Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stephen Hawking....another hoax perpetrated on the gullible Sheeple

Stephen Hawking - or a reasonable facsimile

The other day a shocking article posted on the blog:  Signs Of The Times caught my eye. The headline asked the stunning question:

"Is Stephen Hawking Scientifically Illiterate?"

Regular readers will know my opinion of the entity called "Stephen Hawking".  I believe that this entity is currently another the lunar landing hoax and actually closely associated with same.  So, when this article seemed to support my long-held thesis, I eagerly read the contents.  It is a rather long article but I have copied two snippets so you can get the flavour if not the substance of the post.  Please read them and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Five days ago, Stephen Hawking - or someone who has hacked his computerized speech generator - has told us that Donald Trump is a supervillain who will transform the Earth to another Venus with temperatures at 250 °C and sulfuric acid rains.

Wow. Now, every intelligent 10-year-old kid must know why this possibility is non-existent, why the statement is nonsense. Some scientists including Roy Spencer have pointed out how absurd these Hawking's statements were from a scientific viewpoint.

But lots of the scientists who have paid lip service to the lies about the so-called global warming or climate change in the past have remained silent and confirmed that their scientific dishonesty has no limits. I despise all the climate alarmists who know that statements like that are absurd but who hide this fact because a lie like that could be helpful for their profits or political causes. You know, what these jerks and the people who tolerate these jerks' existence haven't quite appreciated is that it is only lies that may be helpful for them.

Now, there are exceptions. Zeke Hausfather, a US Berkeley climatologist, has been an alarmist but he has pointed out that he realizes that Hawking's statement is just junk


.....But the connection between Venus and Donald Trump is yet another level of Hawking's stunning stupidity. Donald Trump may be the U.S. president but he's not a dictator controlling life on Earth, not even life in the U.S. The Americans are increasing or decreasing their consumption of fossil fuels in various ways - some people grow the economy, others are unhinged green lunatics, and so on - in ways that don't depend on the identity of a guy in the White House much.

What one U.S. president may do is to change the U.S. emissions by 5% in one direction or another during his 8-year tenure. But the U.S. is just about 1/5 of the world so this would amount to the change of the world emissions by 1% during these 8 years. During these 8 years, 4 ppm per year times 8 = 32 ppm is being emitted by the mankind to the atmosphere. 1% of that, as I just explained, which Trump may affect is just 0.32 ppm. The greenhouse effect from 120 ppm that we've added since the industrial revolution could have been 0.7 °C of warming. But 0.32 ppm is 375 times less than 120 ppm so you expect 375 times less warming than 0.7 °C from that, about 0.002 °C.

A U.S. president like Donald Trump has the capacity to change the temperature of the Earth by 0.002 °C in one way or another, not by hundreds of degrees that would be needed to make Earth more similar to Venus. Can you see the difference between 0.002 °C and 200 °C? It is the same five damn orders of magnitude that I have mentioned as the ratio of CO2 in the atmospheres. Is Stephen Hawking or the hacker of his computer unable to distinguish the numbers 200 and 0.002?

I think that just a few decades ago, a scientist who would say something like that would mock himself so much that he would completely lose all credibility and become a joke that everyone laughs at. But these days, things like that are apparently normal. What you say may be arbitrarily insane, arbitrarily contradict the things that 10-year-old kids should reliably know. Nevertheless, if this plain absurd statement of yours is positively correlated with the interests of the far left movement that has hijacked an important part of the public discourse, you won't be finished. In most cases, you will even not be criticized. In some cases, you will even be reported and praised.

It's the deceitful far left intellectual contamination that is turning us into brain-dead structures similar to those on Venus, and not carbon dioxide, that needs to be removed from the face of Earth."


I'm not going to get into the topic of "global warming" in this post.  Again, readers know that I believe that Unless and Until the Western governments come clean about geo-engineering (chemtrails), bioweaponization of the weather through HAARP etc., and other Frankenstinian Black intelligent and informed conversation about extreme weather (which I agree is happening) cannot be held.  This post is about the obvious fraud that is the entity called "Stephen Hawking".  

Sure, Stephen Hawking may have lived at one point...but he had ALS which is an incurable disease that is severely debilitating and life limiting.  Promoters of the hoax say that Stephen is an anomaly of those afflicted with ALS.  They say that, in his case, the disease arrested itself after a certain point and, while wheelchair-bound and severely disabled, Stephen is still a genius in physics, has written many books and even got married (a few times) and fathered children!

I say bullocks!  Has this entity appeared in public in recent years?  The latest photos of him are substantially different from early photos of the "real" Stephen Hawking...I'm referring to structural differences in the nose and ears...that kind of thing.  So, if there is an actual human called "Stephen Hawking" at all...he is probably a substitute. But the real "tell" that this entity is not the Stephen Hawking of olde is what is coming out of his I mean computer.

Whenever he pronounces on any scientific is always exactly what the perps want us to believe...inevitably.  It is about "life on mars" and that kind of claptrap that the Deep State wants us to cling to the possibility they can keep on wrecking our only Planet with their wars and environmental destruction.  Destruction through nuclear power catastrophes like Fukushima...and pollution that they refuse to clean up (like that Texas-sized swirl of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean).  "If we will some day thrive on Mars...what is the point of confronting what we're doing here on earth?"...kind of silliness.

And now...some scientists have caught Hawking making fundamental breaches of the laws of physics!  Shades of the official story of 9/11!  Say, did the eminent Mr. Hawking ever pronounce on the physics of three structured steel buildings collapsing into their footprints in 6.5 seconds each!!!???  Perhaps that type of physics is too prosaic for Mr. Hawking.

But here he is...damning the already terminally vilified (by the neoliberal left, electorally-thwarted Democrats) Donald Trump with faulty physics.  Let's face it!  If there were no disabled genius...the perps would have to invent him, right?  I mean, WHO would be so mean, so uncouth and so downright callous as to attack the veracity of a man in a wheelchair who can only speak via a computer! I mean, Whatever comes out of his MUST be the truth.  A mute cripple cannot lie.....right?

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