"Charlottesville violence: Rabbis cancel Trump call over remarks

Donald Trump defends his Charlottesville response, but cuts out a key part

A prominent coalition of rabbis have pulled out of an annual call with the US president over his remarks about violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The four groups said Donald Trump's statements were "so lacking in moral leadership and empathy" that the traditional call to mark the Jewish holidays could not take place. They condemned Mr Trump for blaming "many sides" for the violence on 11 August, which left one woman dead.

The White House has not commented.

White supremacists, neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan were among the far-right demonstrators who took part in a torch-lit rally - shouting racist and anti-Semitic slogans - in Charlottesville.
The march had been organised to protest against the proposed removal of a statue of General Robert E Lee, who commanded the pro-slavery Confederate forces during the American Civil War.
But it descended into violence after the rally's supporters were confronted by anti-racism groups. A car driven by a man linked to white supremacists later ploughed through a crowd of counter-protesters and killed a woman, 32-year-old Heather Heyer.
In a statement, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the Rabbinical Assembly, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism denounced the president for repeatedly saying anti-racism protesters shared the blame for the violence.

"The President's words have given succor to those who advocate anti-Semitism, racism, and xenophobia," the coalition said.

"Responsibility for the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, including the death of Heather Heyer, does not lie with many sides but with one side: the Nazis, alt-right and white supremacists who brought their hate to a peaceful community. They must be roundly condemned at all levels."
Mr Trump has insisted he has done enough to condemn hate and bigotry. However, the organisation of Orthodox rabbis, the Rabbinical Council of America, did not sign the statement.

It has previously condemned "any suggestion of moral equivalency between the White Supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville and those who stood up to their repugnant messages and actions".
In recent years, the US president has spoken by phone to hundreds of rabbis to bring holiday greetings ahead of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Reports say the conversations mostly steer clear of politics.

Rabbi Steve Fox, executive director of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, told Politico that former President Barack Obama participated in each year of his administration.
The majority of Jewish-American voters opposed Mr Trump in the 2016 US election, with the exception of Orthodox Jews who have been more supportive.
Mr Trump's daughter Ivanka and her family are Orthodox Jews."


Sure, some astute (not braindead) Americans know the double game that is going on.  Here, as an example, is a recent post of Paul Craig Roberts:

"What We Learned From Charlottesville

Paul Craig Roberts

We learned, although we already knew it, that the US media has no integrity.

We learned that the liberal/progressive/left holds fast to myths that justify hate.

We learned that misrepresentation is the hallmark of American history.

We learned that some websites that we thought were brave are not.

We learned that Identity Politics has a firm hold and that the demonization of white people is now an ideology that rivals in strength the neoconservative ideology that Americans are the exceptional and indispensable people. Obviously, we cannot simultaneously be both deplorables and the best people on earth.

We learned that the liberal/progressive/left will cooperate with the military/security complex to bring down a president whose intent was to normalize relations with Russia and reduce the dangerously high tensions between the two major nuclear powers.

In brief, we learned that the US is on a firm course of both internal and external."


Here's another very good commentary from Darkmoon.me written by Andrew Joyce. Joyce, more than Roberts, gets to the nub of the strategy and identifies who's behind it and how they work.  Here are a couple of snippets from his analysis:

..."Media exaggerations aside, and despite the placement of opposing sides in close proximity, the aborted event was not the scene of catastrophic violence or city-wide disturbance. More destructive violence has been witnessed at Black Lives Matter rallies or, indeed, in any given weekend in cities like Detroit or Chicago. However, in a media masterstroke, Charlottesville became the subject of a carefully orchestrated ‘moral panic,’ which was relentlessly stoked until it was ‘hot’ enough to be tactically useful to Jewish interests, and to the achievement of Jewish goals which have hitherto proven elusive.

I have to confess to being taken aback by the skill with which this ruse was presented. I was in Europe as events unfolded in Charlottesville, but on the day of the rally I was in close contact with a number of participants. I followed proceedings via a combination of their communications, a separate live feed, and the mainstream media. A disparity between what was actually taking place, and the mainstream media narrative was almost immediately apparent. In the European mainstream media, the rally was presented exclusively as a ‘hate rally’ organized by neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan, and was very often linked to a putative ‘rise in hate’ caused by the election of Donald Trump. The steady erosion of the White racial presence in America — the broader theme of ‘Unite the Right’ — was totally absent, as was the exceptionally restrained behavior of the overwhelming majority of Identitarian attendees. The mass audience was thus primed from the beginning to perceive events in a biased manner.

. . .
On the whole, European mainstream media attention to the non-event in Charlottesville lasted an astonishing three full days, and at time of this writing some newspapers are still trying to drain a few more drops of coverage and commentary. In air-time and spilled ink it approximates coverage devoted to instances of Islamic terror and eclipses Western coverage devoted to serious terrorist incidents in the Middle East. Much of the reason for this can be found in the way Charlottesville has been packaged for mass consumption. Media narratives have been attempting to spin the banned rally as some kind of defining historical moment — a litmus test for the tolerance of contemporary society and the tattered, rotting remains of Obama’s ‘post-racial’ vision of America.

Jews have clearly been prominent in this ‘packaging’ process. Most recently, Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee announced he is introducing articles of impeachment against President Trump, citing his grievance with the latter’s response to events in Virginia. In a lengthy statement, predictably full of misrepresentations and hyperbole, Cohen said..."