time infiltrated by some proxies from large charities.  They wanted to absorb the small non profit into their super-structure and forced me out through their board.  That experience taught me a lesson about non profits that I will never forget.  After that, I vowed never to work for a non profit society...or a non union shop...again.  And I never did.  Non profit societies are magnets for power hungry psychopathic personalities.  This is actually fairly commonly the point where books have been written about it.

The social worker should look at the bigger picture and know that he can get another job (hopefully) but he will always have to live with himself... and so he will rest easy knowing he made the right ethical choice.

The final point to be made here is that vaccinations are dubious.  Some are legitimate but many, many, many are not.  They are money-makers for big pharma.  I stopped getting the "yearly" flu shot many years ago after having come down with the flu several times following vaccination.  Other have related the same history.  Same with the "shingles" vaccination they are peddling to seniors.  If you read the small only protects against "50% of the shingles viruses" in any given year.  So, you have as much protection against shingles after vaccination as you had before.

The same "law of averages" applies to the Gardasil vaccination as to the shingles vaccination as they are both basically vaccinating against the same herpes virus.  Most women will never come down with cervical cancer (and it is one of the more treatable cancers) but there is a strong possibility of having negative symptoms following this draconian vaccination.  And the worst part of it is...young girls may have negative outcomes many years down the road....that they will not connect with having the vaccination...such as sterility.  I won't even get into some of the "hidden history" related to vaccinations such as how the AIDS virus spread and "Dr. Mary's Monkey".  There is something innately dubious and suspicious about protecting a human from something they haven't contacted yet.  There is a immensely powerful license that is given to the provider of such a substance...a license to inject millions of humans with.....what?  And what safeguards are being set up to protect society from these all-powerful entities?  In the case above...the only safeguard was the "gut instinct" of a single social worker...and even THAT was too much!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Americans Suckered Again - Trump withholds JFK secrets until 2039

The Deep State of USrael a python slowly strangling the nation once known as the United States of America...has pulled off another one.  It has moved the goal posts...originally set by the US judicial system... on the truth about the JFK 2039 when all of those who lived through and remembered this traumatic event have died.  The hope is that by 2039 the evidence will just be viewed as a quaint historical relic....not evidence upon which to base a case against the foreign and US agencies and individuals who conspired to assassinate Kennedy who are now still the old groper, Bush Sr.

Americans are viewed as being so stupid that they will put up with this shenanigans.  It's like overturning the result of one of their precious National Football League games...due to a post game rule change...Americans would never put up with THAT!  But they will meekly bow to the perps in the government laughing and giving them the finger...withholding evidence that is the Americans' property...stealing it from them...if you will.

Below is a post by Stephen Lendman that describes the highway robbery and daylight theft.  I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Trump Reneges on Releasing JFK Documents

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)
What he planned to release was heavily redacted or otherwise sanitized, suppressing JFK’s state-sponsored assassination – Oswald a convenient patsy, uninvolved in what happened.
With that in mind, it’s surprising Trump reneged on his pledge. With no important revelations in documents planned for release, why did he change his mind?
Saying he had “no choice” revealed his impotence, obeying what he’s told to do, going along with higher powers, dark forces running things, the way America is governed – a plutocracy-run police state, a fantasy democracy, one in name only to hide how rule in Washington operates, for the nation’s privileged class exclusively.
Trump released an absurd statement saying:
“Executive departments and agencies have proposed to me that certain information should continue to be redacted because of national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs concerns.”
“I have no choice – today – but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our Nation’s security.”
“This temporary withholding from full public disclosure is necessary to protect against harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or the conduct of foreign relations that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure.”
Pure rubbish! His remarks made him look more foolish than if he said nothing. JFK files to be released were sanitized 10-times over to assure important truths about his assassination were removed. He released 2,800 files, ones of least importance.
The Warren whitewash Commission, stacked with insiders, was mandated to cover up hard truths. Its report saying Oswald acted alone was a bald-faced lie.
All records are in the National Archives. Included are unpublished reports – sealed until 2039.
They’re no longer applicable under the 1966 Freedom of Information Act and 1992 JFK Records Act.
Oswald was named as Kennedy’s assassin 15 minutes after he was shot. It was impossible to know that soon. The official story was bogus.
Jim Marrs book titled “Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy” discussed a Cartha DeLoach memo – FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s close aide.
He said then congressman Gerald Ford may have been the bureau’s Warren Commission informant. He had close CIA ties.
It was later learned he reported to Hoover secretly, admitting he instructed the commission to report Kennedy’s back wound up several inches. A lower location disproved the single gunman theory.
A subsequent commission report titled “A Presidential Legacy and the Warren Commission” said the investigation put “certain classified and potentially damaging operations in danger of being exposed.”
The CIA hid or “destroy(ed) some information, which can easily be misinterpreted as collusion in JFK’s assassination.”
Before his death, Ford publicly admitted the CIA destroyed or hid critical secrets related to Kennedy’s death.
He suggested a “conspiracy.” JFK was shot four times from in front and behind.
The Warren Commission lied, claiming twice. X-rays were altered. Other medical evidence was doctored to conceal his true cause of death.
The Secret Service had to be involved with what happened. Security protocol was violated. Instead of protecting JFK as mandated, agents assigned to his Dallas motorcade set him up.
The Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) destroyed important Presidential Protection Records to eliminate important evidence.
Oswald’s rifle couldn’t have killed Kennedy. His death certificate and autopsy said high-velocity bullets above 2,600 fps were fired. Oswald’s Mannlicher-Carcano rifle had a muzzle velocity of 2,000 fps.
In his book titled “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters,” James Douglas said Kennedy had to go because he threatened the military/complex.
“(T)he CIA’s fingerprints (were) all over the crime and the events leading up to it,” he stressed.
The lone gunman theory long ago lost credibility. A state-sponsored coup eliminated Kennedy. Transforming himself from cold warrior to peacemaker meant he had to be killed.
Imagine what might have been if he served two terms, followed by two more under RFK if he and MLK lived.
State-sponsored assassinations eliminated these important figures – the lesson remembered by US presidents and aspiring ones for the last two generations.


