Friday, July 14, 2017

Assessment of the Khadr Case -- Settlement was for those "Willing to Move On"

Omar Khadr

On July 27, 2002, during the US air bombing of the home he was staying in in Afghanistan, when he was 15, Omar Khadr (above) lost the sight of one eye and some of the sight in the other.  He was temporarily blinded and severely wounded (concussed and unconscious)...yet he managed to somehow find a grenade in the rubble and toss it at an American soldier. Oh, and on 9/11.... three NYC structured steel skyscrapers (two with solid metal cores and one which had not been hit by a plane...and had only small fires) collapsed into pulverized concrete and molten steel in 6.5 second each!  It is truly an amazing world the Americans would have us believe we're living in.

I wasn't going to write another post about the Omar Khadr travesty of justice but developments over the past 48 hours have prompted me to do one more (hopefully) post on the topic.  It appears that:

Omar Khadr fights attempt by soldier's widow to freeze his assets

Judge in U.S. awarded Tabitha Speer and injured U.S. soldier $134M US in damages in 2015

A Canadian court yesterday ruled that the American soldier's widow did not have access to the funds that were awarded to Omar Khadr.  But it appears that the American vulture lawyers, smelling fresh carrion...are going to fight the case "all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada"...unless, of course they can get a piece of the award through an "out of court settlement".

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau yesterday said words to the effect that, if the Canadian government had not awarded Khadr compensation of $10 million...he would have taken the matter to the courts and the Canadian Government might have been on the hook for $40 million.  Sometimes, you just have to bow your head and shake it in disbelief.  This is what I did upon reading the previous news.  In other words, Trudeau is saying that Khadr was short-shrifted by the Canadian Government.  and le dauphin is proud of that--to the point where he's bragging about it to Canadians.

But regular readers will not be fooled by all the theatre that is going on here.  All the lawyer talk and all the wheeling and dealing over a man's reputation and effort to get his life back.  Regular readers will know that this is all a major distraction from the fundamental issue...which Canadians are not even supposed to be aware of...much less discuss.  Omar Khadr is just the latest in an ongoing string of patsies that are being used to undermine and ultimately destroy Canada.  In previous posts I have listed three other cases that involved or will involve compensation packages paid by the Canadian government to citizens who have had their fundamental rights denied.  Khadr was not a "one off" he is just the most recent patsy.

The fundamental truth is that Canada is not allowed to protect its citizens (or, more importantly, its institutions and agencies) from USrael hegemonic predation.  Because there is never an investigation into these cases, it is similar to a legal precedent  being laid down and that will survive into the future.  It becomes a systemic corruption.  There will be more patsies...It will all be like "Ground Hog Day".  Canadians will be forced to look at all repetitions as if they are the "first".  

The perps have very few tricks in their tool box.  Here is a brief summary:

1.  Divide and conquer the society over the issue

2.  Trap and blackmail the government and/or the patsy (always have a patsy)

3.  Impose a "humiliating test of loyalty" on a so-called "ally" (leads to blackmail/control)

4.   Work "by deception" controlling the public discourse/media via "anonymous" sources

5.  The truth must be stood on its head and become a lie...while the lie becomes the truth

These diabolic and Satanic principles (and a few more) are used over and over and over against the ever gullible sheeple.  If you examine 1 through 5 above, you will see how they all interconnect in the Khadr case...and in all the other cases that I have mentioned.  

The only remedy for the above travesty and ongoing corruption project is the cleansing "sunlight" of justice in an open court.  A thorough public investigation of WHO the powerful "government authorities" were behind the decisions made in the Khadr case would root them out of the government like the rats that they are.  That's why there never will be an investigation.  In fact, there will never even be a "discussion" about an investigation. That's how terrified the perps are of the "sunlight" of justice.  They would rather control and muck the entire discourse up in an unseemly  "fight" over the scraps of money awarded to Khadr (funded by the Canadian taxpayer of course).  So long as the public is distracted by that...the nest of rats holed up in the Canadian bureaucracy can flourish.

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