Sunday, July 2, 2017

UPDATED: Israeli-supported terrorists planning new Chemical Attack to blame on Syria

UPDATED:  July 2, 2017 RT is reporting that the False Flag attack by the perps against Syria will be " massive and include “many fakes.”  Also...[a recently published] OPCW report therefore “comes up with a fabricated and contrived narrative that has no credibility and cannot be accepted in any manner, because it is removed from logic and is concocted by a twisted imagination that only thinks about weaving conspiracies,” the Syrian Foreign Ministry’s Saturday statement said, as cited by Syria’s state SANA news agency.  Russian OPCW representative Alexander Shulgin has said the report is based on “questionable evidence.” “The conclusions of this report are based on questionable data provided primarily by all kinds of the Syrian armed opposition groups and NGOs, including the infamous White Helmets,” he told RT.

Syrian Flag with Crest

"Al Nusra Front to Carry Out False Flag Attack by Using Sarin Gas, With the Help From US and Turkey" - Moscow

With the G20 meeting between Putin and Trump coming up next can bet the perps are planning a staged atrocity to propel both leaders towards war and/or estrangement of the two countries Russia and USrael.  Authorities in Moscow are reporting that they have discovered a plot with the same old, same old, sarin gas scenario.  After all...if it doesn't work the first, OR second time...then Third time's the charm...Right?!

The report delicately dances around who is really behind the caper.  It says that "American and Turkish individuals are behind it.  Right.  Surrrrreeeee they are.  The entire world now knows that "Al Nusra" is directly supported and is controlled by the Mossad.  We learned that last year when an ex-Mossad chief told us during an interview.  We know that Israel is committed to picking up the injured Al Nusra terrorists off the Syrian battlefields...patching them up in Israeli hospitals and then sending them back out onto the battlefields again...paying them around $5,000 (for a leader) per month to do the proxy dirty work.  Please read the report below and I will have more thoughts and conclusions in comments to follow:

July 2nd, 2017 - Fort Russ News -
- SANA -  - translated by Samer Hussein

Russian military and diplomatic sources have warned that terrorists of Al Nusra Front/Tahrir Al Sham are preparing a new false flag operation by using sarin gas, somewhere in the countryside of the northwestern Syrian province of Idleb.
“Based on the information available, terrorists of Al Nusra Front are preparing themselves for a provocative act by using Sarin gas,” Sputnik News Agency quoted one of the sources, adding that preparations for the act itself are being made in one of the buildings in the town of Maghara in Idleb countryside, where terrorists also stock their prohibited chemicals.

Aside from terrorists, several people, known to be Turkish and American citizens, are reportedly being involved as well.
It is expected that provocation itself will be made in the same fashion as that in Khan Sheikhoun, with the main purpose being complete defamation of the Syrian government, in addition to making Astana meetings on settlement of the Syrian crisis a complete failure. 

It would be shocking indeed if the anti-human Satanic Ziofascist perps were to let a big human event like the G20 meeting go forward without a manipulatory event like a staged atrocity.  Humans are not allowed to meet and (as they are genetically inclined to do) make agreements and peaceful  arrangements to further their species.  The Satanic species does not want the human species to survive.  That's why, unless the truth community spreads news about this noxious plan far and wide...and thus makes it too risky to covertly accomplish....the Satanic perps will definitely follow through with yet another sarin gas attack in Syria--to blame on Assad perhaps start a war and/or at the very least destroy any détente between Putin and Trump.  

Spread the rumour far and wide, folks.  The Truth is our only weapon against the Satanists!


Greg Bacon said...

Yes, they serve their Satanic master well. Nikki Haley is probably going orgasmic at the thought of blowing to bits more Syrians and the Shadow President, Kushner, will make a special black sabbath offering.

greencrow said...

Nikki Haley, IMO, is prima facie evidence that USrael wants to get rid of the United Nations.