Of course, the 37% of the human race who are capable of critical thinking will cry "Foul!" to this theft of their right to access their archives.  They will be drummed down with insults and silenced by the M$M and isolated to the ever spreading fringes of the Internet.  Why?  They will ask the forbidden question.  Why, indeed.  It has become clear through the writings of some courageous and intrepid researchers...who have literally risked their lives to reveal the truth to Americans.  Researchers and real investigative journalists like the deceased Michael Collins Piper who placed the blame for the death of the young president squarely on the doorstep of Israel.  As is summarized in today's post by "Goon Squad"...Piper authored the ground-breaking and definitive work on the Assassination:  "Final Judgement".  In that book, Piper outlines the case for Israel through it's intelligence agency "The Mossad" being the funder and mastermind of the murder.  Please read this post by "Goon Squad" and I will have final thoughts in comments to follow:


Govt JFK Assassination Files Show Jews Behind the Plot
And this is only 2,800 pages out of 113,000? Someone convinced Trump to release a very small part. Someone has something to hide and it ain't Muslims.......

From page 64 of the released JFK files: Here's the opening page..

And here's where we find out Jews were backing the thugs behind the assassination plot..

Yes, I wouldn't want this info to get out either, if I was an unhinged nation of liars, thieves, mass murderers, racists, false flag experts and lovers of Apartheid, squatting on stolen land.
“Lyndon Johnson had demonstrated his strong support for Israel throughout his political career. The government of Israel, therefore, had every reason to believe that its interests would be better advanced with Johnson as president. And indeed they were. After Kennedy’s death, the United States, for the first time, began large-scale shipments of arms to Israel. During the June 1967 war, Johnson covertly provided both military equipment and personnel to aid Israel. Certainly, the Mossad possessed the resources to carry out an assassination almost any place on earth. And the Israeli government has been willing to sacrifice American lives to its own purposes. An example was the unprovoked Israeli military assault that killed 34 crewmen of the USS Liberty in June 1967,” wrote former Congressman Paul Findley on March 28, 1992.
Must be time for another Israeli masterminded False Flag, to get our minds back to hating Muslims and off the real threat.
Mossad And The JFK Assassination Considering that the Mossad is quite possibly the most ruthless and efficient intelligence agency in the world, it is peculiar that they have never been scrutinized in relation to the Kennedy assassination, especially when practically every other entity in the world (short of Elvis impersonators) has been implicated. But that all changed in January, 1994 with the release of Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment. In this book, Piper says, "Israel's Mossad was a primary (and critical) behind the scenes player in the conspiracy that ended the life of JFK. Through its own vast resources and through its international contacts in the intelligence community and in organized crime, Israel had the means, it had the opportunity, and it had the motive to play a major frontline role in the crime of the century - and it did."

Their motive? Israel's much touted Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, who ruled that country from its inception in 1948 until he resigned on June 16, 1963, was so enraged at John F. Kennedy for not allowing Israel to become a nuclear power that, Collins asserts, in his final days in office he commanded the Mossad to become involved in a plot to kill America's president.

Ben-Gurion was so convinced that Israel's very survival was in dire jeopardy that in one of his final letters to JFK he said, "Mr. President, my people have the right to exist, and this existence is in danger."

