Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ganges, Salt Spring Island, Day Two

Ganges Street Art

The town of Ganges on Salt Spring Island has a very big reputation for being determinedly artsy craftsy.  This suits me fine because it's my thing...but some find it a bit pretentious...and expensive!  The above photo was taken by me just walking down the main street this afternoon.  These horses have been on display for years.  They're on wheels so they must take them in at night.  You take your life in your hands if you try to cross the main street of Ganges during the day...the traffic is horrific for such a small town.  Everybody drives a car fast--and there doesn't seem to be much public transit.

Of course, I had to make my yearly pilgrimage to the local Arts and Crafts Shop/Gallery/Museum in McMahon Hall on the main street.  This is the BC Mecca for local arts and crafts:

Tour around Arts and Crafts Exhibit
at McMahon Hall, Ganges
Salt Spring Island, BC 

I don't know how the people who review the videos submitted to YouTube choose the "title page"...that must be an interesting job.  Above, of all the artwork, they chose one of my favourite pieces.  Ceramic wall hangings.  But you know how it is at these art galleries...if you have to ask how much...you can't afford it.  So I don't know what they were asking for the ceramics.  I met the artist who had a showing of paintings at the gallery.  She was my age and had piercing blue eyes...she somewhat reluctantly allowed me to take the video of her collection, so I didn't spend much time on it.  My favourite kind of art is that which takes me away from "Life's simple (and mundane) things".  I like high fantasy...nature...and birds.

Limerence--a brief history and tour

Here is a short video tour of the Limerence cabin.  Some readers/viewers may like to see what the inside of a sailboat looks like.  They are all relatively the same.  They all need the same equipment and must be compact and functional:

Limerence Cabin Tour

Geopolitical Newz - New book out about Hillary Clinton:  "Why I Lost"

Even while on holidays...a geopolitical blogger keeps an eye on the Newz.  This morning I thoroughly enjoyed reading a book review by the Duran's Alexander Mercouris on the Joe Laurie book out about Hillary Clinton's last (hopefully) campaign.  I will paste the link to the review here:

[sorry, can't access cut and paste, readers will have to google Mercouris's book review which I highly recommend.  Laurie's book is available on PDF]

Mercouris gets it right on!  The book "Hillary Clinton - Why I Lost" (which is based on quotes of Hillary and so tells the story of her legendary defeat "in her own words") validates my assessment on her candidacy and campaign from the beginning.  She was so unpopular amongst Americans that she could "not fill a phone booth with her supporters".  I said that over and over.  I think Laurie's idea to tell the story in Hillary's own words is pure genius...who can say it was biased?  

Maybe if the "How I Lost" book gets some traction in the US (highly doubtful with the stranglehold the Clinton Camp has on the M$M) it will finally and eventually sink in with the media and celebrity class why she lost.  I'm so tired of seeing folks, like Stephen Colbert (of late show fame), continue to fry their careers by persisting to loyally carry the bucket of Clinton Crap.  Unfortunately, the "Clinton Cries the Blues" meme will never end...just like the "Russophobia" meme will never end.  Reason being that both these memes are the foundation (albeit shaky) upon which rests the [current] claim to power of the Deep State...and we know that the Deep State NEVER gives up...because it has all the time in the world.

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