Monday, July 17, 2017

Israel Rejects US, Russia Syrian Ceasefire Deal – Presents List Of Demands 

French President Emmanuel Macron, left, welcomes
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the
Elysee Palace in Paris, France, July 16, 2017.
(AP/Michel Euler)

I didn't post anything new on this blog over the weekend mainly because I wanted my previous post about the 1967 attack and attempted sinking of the USS Liberty by Israel to "sink" in with Americans.  I wanted this despicable hidden history to reach as many Americans as possible, so that they could understand who their real friends and who their real enemies are. Of course, the recent revelation that there was a Russian destroyer that came to the rescue of the USS Liberty and protected it from the Israeli attack went unreported in the Western Legacy Media.

The subservience of the Americans to Israel is really beyond belief and understanding. There seems to be nothing that can wake up the American Sheeple population from their trance...and steady march, like lemmings, towards the cliff of nuclear Armageddon that Israel is relentlessly steering them.  Just today, we have the Satanic Netanyahu "rejecting" the Russian/US/Syrian ceasefire on the diabolical premise that "Israel's demands' haven't been met.

According to the Western propaganda...Israel isn't even involved in Syria...not officially anyway.  Yes, of course they illegally occupy some Syrian land (since 1967) and regularly fly war jets and drones over Syria...and yes they do pick up and bring terrorists injured in the Syria war to Israeli hospitals to be treated for their war wounds and returned to the battle field...but that's not involvement, is it?  No...Israel is just an innocent bystander...even a "victim" TM  of all the chaos and mayhem going on in the Middle East since they set up their tiny, borderless entity on the false premises they, the Khazars, are descended from the Semitic Jews of the time of Jesus Christ.

So it hardly comes as a surprise that Israelis are not happy that peace is breaking out in Syria and that the Syrian civilian population will no longer be subjected to genocide and Syrians who have fled to Europe and elsewhere will be able to return to their homeland.  Please read the following report from Blacklisted News  and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Israel Rejects US, Russia Syrian Ceasefire Deal – Presents List Of Demands 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made clear today that he and his government opposes the ongoing ceasefire in Southern Syria, a deal negotiated between the United States and Russia, and which has continued to hold throughout the past week.

Netanyahu made the comments during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, declaring himself totally opposed to the ceasefire. Israeli officials revealed that the objections are primarily related to Iran still having forces inside Syria supporting the Assad government.

Israeli officials revealed that the objections are primarily related to Iran still having forces inside Syria supporting the Assad government.

Officials also say that during the US-Russia negotiations which led to the deal, Netanyahu presented the two sides with a “list of demands,” mostly insisting that Shi’ite forces couldn’t be allowed in southern Syria at all and that Iran could not be allowed to “consolidate” its position in Syria.

They also said Russian troops couldn’t be allowed to police the safe zones closest to the Israeli border.

Ultimately it appears that none of these demands were met, with neither the US nor Russia apparently willing to center the terms of their deal on a ceasefire in one nation’s wars on demands from another nation that insists it is not involved in that war. 
That Netanyahu felt the need to go public with his displeasure points to this being a particular sore spot, and Israeli officials say he also brought the matter up to both US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It’s not likely either side is going to revisit the deal to placate Israel, particularly since this ceasefire is holding better than most, and Israel’s objections are largely difficult to respond to, mostly centered on wanting the war to continue against the Shi’ites.
Watch Statements by Netanyahu and French President Macron in Paris:
Macron and Netanyahu give Statements
The worst case scenario (for Israel) is on the verge of becoming a reality.  Peace is going to break out and they could lose just about everything they've gained since the six day war Israel started in 1967... when they grabbed the Golan Heights from Syria, and revved up their elimination of the indigenous Palestinians from their homeland in Palestine.  The most important element they could stand to lose is the element of chaos and lawlessness that they thrive under.  With successful Peace Treaties comes the rule of international law.  Israel will no longer be able to operate in their preferred eternal night of deception and mayhem, using the tools of violence and the "law of the jungle".

Israel can no longer, for some mysterious reason, count on being able to blackmail its US vassals behind the scenes...which is why Netanyahu was forced to make a public statement as discussed in the above report.  I would submit that the reason behind the scenes blackmail no longer works for Israel is that the factions of the US covert Civil War who oppose the Middle East Shenanigans have, at least temporarily, won the US internal civil war...thus allowing Trump, for the moment at least, to make a successful Peace Arrangement with Russia.  If this trend continues, Syria will wrap up the war against the proxy terrorists and look towards reclaiming the Golan Heights.  The wet Yinon Dream of "Nile to the Euphrates" will be dead and Israel will have to finally declare its borders...sans the water of Lebanon's Litani River that it covets.  Israel will slowly die of thirst and thwarted hegemonic psychosis (yes, many an insane entity has perished once it's grandiose, hubristic delusions crash onto the rocks of reality)...Could this be the end of "the dream"?

Unless...unless.....just one more false flag...could this one work?  Should we try it?


Anonymous said...

Hi awesome report, but do you really think that would happen? They won't give up that easy.

mike m said...

Sometimes circumstances can change in a flash.