In the days leading up to Ben-Gurion's resignation from office, he and JFK had been involved in an unpublicized, contentious debate over the possibility of Israel getting nuclear capabilities. Their disagreement eventually escalated into a full-fledged war of words that was virtually ignored in the press. Ethan Bronner wrote about this secret battle between JFK and Ben-Gurion years later in a New York Times article on October 31, 1998, calling it a "fiercely hidden subject." In fact, the Kennedy/Ben-Gurion conversations are still classified by the United States Government. Maybe this is the case because Ben-Gurion's rage and frustration became so intense - and his power so great within Israel - that Piper contends it was at the center of the conspiracy to kill John Kennedy. This stance is supported by New York banker Abe Feinberg, who describes the situation as such: "Ben-Gurion could be vicious, and he had such a hatred of the old man [Joe Kennedy, Sr., JFK's father]." Ben-Gurion despised Joe Kennedy because he felt that not only was he an anti-Semite, but that he had also sided with Hitler during the 1930's and 40's.
Any questions? From establishing the illegal and immoral Federal Reserve, to being in on the assassination of JFK to the savage attack on the unarmed USS Liberty to Israel's masterminding the 9/11 False Flag, all roads lead to Israel and her bat-shit crazy supporters.

Meanwhile, back in the Swamp, the US House Knesset approves new sanctions on Iran to please our Israeli Overlord.


So, that's why Americans had to be "protected" from the truth.  Lendman quotes Trump as saying:
......certain information should continue to be redacted because of national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs concerns.”
You can just imagine the media uproar and uptick in False Flags, threats of war and provocative bombings of foreign countries such as Syria....not to mention extreme weather events... that would have occurred had Trump not reneged on the legal promise to Americans.  We all know the drill by now.

To paraphrase Forrest Gump..."Blackmail is as Blackmail does".

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Follow Up Research on Canada's Magnitsky Act "Mini Me" Legislation based on Economic Hit Man Bill Browder

Canada recently passed a "Mini Me"
copy of the US Magnitsky Act
based on lies

Regarding two posts I did a couple of days ago about the disgusting situation where the United States has passed legislation based on the lies of Economic Hit Man Bill Browder, who was convicted and sentenced to nine years for Fraud by the Russian Federation.  The US legislation levies punative economic sanctions on which Russia has responded tit for tat. Now Canada has followed suit with copycat legislation.  I would wager that at least 90% of Canadians know nothing about this "Mini Me" Canadian legislation which has further soured relations between the two northern neighbours.

In an effort to rectify this, I was corresponding with Ed(itor) of the excellent blog Occurrences and he has generously assembled an impressive collection of links which I have copied below.  Perhaps some Canadians will avail themselves of this research tool in order to find out how absolutely stupid and craven the Liberal Government of Justin "Le Dauphin" Trudeau is.  Thanks Ed(itor).

NOTE:  I rushed to get this post out this morning and upon reviewing the links and reading James's comment I note that these posts are almost solely the "Official Story".  Again I advise readers to check my first post (linked above) for other links which tell the Russian side of the story.  I ask readers just to use their common sense.  Why would the Russians kill or harm Magnitsky, when he was their #1 witness in their case against Browder for massive fraud.  All the Russian prosecuter had to do was hold up Magnitsky's scheme of fraud which he devised for Browder...which was apparently written in Magnitsky's OWN HANDWRITING and ask him..."Is this your handwriting?"  Case closed.

There was someone who would have benefitted from Magnitsky's death, however, and this same individual (Browder)had a habit of having those around him die untimely deaths.  So read both sides of the story and make up your own mind.  And if you have an insight or come across some more information on this issue...don't forget to put a note in the comments, Thanks!

