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Gay Pride Parades Have Sucked the Life out of  Public "Activist" Demonstrations

Gay Pride Parades Have Sucked the Life out of 
Public "Activist" Demonstrations

I haven't been to a public demonstration for a few years.  The last time I went downtown to join in a public demonstration was against Chemtrails a few years ago.  I reported on the experience here.  Our Chemtrail Demonstration, I discovered, was systematically trivialized by having to share parade space with the marijuana demonstration (a heavy smell of cannabis hung in the air) and the "Bare Breast" activists...who, of course, with their "mock shock" antics...drew all the attention as they cavorted through the crowd.

Canada Day 2017 which is also the 150 anniversary of the Confederation of Canada into a nation (or a "Dominion" as it was called back then and even during my youth) will also be an occasion for the public to get together.  And the Perps have it down to a science to trivialize the occasion by watering it down and bleeding it of all political resonance.

That is what Gay Pride Parades are designed to do.  And it is no coincidence that they're held at the same time as National Holidays.  Gay Pride is the politicizing of sexuality.  Healthy, normal sexuality is, after all, the kernel at the heart of the family.  The Family and "tribe" has become one of the enemies of the Deep State.  "Divide and Conquer" of a society starts with the family and that is also why the Deep State is all about pedophilia and perversion.

Let's be clear, I am not against homosexuality...just against politicizing it at the expense of the family.  I have also concluded that open transgenderism is an attack on women.  When you think about it...If a woman decides to be a man...(s)he ends up being a weaker (physical) specimen of a man.  But if a man decides to become a a lot of sham athletes have proved, due to muscle mass, (s)he becomes a "super" woman, physically "stronger" than the average woman.  This eclipsing of women by male "superwomen" is, IMO, the beginning of the end for women.  When "scientific transhumanism" has perfected the transgenderfication of human males into females...complete with ability to become pregnant and give birth...WHO will then want to be "just" a woman?  Ordinary normal women will become to humanity like a third leg on a biped.

But, I digress...back to Gay Pride Parades "sucking the life" out of Public Demonstrations.  Society has only so much patience for parades.  Here in Vancouver (and I'm sure it's the same everywhere) parades tie up traffic downtown for an entire day.  Residents can't get in or out.  The city is under enormous stress from the crowds and the garbage and the noise.

When a City absorbs the cost and inconvenience of a parade, let's say a huge Gay Pride Parade...that's usually IT for parades.  Plus, many folks are turned off by the grossness of the costumes and the blatant public sexual behavior of the "get a room" variety...parading down the street.... and shown later on the TV Newz.  The idea of another (any kind)  parade is a total turn off.  The public has "gotten parade out of its system" so to speak.  And that's the goal.  Get the public either satiated and/or turned off by the concept of parades...whether they be Gay Pride, anti-war, environmental, social justice or whatever.

And it is even deeper than that.  By having the marchers look trivial and/or ridiculous in the main$tream media...the entire strategy of public activism in the form of a parade is minimized, ridiculed and annoying.  Parades are then identified in the publics' mind with flags, balloons, marching bands, and....all kinds of clowns.

Justin Trudeau flanked by his two kids marches
in the July 25th, 2017 Toronto Gay Pride Parade

With that in mind, I wish all my fellow Canadians a Happy Canada Day.  Get out into the summer sun and enjoy the festivities.  In spite of all efforts to destroy the "dream" of Canada that are assaulting it from within and without...we still have the "land" (so far).  And the beauty and power of the land is still awesome to behold!


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I know you don't read books (his "The First American Revolution" tells the tale "of staves and musick") so this is the best I could do on quick notice. Tem minutes.

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Hi Ed:

Watched the video. Are you suggesting Canada have a "tea party"? Who would we revolt against? We're "owned" by the same PTB as your country.


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