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CawRANT Events #51

CawRANT Events #51

Good Afternoon Everybody! 
It is a beautiful, sunny day on the West Coast and I'm getting ready for our annual sailing vacation.  Hopefully this weather will hold for the next two weeks.  But, before I leave I'm going to do a bit more blogging and begin this CawRANT with a few housekeeping matters.  When I'm away I may have some time to do some long needed tasks on this blog.

First, I'm going to clean up my "favourites" blogroll and eliminate those blogs where the blogmaster cannot resist the urge to post overly large photos...that end up taking up most of the blogroll. From now on, if one of my favourites fellow blogger publishes two or more posts with huge photos...I'm going to delete him or her from the blogroll.

Another task I hope to get around to is going back through my photos from our Vietnam Vacation last March.  Shortly after my return, I promised readers I would make another special page out of the Vietnam photos.  Well, one of my faithful readers reminded me of that promise not too long hopefully, the spirit will move me in the quieter surrounds of some sheltered Gulf Island Cove....or not.  Now, on to my CawRANT!

Coup coming in the USA?

Paul Craig Roberts has been posting some very important material on his blog lately.  I just saw today where, like a lot of us, he's wondering about those constant rumours of a coup to oust Trump from the Presidency are actually being hatched in the bowels of the Deep State.  All I can say is...if the coupmeisters are preparing such an event...they'd better prepare for a overt Civil War in the US, instead of the covert one that has been raging for years now.  Americans have to be the most patient and forebearing people on put up with the Sh!t that is being thrown at them day after day, week after week from the Main Stream [Legacy] Media.  As PCR says has been a "reign of propaganda".

Lunar Hoax Newz

The old saying "Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave...When First We Practice To Deceive" is never more true than when its referring to the Lunar Landing Hoaxes of the Late 60's and early 70's.  Here the Western Oligarch, Elon Musk, is basically calling out NASA as a liar by saying that it is impossible to use reverse propulsion rockets in space. Duh!  This confirms that the moon landings were faked...because they used [sic] reverse propulsion rockets to land on the lunar surface.  I have always said that if reverse propulsion rockets had been used...the fine dust that would have been stirred up on the landing site would never have settled (due to the weak gravitational pull) and it would have been impossible to see anything...much less take all the photographs.

Catholic Church News

One of these day's I'm going to do a post entirely about the Catholic Church.  I can feel it coming on...somewhat like a bad cold.  Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said something interesting the other day.  He blamed the Catholic Church for giving Russia such a bad rewriting history...e.g., by nicknaming one of the Czars "Ivan the Terrible"...just because he didn't do the Churches bidding by joining the Eastern Orthodox with the Roman Catholic Church.  Makes sense to me.  The West has always been vilifying foreign powers who don't kowtow to them....Saddam Hussein and Muammar Khadafy being just two recent examples.  But the Catholic Church is suffering from a real crisis these it has been entirely stripped of its relevance.  When it does speak out about human rights or social issues...the words come so late in the day that they smack of hypocrisy.  The other day Pope Francis told Israel to lighten up on the this latest horrific episode where the Israelis shut down a Palestinian Mosque and are now inflicting violence on any Palestinians who venture near it.  Pope Francis' timid "Tut, tut, tut, now boys".  Makes me sick to my stomach.

US Military Bases in Syria

Nobody was surprised to read over the weekend that Turkey has accused the US of having at least 10 permanent military bases in northern Syria.  C'mon folks, they have to have somewhere to land their jet cargo planes full of weaponry and supplies for their Kurd proxies!  Then the US general had the gall to condemn Russia for having bases (by permission) in Syria.  And nobody believes the news report also this past weekend that the US is not going to train and equip any more jihadi proxies to fight in Syria.

A juicy tidbit related to these jihadi proxies was put out by WikiLeaks Julian Assange.  He saw the nugget hidden between the lines--that the Syrian Rebels are actually being paid by the CIA!  Can you imagine?!  The terrorists getting their monthly paycheque with the insignia of the CIA/US government on it?  Now, extrapolating from does the Secretary of the Treasury of the US get around that big item on the CIA budget: "Payroll Charges for Middle East Terrorists"?  Reminds me of that much smaller nugget of information I read years ago that alleged President Kennedy assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was a paid asset of the CIA...and his payroll stubs were/are still in his file!

Turkey is playing a "double game"

But back to the original tip from Turkey about the 10 American bases in Syria.  This is a very risky business on Turkey's part to let this Deep State Secret out.  Turkey has been feeling betrayed by the US ever since the failed coup attempt on Erdogan last year.  But most importantly and implacably, Turkey will NEVER accept an independent Kurdish homeland on their southern border.  As the days of the Syrian adventure dwindle down to a precious few...this immutable fact will have to be faced by the West.  I don't know how the West thought they were going to get around it...and I don't know why Turkey never spoke up earlier...or why it went along with the original NATO gambit in Syria...but here we are.. finally at the moment of truth.

And I read just today that Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki is saying that he doesn't want permanent US bases in Iraq and wants to pivot towards Russia.  Americans have been kept from the important information that, before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Saddam enjoyed a very close relationship with both Russia and China.  There were billions of dollars of agreements signed between the three countries to develop the oil infrastructure, which all went up in the smoke of the illegal war crime of the Iraq invasion.

The First War in the Era of the Internet - a personal memory

This is an interesting story from my personal recollections of the early days of the Internet and the Iraq Invasion.  I was thinking about it the other day.  During the first weeks of the US invasion of Iraq, I was on the Internet day and night, seeking out information about the it was going.  Mostly I was getting links off the NYT Afghanistan forum...where I was posting under the name of greencrow...I had two other Forum posting friends, redomercrow...who was male I believe and posted from one of the New England States. The other friend was yellowcrow who presented as a First Nations old man and posted from Oregon.  We only found out after a few years that yellowcrow was actually a young woman...hmmmm.... she was a very convincing old man.  Anyhoooo...the three of us, and many others, would post any links on the NYT Afghanistan forum that we came across on the Internet that would give us the inside skinny on what was going on in Iraq.

One time, late at night, someone anonymously posted a link to a Russian aerospace blog.  This was in Russian but you could translate it into English.  It was a very simple blog...much simpler than this one even.  It just had short entries with photos and details about different kinds of planes and aviation information. But there, down at the bottom, for some reason, there was a running commentary that was written by someone who said he was posting from the Russian Embassy in Iraq.  He said that the Embassy was surrounded by Americans and they had called for the Russians to come out "with their hands up'?  kind of thing.  Don't know what the exact words were....but it was definitely some kind of showdown between the Rooskies and Yanks in Baghdad.  I knew from going to the M$M that this was actually going on.... in real time...the Yanks and Russians WERE having some kind of a showdown in Baghdad.  I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

I followed the dialogue for hours and it was riveting...according to what the commenter was saying, the Russian Embassy workers all came out and got into vehicles and were escorted down the main streets by the Americans...who had their rifles drawn...and the Russians were allowed to escape the city.  I gave credit then and still do now to the Russians for their ability to remain cool...under such pressure and humiliation.  Well...guess what folks....THEY'RE COMING BACK!  lol.

Education is the Key

What a country can get when it doesn't dumb it's educational system down.

Russian SU-35

That's for this CawRANT, folks...enjoy your summer and bye for now.

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