DHS says British financier Browder cleared for US travel Washington Post
[&&]{**}[##] 2017/10/liars-lie-it-is-what-they-do.html 
[Ed.: I promised Green Crow that I would read up on the Magnitsky business: global_magnitsky_sanctions_set_in_motion/ 2017/06/20/2017-12791/global-magnitsky-humanrights-accountability-act-report 2017/7/31/1685652/-McCain-and-the-Magnitsky-Act 2017/7/11/1679878/-How-the-The-Magnitsky-Act-taintsJuinor-s-Alibi magnitsky-act-should-not-be-get-out-jail-card-forbulgarian-fugitive.html trumpcast/2017/07/ why_does_putin_hate_the_magnitsky_act.html magnitsky-act-trump-jr-russia-putin-adoption/23054570/ wp/2014/03/03/the-man-behind-the-magnitsky-act
explains-why-now-is-the-time-to-go-after-the-russianelites-assets/?utm_term=.c2454d91c409 magnitsky-act-explained-trump-jr-says-law-was-atcenter-meeting-with-russian-lawyer.html #sp=show-clips bill-browders-testimony-to-the-senate-judiciarycommittee/534864/ russia-convicts-lawyer-magnitsky-in-posthumous-trialidUSBRE96A09V20130711 sergei-magnitsky-russia-trial-verdict-tax-fraud controversial-film-russia-lawyers-sergei-magnitsky-deathscreening sergei-magnitsky-murder-114878 
This is Part Four of a six-part series on the death of Sergei Magnitsky, what he uncovered before his death, and how it all relates to Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian woman who met with Trump Jr., Manafort, and Jared Kushner in June 2016. The springboard for the series of posts is this Michael Weiss article about Veselnitskaya and how she is connected to the Magnitsky case. Part One introduced the series and Weiss’s conclusions. Part Two began to set forth the background of the aggressive tax fraud scheme that Sergei Magnitsky discovered, as set out in Browder’s book Red Notice. Part Three outlined what Magnitsky did when he uncovered the scheme — and the terrible price he paid as a result. 2017/07/14/the-magnitsky-act-explained/? utm_term=.e589259ec5f5 russia-sergei-magnitsky-william-browder.html 2017/10/23/559463071/state-department-reportedlyrevokes-visit-of-magnitsky-act-campaigner russia-sergei-magnitsky-william-browder.html Programs/Pages/magnitsky.aspx 
So I did a quick search but got called away and distracted. Nope, I haven’t read them.  I did do the slimmest bit of scanning when I broke open the links. But if you see Greencrow, tell her I’ll get to it before the weekend.] "

I think we can safely regard this as the motherlode of Magnitsky "Mini Me" Economic Hit Man Links.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Under SDF rule, Raqqah can’t be called liberated: Syria says no to "Wild West" Mentality

Downtown Raqquh - after so-called "Liberation"
by USrael/Kurd alliance

When is a city truly "liberated" from terrorist tyranny?  Well, it all depends on whether you are the country involved....or fanatical hegemonic land thieves.  Syria, which the whole world has acknowledged is a sovereign nation, member of the United Nations and all that...says that Raqqah will not be truly liberated until the flag of Syria flies over the US-caused ruins of the city.

The United States and the Kurds...who are proxies for Israel...say that it has just recently been "liberated" by them.  Reminds me of the old saying by Tacticus:

"They plunder, they slaughter, and they steal: this they falsely name Empire, and where they make a wasteland, they call it peace."

Northerntruthseeker has a good post this morning on what is really going on in is actually being "ethnically cleansed" of its Syrian preparation for the Kurdish squatters and land rustlers who will be moving in....once USrael rebuilds the city infrastructure at exorbitant cost.

US-backed militants
[aka modern day "land thieves/cattle rustlers"]
of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
stand on a rooftop in the northern
Syrian city of Raqqah, October 20, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

Here is a good update found this morning in PressTV,  Please read and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

A Syrian minister says no land is considered liberated in the country unless national army forces regain control of it and raise the Syrian flag atop its buildings.

“We do not consider any city liberated until the Syrian Arab army enters it and lifts the Syrian flag over it. This applies to any point of the Syrian map,” Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Tardjaman told Russia’s Sputnik news agency in an interview published on Monday.

Earlier this month, the so-called Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), a US-backed coalition of mainly Kurdish militants, captured the city of Raqqah from the Daesh terror group following a military operation, which was launched in July without the central government’s approval.

US President Donald Trump, whose country has been leading a bombing campaign in Syria since 2014, claimed that the city’s “liberation” was a result of the purported changes that he had brought to the US military’s strategy.

Tardjaman described the withdrawal of Daesh from its former Syrian base as a “positive event,” but emphasized that the city was not yet liberated. “Regardless of whether Daesh is there or some other faction or organization,” the Syrian army needs to enter and retake control of Raqqah in order for the city to be called free.

He also denounced any unauthorized “local compromises, truces, and establishment of de-escalation areas” by forces controlling Raqqah. “The Syrian administration will never bow down to compromises that violate Syria’s national unity and sovereignty,” he asserted. Some, he said, wrongfully assumed that such arrangements, which do not have Damascus’ approval, could lead to “federalism, confederalism, or autonomy.”

He also lambasted “factitious demarcations, such as ‘east Euphrates and west Euphrates,’ which the US and its allies have been promoting.” The Syrian government does not accord any importance to these terms and delineations, and will never recognize them, the minister stated.

He was apparently reacting to an October 20 statement by the SDF, in which it announced the “liberation” of Raqqah and said the city will be part of a system of “federal government” in the country’s north. The Syrian military has not so far engaged the SDF, which has reportedly shelled the positions of government troops on several occasions in recent weeks."

