Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dog Daze of Summer - and Hersh... the Limited Hangout Artiste is baaaaaack!

Limerence Crew
Dog Daze of Summer in
Record Breaking BC Heat Wave 

Paul Craig Roberts was reporting this morning that in a "Breaking News" item from Washington's Blog [readers will have to google Washington's Blog to access the actual story and audio recording] Pulitizer Prize winning reporter Seymour Hersh has revealed the highly incriminating information that the DNC was NOT hacked by Russia last year...but that, indeed, the murdered data programmer, Seth Rich was the individual who handed over the DNC e-mails to Julian Assange at WikiLeaks.  Normally, this would be enough to stop the Russophobia with its "Trumped" up US government sanctions against Russia in its tracks...but not at this point in history...not with the rabbit hole, Orwellian, alternate universe, late stage dementia phase they're now in in Washington.

I read the report and listened to the expletive-filled audio of Hersh spilling the beans...and soon arrived at the familiar conclusion that Hersh is the king sized AH of the "Limited Hangout".  It was quintessential Hersh. Him with his "inside sources" and "outsider" stance, complete with his "'dese, 'dem and 'dose" jargon--and all the potty language.  Only an idiot would be suckered in...after all these years...into thinking that Hersh was telling the whole truth as he knows it...OR that he's not working for the perps in giving "just enough" real information to sustain credibility, while at the same time and all importantly, planting the seeds of deception...crumbs of clues leading no where and/or into blind alleys.

In his diatribe, in which he quite significantly disses and goes out of his way to distance himself from Assange (IMO, one of the goals of the hangout) he says:

a)  Seth Rich was killed by a street kid(s)...a thug...a senseless killing in a high crime neighbourhood.  How does Hersh know this?  Has someone been arrested and charged with the crime?  Nothing so prosaic as that.  Perhaps it's his "inside sources" who know the killers but don't feel the need to arrest them;

b)  Hersh's sources are in a "top unit" and therefore can claim veracity...without needing to give names or provide proof;

c)  Rich shared his DNC "juicy e-mails" with others.  As there are plenty of witnesses to the fact that Rich was the source...a cover up won't work...which is why Hersh was tapped to do the next best thing...a "limited hangout";

d)  Hersh names who the fall guys are... and are going to be.  There are always fall guys when the Sh!t hits the Fan in Politics.  In this limited hangout, Hersh has also been tapped to "name" them.  In this case, the fall guys are former CIA chief John Brennan and Michael S. Rogers formerly of the National Security Agency.   These are the guys who hatched the scheme to blame the Rich leaks on Russia. Nobody higher up than them...dontcha know.

So, folks, there you have it.  Seymour Hersh has been doing limited hang-outs since he got the pulitizer for the Mei Lai incident. Gawd only knows what the complete truth was on THAT story!

Walk down Marina to boat slips

Update on Gulf Island Sailing Trip

We're spending another night in Port Sidney Harbour, which is an ocean-front suburb of Victoria on Vancouver island.  This is a "retirement community" and tourist centre with lots of restaurants, shops and waterfront parks.  Tomorrow we're off to Maple Bay, just 20 or so miles up the coast.

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pete fairhurst said...

Hi Greencrow

You do a great job of revealing the truth. Keep up the good work.

Have you ever considered the possibility that Wikileaks itself is a Limited Hangout?

There is plenty of evidence. See this from RichPlanet:

Smoke and mirrors wherever you look....

Good luck and happy sailing