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USrael reacts to Trump's G20 Appearance - The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Trump and Putin Shake Hands

Yesterday evening I did something I rarely do...I sat down to watch the evening news.  I surfed the main$tream media news channels with relish...looking for reaction to Trump's G20 performance.  CNN was catatonic.  The three resident Jewish Panelists looked stunned, as they tried to remain "professional" while spouting their cabalist nonsense.  They ended up agreeing (and why not?) that Trump "proved", by his cozying up to Putin...that he (Trump) HAD been in bed with Putin all along and that Putin HAD helped him to get elected.  This Morning, CNN pundit David Gergan is mourning the fact that the US is no longer the "World Leader".

Similarly, this morning's New York Times is editorializing the "isolation" of the United States at the G20:

From the New York Times

Once Dominant, the United States Finds Itself Isolated at G-20

Mr. Trump seemed to relish his isolation. For him, the critical moment of Friday was his long meeting with the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, which seemed to mark the reset in relations that Mr. Trump has been desiring for some time. It also provided Mr. Putin the respect and importance he has long demanded as a global partner to Washington.

Where previous American leaders saw their power as a benevolent force, and were intent on spreading prosperity through open markets and multilateral cooperation, Mr. Trump has portrayed himself as a nationalist, a unilateralist and a protectionist, eager to save American jobs.

What recent events have underscored, though — and especially at the G-20 — is that no nation is today large or powerful enough to impose rules on everyone else. In advancing his views, Mr. Trump has alienated allies and made the United States seem like its own private island.

The CBC, ever the willing parrot of USrael neocon media, fears that "Trump had sent the wrong signal" by being "chummy" with Putin.

From the CBC

Upbeat body language

Andrew Weiss, a former National Security Council official responsible for Russia, said Trump had sent the wrong signal with upbeat body language and by not pushing Putin harder on alleged Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election. "The atmospherics were chummy," said Weiss, who is now at Washington's Carnegie Endowment for International Peace think-tank in Washington. "The clear push from Trump to normalize U.S.-Russian relations was on display in the meeting." The two leaders spent a lot of time discussing Syria, and after their meeting an agreement between the U.S., Russia and Jordan on a ceasefire in southwestern Syria was announced..."

Suppose you gave a war...and nobody came...

Shocked silence and/or "damning with faint praise" was the overall reaction of the corporate, criminally complicit press to the "peace breaking out all over", "mutual admiration society" atmosphere between the two leaders. Speaking of "body language"... I have long recognized the behavioUr of the main$tream media, when faced with an unpleasant occurrence like two supposed enemies getting along....they ignore it.  Or, they downplay it, as is shown in the excerpted quotes above.

Stephen Lendman fleshes out what actually went on at the meeting between Trump and Putin as far as we know...there being only three other participants:  Lavrov, Tillerson and the translator:

Their meeting scheduled for 35 minutes exceeded two hours. Rex Tillerson called it “a pretty good exchange” of ideas. The two leaders “connected very quickly,” adding the Russians “see (things) a little different than we do.” Putin pressed Trump for evidence of alleged Russian US election hacking, stressing no meddling of any kind occurred. Trump seemed to accept his assurance. All along he’s been dubious about the accusation. Apparently the US intelligence community briefing on this issue failed to convince him. Agreeing on ceasefire in southern Syria is dubious at best. Earlier ones throughout years of conflict were observed only by Damascus, its allied ground forces and Russia. Washington and its terrorist foot soldiers flagrantly breached them every time. It’s hard being optimistic for a different outcome this time

Trump, Putin meet--and Perps Gnash Teeth

It seems that the two leaders had to dutifully spend an inordinant amount of time discussing the non-issue/distraction of the "election hacking" lie.  Putin asked Trump for "evidence" and of course Trump had none, because: 1.  There isn't any, and 2.  The liars hate evidence and feel it's not necessary anymore...the world can get along without it.

So, once they finished with the "distraction" formalities, they got down to doing what each does best and most naturally...they did a deal.  Lendman suggests above that the deal was "dubious" because of the USrael's failure to abide by several previous similar agreements.  Some bloggers also believe it was a bad deal because:  a)  it didn't involve Syria directly, and b) it would just provide an(other) opportunity for the USrael proxy jihaddists to reload their rifles.

Here is a report on the deal from RT:

After the meeting, US and Russian officials announced a ceasefire agreement in southwest Syria, set to take effect on July 9. The armistice applies to the southern Daraa, Quneitra and As-Suwayda provinces.

“In this zone, the ceasefire regime will take effect on July 9 starting 12:00 Damascus time,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said after the meeting between Trump and Putin. Lavrov and Tillerson were also involved in the discussions.

“The US took an obligation that all the militant groups located there will comply with the ceasefire,” Lavrov said.

Tillerson described the deal as the first indication of the Trump administration and Russia being able to work together in Syria..."