It truly boggles the mind the openness with which these land thieves operate.   It's like the cattle rustlers in the days of the "wild West".  Back in the days before justice and the law took hold ...gangs of cattle rustlers would roam the plains of North America and and steal another rancher's cattle.  Finally, the ranchers had to treat the cattle rustlers like the vermin they were...they were given swift justice at the end of a barrel.  Under contemporary Usrael hegemony, land rustlers roam the deserts of the middle east stealing land and oil wells.  But, thanks to Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, the Arab states are truly awake to the "land rustlers" now....I am sure that Assad, with the help of Iran and Russia allies will never let the "land/oil well rustlers" get away with the open and blatant land theft of the pivotal city of Raqqah as described in the report above.  For one thing, the land thieves will never be satisfied...success just makes them thirstier for more thefts from more countries.

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid and gullible USrael's vassal states in Europe and all over the world are to this lawlessness.  They appear not to understand that ALL small, resource-rich but militarily weak and/or isolated countries (and that includes Canada) are vulnerable to these lawless thieves.  Land theft is land theft...whether it be the oil rich deserts of the Middle East...or any land anywhere on the planet. In the post Columbus era...the western settlers stole land from the "Indians" (indigenous peoples) and gangs of "rustlers" stole cattle from ranchers with abandon. It was not right then...and with modern day apocalyptic (nuclear) is intolerable now. In modern times there's no more "unconquered" land.  The Planet is all used up and occupied.  The only way forward is the Rule of Law.  And we are ALL dependent on the rule of law.  To believe otherwise is to be suicidally stupid.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Liars lie.....It's What They DOOOOOOooooooooooo.....Magnitsky Legislation Update

UPDATED:  October 24, 2017...seems like this story has hit the fan.  Here is another update from RT where Russia is "suggesting" that the United States check to see whether Browder has been defrauding the it has the Russian Federation Tax Agency.  Hmmmmmmm.
In a same day update, Bill Browder has been allowed to enter the United is the story from the CBC.  Here is the same story from the Globe and many little time.

CEO and co-founder of the investment fund
Hermitage Capital Management
Bill Browder has successfully lobbied for laws
that put sanctions on foreign officials
who violate human rights.
(Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images)

Those readers who read my post and the links attached to it about the new disgraceful legislation just passed in Canada...based on the serial lies of Bill Browder...should read the latest development.  Knowing what you now know...count the lies! (Hint:  I have bolded them in red)

From the CBC see link above

American-born Putin critic blocked from U.S. after lobbying Canada

Businessman advocating for sanctions against Russian officials says he's now on Interpol watch-list

The Canadian Press Posted: Oct 23, 2017 3:38 PM ET Last Updated: Oct 23, 2017 7:26 PM ET

American lawmakers are demanding answers from their national government after a U.S.-born foe of Vladimir Putin was allegedly denied entry into the United States.
Bill Browder, who is now a British citizen, had just successfully lobbied Canada to become the latest country to adopt a so-called Magnitsky law that targets corrupt officials of the Putin regime. He is accusing the Russian government of retaliating by placing his name on an Interpol watch-list.
"United (Airlines) wouldn't let me board a flight," Browder tweeted Monday. "Unless Interpol lifts this notice, I will be arrested at any international border I cross on Putin's orders."
The developments are the latest twist in a dark saga involving him and the Russian leader.
Browder was a major hedge-fund manager in Russia who complained about oligarchs stealing from companies he'd invested in. Initially, in the early 2000s, Putin was his ally — Browder's complaints about corruption would be followed by arrests.
The arrests stopped. Browder accuses Putin of becoming personally involved in corruption schemes, building a massive multibillion-dollar fortune, and turning on him.
A crusading young lawyer working to investigate corruption for him, Sergei Magnitsky, was suddenly arrested by some of the very people he'd investigated. He was beaten repeatedly in prison and eventually died.
Nataliya Magnitskaya (left), the mother of Sergei Magnitsky, grieves over her son's body during his funeral at a cemetery in Moscow on Nov. 20, 2009. Magnitsky died of heart failure in prison, state prosecutors said. (Mikhail Voskresensky/Reuters)
Browder has since made it his life's mission to avenge his friend's death. He has succeeded in getting several countries to pass laws in Magnitsky's honour. Canada adopted its law a few days ago.
The Canadian law allows authorities to block financial services for foreigners complicit in extrajudicial killings, torture, or other human-rights violations in efforts to protect a government that abuses basic rights.
Putin angrily responded to a similar law in the U.S. by stopping adoptions of Russian orphans. The issue has been brought up at the highest levels. The White House says U.S. President Donald Trump's son, son-in-law, and campaign manager discussed it with a Russian lawyer last year at Trump Tower.
Browder says he's often been the victim of Russian attempts to get him placed on Interpol wanted lists and says that this time he's been accused of murder — of killing his friend Magnitsky.
He told CBC's As It Happens on Monday that he believes the passage of the Canadian law prompted Russia to have him added to the Interpol list.
"Vladimir Putin gave a speech in which he was very angry about the Magnitsky Act, very angry at me personally and, on the same day, effectively, they went to Interpol," Brodwer said. "So I think their request of Interpol is a direct result of the Magnitsky Act being passed in Canada."
Sen. John McCain issued a statement on Monday in support of Bill Browder and his work fighting corruption in Russia. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters)
American lawmakers from both parties are demanding answers. Sen. John McCain called Browder a champion of anti-corruption fighters in Russia and called for an immediate U.S. review of his status.
"We relied on his expertise and support as we led the effort to pass the Magnitsky Act," McCain said in a statement.
"Mr. Browder's work has helped to remove corrupt actors from our financial system and enhance accountability measures with respect to the U.S. relationship with the Russian Federation — it would be unfortunate if the U.S. decided to bar him based on a decision by those same Russian officials who have been targeted by this important legislation."
It's unclear how his travel was denied.
Browder said he had an electronic document allowing travel from visa-free countries, via the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. In a statement, the U.S. State Department said, "We have no record of this individual ever applying for a U.S. visa."
The statement noted that many United Kingdom citizens are eligible to travel via the visa waiver, but if they lose eligibility to use the visa-waiver program they must apply for a visa at a U.S. consulate or embassy.​

