Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Guam in the Headlines? Why? Location, Location, Location.

Guam in Relation to the Philippines

I am interrupting my regular (holiday) programming to bring you this Breaking News update.  In the past 48 hours there has been a M$M frenzy concerning supposed threats from the leader of North Korea against the United States and... equally hyper retaliatory  threats by Donald Trump against North Korea.  Why? Well, we know that North Korea fits the profile of the small, vulnerable but resource-rich and/or strategically located state usually targeted by USrael for "regime change".  But, is there any other reason for the "furious" beating of war drums?

Fellow blogger, Northerntruthseeker, (see link below)

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drew my attention to the situation, calling the supposed threats by North Korea against Guam a potential "False Flag".  So, I got out my trusty virtual map and looked up Guam in relationship to the rest of South East Asia.  Lo and behold...well, isn't that a coinkydynk?!  Guam is just a ballistic missile's throw across the Philippine Sea to the Philippines. [see map, above] You know the Philippines....where up to yesterday, yes, just yesterday, Philippine President Duterte was badmouthing the US non-stop and making diplomatic overtures to China and Russia.  And then, just within the past 24 hours called himself the "humble" ally of the US????? Yes, THAT Philippines. Location trumps just about every other rationale for Deep State motivation. 

So, IF the US is falsifying the threats and counter threats between North Korea and itself...If, in fact it is setting up a False Flag to be blamed on Korea, couldn't one additional agenda item be beefing up the Guam US military base (due to the manufactured threats against it by North Korea, dontcha know).  Wouldn't the allegedly false threat of attack on Guam by North Korea act as a causa belli to justifying the positioning of mega forces of  USrael...and the planting of ballistic missiles on Guam...pointed at North Korea...Oh, and just by sheer the Philippines....and....China?

I mean, if you have a colony [Guam]...what's it good for anyway...if you can't use it as a pawn in a game of nuclear "chicken"?

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Greg Bacon said...

It wasn't that long ago that South Korea was raising bloody hell about that one billion dollar THAAD missile system, threatening to have the USA remove the damned thing unless WE paid for it.

Now it looks like SK isn't raising so much hell about that system.

What a coincidence!