I think the Trump/Putin Syrian ceasefire agreement is a most delicious deal.  Why?  Because it will engender an incredible amount of tension in the warring factions back in Washington.  What to do...What to DO!  Should they (the CIA Deep State) get their proxies to break the deal and make Trump look like a fool internationally? (thus bringing the covert US civil war out into the open) ...because he can't follow through on such a publicized agreement?  OR....should they allow the peace agreement to take effect and end the chaos.  This will allow Syrian (and allied) military forces to move elsewhere in Syria to take on the invaders.  Yes, folks, it is yet another brilliant chess move by the grand chess master!
THAT is why the perps were terrified of letting Trump go into the meeting "alone", i.e., without neocon "handlers".  Please read the following snippet from a recent report by Russia Insider on what the perps actually WANTED to happen at the Putin/Trump meeting:

...when he [Trump] meets the Russian president this weekend in Germany The Daily Beast reports his own aides want the biggest anti-Russia hawk among them to be in the room—ostensibly to help with "optics", but in reality to "help nudge Trump in the right direction". Ie to make sure any prospect of Russia reset is nipped in the bud.

The hawk they want at the meeting is none other than Fiona Hill. The Putin biographer that Trump appointed to his National Security Council. Considering the content of her book on Putin (taglined: "a multidimensional portrait of the man at war with the West") the intent may even be to slight the Russian leader.

The Daily Beast:
According to two White House aides, senior Trump administration officials have pressed for Hill—the National Security Council’s senior director for Europe and Russia and the author of critical psychological biography of Putin—to be in the room during the president’s highly anticipated meeting with Putin.

If Hill is there, these officials believe, it will help the White House avoid the perception that the president is too eager to cozy up to the Kremlin. The hope is to avoid a repeat of Trump’s last meeting with top Russian officials, during which he disclosed classified intelligence to two of the country’s top diplomats—and was pictured by Russian state media looking particularly friendly with them.

"If she [Hill] wasn't there it would be pretty bad, this is the most momentous thing in her portfolio," said former Pentagon Russia policy chief Evelyn Farkas, who added that the only valid reason not to include Hill would be to make room for McMaster in a room with limited space.

A National Security Council official confirmed to The Daily Beast that Hill is already in Hamburg, awaiting the president’s Thursday arrival. Her early presence, and ongoing efforts to include Hill in the president’s meeting with Putin, signal that the administration is attempting to head off any sense that the Trump is treating the Kremlin with kid gloves during his first meeting with America’s chief geopolitical antagonist.

“We’ve clearly had an optics problem [on this issue],” one White House official said. "This would be one small corrective."

Officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on these matters. The White House press office did not respond to requests for comment on this story.

Hill, who came to the White House from the Brookings Institution, previously served as the National Intelligence Council’s top intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia. Her 2013 biography, Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin, portrayed a corrupt and Machiavellian leader attempting to balance his various public personas in an effort to hang on to power.

Putin, has turned his skills as a former KGB officer into a unique brand of kleptocratic statecraft, wrote Hill and her co-author, Brookings’ Clifford Gaddy. The Kremlin leader installed friendly officials in high-level posts with influence over key levers of the Russian economy—and ensured they remain friendly through financial inducements and more sinister, if mostly unspoken, threats.

More recently, Hill has downplayed expectations that Trump’s public praise for Putin and his criticism of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization might engender closer relations between the two countries.

But while Trump has repeatedly hailed the “strong” and “brilliant” Russian leader, Hill said she expected little change in longstanding U.S.-Russia tensions.

“I think it will come down to what it’s always been,” she told The Atlantic in November, “where the Russians will get all giddy with expectations, and then they’ll be dashed, like, five minutes into the relationship because the U.S. and Russia just have a very hard time … being on the same page.”

So, folks, Putin maneuvered Trump into the G20 meeting without someone like anti-Russian hawk, Fiona Hill perched on his shoulder (like a hawk).    Now, the United States is committed to a peaceful de-escalation of a conflict that was slated to go on in perpetuity and reduce the entire Middle East (with the exception of Israel) to rubble.  In and of itself, this unexpected turn of events would just be a minor setback.  The engines of evil would just revv up for another spate of false flags, hoaxes, atrocities, etc.  But this time--it's coupled with the implosion of several bastions of the criminally complicit press.  CNN and NYT and other big networks are going DOWN.  So all their gnashing of teeth over the Trump/Putin meeting will fall on increasingly deaf ears.

Perhaps Trump isn't such a dunderhead after all.  Remember, it was he who fired the first public salvo at the Main$tream media when he called CNN "fake news" at a press conference.  Perhaps, just perhaps, that was a strategy to kick the slats out from under the "fifth column" of the Deep State and was....the beginning of the end.


Greg Bacon said...

Fuck Fiona Hill and the rest of her shit-eating scum buddies. I'm tired of these fuckers, but there seems to be no end to this vermin scurrying out from under their rocks.

Do you think something like this would of happened if that Killer Psycho Bitch Hillary had managed to steal the WH or we would be writing about it, since we'd all be radioactive dust?

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

No. I certainly don't think there would have been a Russia/US agreement re Syria at the G20 conference had Hillarious Clintonius been anointed the Empress of USrael. Gawd knows where we would be at this point.