With files from CBC News


lol, it looks like I had to bold in red almost the entire CBC polluted with lies it is.  Those of you who read my original post will recognize that almost the entire CBC report is a tissue of lies.  I love the part where Browder blames Interpol for him not being able to travel to the US.  The fact of the matter is that it was Interpol which saved his sorry ass after he was convicted of fraud and embezzlement in Russia and sentenced to nine years in prisonInterpol refused to arrest is customary when fugitives flee justice by putting International borders between themselves and the long arm of the law. You and I wouldn't be able to get away with it...but apparently Browder is an old hand at bribing judges and other officials in the police/judicial system.

When I read in the linked source document put in the comments of the previous post by blogger Penny of Penny for your thoughts and learned that Magnitsky was not a lawyer (as is claimed in the above CBC report) but was an auditor who did Browder's dirty work...and that the Russian prosecutors had, in their evidence dossier, Magnitsky's own handwriting laying out the systemic tax fraud that Browder was accused of...I knew that my Canadian Prime Minister was even more of a dupe than I had originally surmised.  I had a palm to face moment when I read that.

C'mon, CBC and Canadian Government...stop being such benighted rubes...wake up!  You've been had by a lifetime fraudster...booted out of Russia...and welcomed by USrael with open arms!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

UPDATED: Le Dauphin burns bridges with Russia...for What? Legislation based on a lie - the "Magnitsky Act"

UPDATED:  October 22, 2017  Fellow Bloggers have left some interesting comments on this post, and Penny of Penny For Your Thoughts blog has left an essential to read BACKGROUND on the Magnitsky case.  It's really too bad Le Dauphin doesn't read alternative blogs...he might have learned something that could HAVE PREVENTED Canada from being caught in a situation where we lose all respect in the international supporting/basing Canadian legislation on corrupt embezzlers/thieves like William Browder AND his GOVERNMENTAL MOLES IN THE US AND CANADA. The background link above is a MUST READ.  And, factoring the background link into my analysis I have added a new ADDENDUM to the end of this post.

Justin Trudeau as Le Dauphin
Craven Patsy of the
USrael Neocon

Well, as all alternate truth bloggers and their readers know...lies can lead to wars.  Consider the 9/11 lies...that 19 Arabs, armed with box-cutters acting under directions of a man on dialysis living in a cave in Afghanistan, caused NORAD and the Pentagon to completely stand down on September 11, 2001. Pilots who could not fly Cessnas, flew 747's into two buildings, causing three skyscraper collapses and a third plane crashed into a field...leaving no debris to speak of.

People actually believe these lies...and more importantly, people who tell them with impunity get emboldened.  They then tell other lies, all kinds of lies, big and small.  In the case at hand...a lie told in the United States....upon which a series of economic sanctions have been levied on Russia..poisoning the relations between the two superpowers, has now been used as the basis for the craven Canadian Government, the biggest toady the world has ever replicate the legislation and impose sanctions on Russia as well.  Please read the following recent report from the CBC and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

from the CBC

Putin brands Canada's adoption of new Magnitsky Act as political gamesmanship

'These are some very unconstructive political games over things, which are in essence not what they look like'

By Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press Posted: Oct 20, 2017 1:38 PM ET Last Updated: Oct 20, 2017 1:38 PM ET

Russian President Vladimir Putin is accusing Canada of playing unconstructive political games" by passing its own Magnitsky law this week. Putin made the comments in Sochi at an international forum in which he fielded a wide range of questions.

