Tuesday, July 4, 2017

G20 Meeting - The "A" List, the "B" List and the "C" list (Canada)

Irish PM, Trudeau and Queen
The "C" list

The headlines this week are all about the upcoming G20 meeting.  This is the annual meeting where the top 20 Gross Domestic Product countries meet to greet and swap.  Whatever happened to the G7 or was it G8 meetings?  Remember those?  They were an even higher level inner circle of the richest countries.  A few years ago, they stupidly kicked out Russia. Now I guess they have nothing to meet about (all being owned by the same perps) and so there's no point in meeting.  Just a guess.

But still, there is a hierarchy within the G20 and it has been interesting over the past couple of weeks to see the attendees jockeying for position within this pecking order.  The "A" list includes the US, Russia, China, Germany and the UK.  Also France and Japan.  All the Internet pundits are draining the inkwells prognosticating on whether Putin and Trump will meet and what, if anything, they will accomplish.  My two cents worth is that the entire G20 meeting will be upended by (yet another) false flag event.  This is because the perps absolutely cannot allow Putin and Trump as individuals to make any headway.  The perps need to retain control by way of their main tool...chaos.  So look for a big crisis (could be a US attack on Syria for using sarin gas or it could be a "unrelated", "natural" disaster of some kind) to distract and destroy any G20 accomplishments.

The "B" list players will hardly get any notice.  India, Pakistan and other high population countries always punch below their weight at these meetings.  However, because there's no pressure and/or expectations...they probably get more accomplished...as do the "A" list countries when meeting with the "B" list countries.  This is why these meetings are still useful...definitely not because they give the "A" list countries an opportunity to impotently swagger and puff out their chests.

Canada is in The "C" list.  So far below the radar that its attendance is barely worth recording.  Why is Canada, one of the richest and largest countries in the world, firmly in the "C" list?  Because it put itself there, that's why.  It picked up the bar of soap while having a shower with its next door neighbor years ago...and has been USrael's "wife" aka vassal ever since.

One way you can tell who's on what list is to follow the route the leaders are taking to the G20 meeting in Germany...and who they meet with along the way.  The Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, as an example, is coming by way of Moscow where he is having yet another (highly productive) meeting with Putin.  Trump, OTOH, is travelling by way of Poland.  Not exactly an "A" list country, but surely one that will chant his name appreciatively.

At the other, far end of the scale, we have Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau travelling by way of Ireland (a logical plane stop) where he's meeting the new Irish Prime Minister.

According to the CBC...they will have a lot of important [yawn] issues to discuss:

"Ireland in a lot of ways will be collateral damage of Brexit, because Ireland is a liberal country, it's close to the U.K., but it'll remain in the EU, so there's the major challenge of dealing with the border," said Frédéric Mérand, political science professor at Université de Montréal.

And he said there could be a role for Trudeau, should he wish to take it on.
Dublin, Brussels, London may need honest broker

"He can play the role of an honest broker at a time when there is a growing mistrust between London and Brussels, but also between Dublin and Northern Ireland," suggested Mérand.

On Wednesday, Trudeau will travel to Edinburgh for a private audience with Queen Elizabeth at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The meeting follows last week's visit to Canada by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall and will be Trudeau's second meeting with the Queen as prime minister.
Ireland set to have 1st openly gay prime minister
Queen says it's 'extraordinary' to meet 2nd Prime Minister Trudeau

"With this year marking the 150th anniversary of Confederation, I look forward to thanking her personally for her dedication to our country, and for carrying out her duties with such grace and strength," Trudeau said in a statement..." [Yawn]

Trudeau in a position of "honest broker"?  It is to laugh.  Trudeau/Canada threw that putative role away years ago when it picked up the bar of soap....and solidified it when it chose a side in the Ukraine civil war.  Besides, Trudeau does not have the focus/negotiating ability to carry any dispute through to agreement.  Remember when things got heated in Parliament last year?  He got out of his seat, marched over to a group of opposition members and strong armed one of them out of the circle....some negotiating skills!!!

One could laugh in a cynical way, and satirize Canada's international status...but it really is sad...partially because most Canadians aren't even aware of how far their country has fallen.  The fact that Trudeau is also meeting The Queen is also a sign of it's "C" list status.  Say what you want about the Queen...but, due to extreme age, she is no longer a mover and a shaker, if she ever was.

Trudeau most likely isn't even on the list of 20 leaders that Putin has on his agenda to meet with.  Trudeau was ordered by his perp handlers to publicly "diss" the Russian President as a "Humiliating Sign of Loyalty" TM, shortly after he took office.  That served to "immunize" him from having any meaningful relationship with the leader of our most northern neighbor...and the most powerful man in the world.

This Russia/Canada standoff is one of the worst political/economic decisions in Canadian history.  Canada could be, at this very moment, partners in the largest economic project on the planet today--the "New Silk Road" from the UK, across Europe, across Russia/Siberia down through China, across the Bering Strait and through Northern North America down to New York.

Russia's Proposed Super Highway

This is the project of this century--and could bring untold riches and prosperity to northern Canada, including the indigenous people living in the North.  BUT NOOOOOOO!  Canada has to kowtow to the US (or, rather, the perp occupiers of USrael).  Canada wasn't even allowed to attend a big forum on developing the north that was held in Russia for stakeholders a few years ago.   Canada's economic prosperity and future is being sacrificed to the "Keep Russia Down!" Ziofascist agenda.  If Trudeau were ever to change course and reach out to Russia...he would be gone in a heartbeat...literally.

So, in summary...I am predicting that another False Flag will upend the upcoming G20 meeting.  It will be of the 24/7 Newz coverage variety.  Such a horrific crisis (possibly even a "natural" disaster) that the sheeple won't even think about what's going on at the G20 meeting.  Regardless, should Putin and Trump meet...the expectations are now so low for Trump that if he just stays sitting in his chair...and focused on talking with the Russian President, it will be considered a success.  BUT, if his mind wanders off and he pulls out his IPhone and starts "tweeting"....that will be a bad thing.  Like I say, expectations are low.

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