The Russian embassy in Ottawa has posted a transcript of his remarks on Twitter. The embassy has already said that Parliament's unanimous adoption this week of a Magnitsky act will cause irreparable harm to Canada-Russia relations. The law targets the actions of gross human rights violators in all countries.
Canada's new sanctions regime and those of other countries, including the United States, have been closely linked to the Russian whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky, who died in a Moscow prison in 2009 after accusing officials of a $230-million tax fraud. "What do I think about what you have just said, about Canada joining or wanting to join, or about somebody else wanting to do it?" Putin said Thursday. "These are some very unconstructive political games over things, which are in essence not what they look like, to be treated in such a way or to fuss about so much."


Harken back to the days before and during the last Canadian Federal Election, folks, remember how we all hated Harper?  Now, why was that?  As I recall Canadians were fed up with him because he was a craven toady to the neocons in Washington...and Tel Aviv.   There wasn't a venal scheme of theirs that he didn't jump on and adopt on behalf of an unwilling Canadian citizenry.  We voted him out of office and were soooooooo relieved.  After all, hadn't the Liberal opposition, under neophyte politician Justin Trudeau promised to be "different" than Harper?  Hadn't they promised to be more independent and more pragmatic in the interests of a sovereign Canada?  Well, something along those lines anyway.  Well, we fell for it.

No sooner had the Liberals taken power than they replaced their experienced and well known Foreign Minister, with a Russian-hating, neo-Nazi supporting banned in Russia Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland.  And she started pumping out the anti-Russian rhetoric and now legislation.  Here is an earlier CBC report:


"The Kremlin fired a diplomatic shot across Ottawa's bow Thursday, warning that the adoption of a Canadian version of a U.S. law that imposes financial sanctions and travel bans on high-ranking Russian officials will cause serious damage in relations between the two countries.
The stark diplomatic warning comes after Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Wednesday that the government has agreed to create a so-called Magnitsky Act that would expand Canada's international sanctions law to target gross human rights violators.
"We are compelled to warn the official Ottawa that we view its active support of the Canadian version of the American 'Magnitsky Act,' which contains contrived human rights claims against Russia, as another blatantly unfriendly step," the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement. "If the Canadian Parliament approves this sanctions legislation, the relations between our countries, which are already experiencing difficult times, will suffer significant damage."

Russia warns of 'self-isolation'

It would be Canada's loss if "instead of developing mutually beneficial cooperation, including in the economic sphere and the development of the Arctic," Ottawa follows the path of "self-isolation" from Russia, the statement warned.  The House of Commons foreign affairs committee agreed last month to support amending Canada's sanctions regime to include the rights violators "in honour" of the Russian whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky.
Magnitsky died in pre-trial detention in a Moscow jail in 2009 after accusing high-ranking officials of a $230-million tax fraud. In late 2012, the United States adopted the so-called Magnitsky Act, which imposes travel bans and financial sanctions on Russian officials and other individuals believed to have been involved in Magnistky's death. Russia responded with its own blacklist of U.S. officials.
Freeland and 12 other Canadian politicians and activists are also on the Kremlin's blacklist and have been barred from entering Russia because of their staunch criticism of Russian actions in Ukraine and its annexation of Crimea.

Things got pretty nasty between the US and Russia after the United States passed its "Magnitsky Act".  Canadians can expect the same will happen (and it has already started) between Canada and Russia...all because this woman, Chrystia Freeland, who is a Soros-related, Hillary Clinton, related mole that has been inserted in the Canadian government, has decided that it is an excellent idea to mimic the US act...that was based on a lie.  But, hey, if they can go to several wars based on lies...why can't they enact legislation based on lies?  

Wouldn't it have been prudent for the Canadian government to have at least made a gesture of impartiality by asking for the Russian side of the Magnitsky story?  Not finding it in any of the CBC reports, I had to go to RT and do a bit of searching.  Here is what the Russians say about Magnitsky:

Here is a report from RT


"The Canadian Senate has passed Bill S-226, known as the Sergei Magnitsky Law, mirroring similar US legislation. Moscow has repeatedly slammed the bill as a violation of international law and vowed to respond.

Although the bill, titled “Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act (Sergei Magnitsky Law),” envisions imposing sanctions on any foreign national, not only on Russians, it mentions exclusively the high-profile cases linked to Russia in its preamble. Among them is the death of Sergei Magnitsky in a pre-trial detention facility in 2009. Magnitsky was a tax accountant employed by the US-British investor Bill Browder, who was accused by the Russian authorities of orchestrating large-scale tax evasion and embezzling hundreds of millions of rubles from the Russian budget. The lawyer was a prime suspect in the investigation. Browder, however, insisted that Magnitsky fell victim to persecution and torture by the Russian penitentiary system after he allegedly uncovered corruption crimes by Russian tax officials. As result of a three-year lobbying campaign, spearheaded by Browder, in 2012 the US Senate approved the so-called Magnitsky Act, allowing the US to freeze the assets of, and bar entry to, Russians accused of human rights violations. The bill has soured relations between Washington and Moscow...."


So, the Russian side of the story is that Magnitsky was working for a Brit/US investor who was under investigation for large-scale embezzlement.  Was Browder ever tried for this crime against the Russian State?  Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Bill Browder:


Bill Browder

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Bill Browder
William F. Browder - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011.jpg
Browder at the Annual Meeting 2011 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 27, 2011
BornWilliam Felix Browder
(1964-04-23) April 23, 1964 (age 53)
Chicago, Illinois, United States
NationalityBritish (formerly US)
EducationStanford, MBA; Chicago, BSc Economics; University of Colorado Boulder (transferred)
EmployerHermitage Capital Management

William Felix Browder (born 23 April 1964), known as "Bill" Browder, is an American-British financier, the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the investment fund Hermitage Capital Management ("Hermitage"), an investment firm that at one time was the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia.[1] He gave up his US citizenship in 1998 to avoid paying taxes related to foreign investment.[2] After having business in Russia for 10 years, Browder was refused entry to Russia in 2006 as a threat to national security; he has said it was because he exposed corruption.
After the death in prison in 2009 of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian lawyer and auditor who had represented his company and conducted an investigation into massive tax fraud related to it, Browder lobbied for Congress to pass the "Magnitsky Act", a law to punish Russian human rights violators, which was signed into law in 2012 by President Barack Obama.[3][4] In 2013 Browder was tried in absentia in Russia for tax fraud, jointly in a posthumous prosecution of Magnitsky. He was convicted and sentenced to nine years in prison. Interpol rejected Russian requests to arrest Browder, saying the case was political. In 2014 the European Parliament voted for sanctions against 30 Russians believed complicit in the Magnitsky case; this was the first time it had taken such action.
In July 2017 Browder testified to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential election through use of persons in Washington, DC.

Who are you going to believe?  A country who at the time in question was desperately trying to get a handle on massive corruption by foreigners...who were working with corrupt Russian oligarchs to systematically loot the Russian Federation of its assets?  Or, the country that presented vials of "yellow cake" uranium to the United Nations as proof that "Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction" in the run-up to the destruction of Iraq?  This was the same country who sent a planeload of 9/11 suspects back to Israel.

Well, Canada had a choice.  It could have listened to both sides of the arguments between Russia and the United States and then taken a neutral stance, preserving positive relations in both Canadians wanted it to...or, as it has could have cravenly accepted the probable lies of the serial liar US government and burned its bridges with Russia.

Did Canada have a choice?  Sadly, in my heart I don't think we did.  We are owned, lock, stock and barrel by the neocon occupiers of USrael.  Whatever they tell the puppet le Dauphin to do...he does.  After all...we don't want to be invaded and destroyed--like Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc., etc., etc.  Now do we?

ADDENDUM:  Factoring in the link provided by blogging colleague Penny for your thoughts, I have flown high, like the greencrow does and, looking down at the big picture, arrived at the conclusion that Browder was just like John Perkins.  He was an "Economic Hit Man" for the US Deep State.  While John Perkins came clean on behalf of humanity and wrote his excellent ground-breaking tell-all "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"....Browder is still working for the Deep State and is using his failure to bankrupt Russia combined with his psychopathic ability to lie and betray foment sheeple (Trudeau being a prime example) antipathy towards Russia.  Russia WILL PAY one way or the other.

Two clues led me to what now appears to be an obvious conclusion.  One:  Browder was funneling his ill got earnings from Russian taxes into Citibank...which has deep gonnections with the FBI...and probably the CIA as well....two entirely corrupted agencies of the United States.  Two:  Browder was using Perkins' "Economic Hitman" modus opperendi... he was doing public/private partnerships with Russian government programs...using Russia's own social welfare programs against tax write-offs to the disabled.  A third indication this was a stock "economic hit" was the telltale unquestioning support of the Main$tream Media for an "Official Story" ...which facilitates the spreading of the Browder lies.