Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A small piece of the MH370/MH17 Jigsaw Puzzle?

Malaysian Air Force Flies Russian Jet
at Singapore Airshow in 2016

As discussed briefly in my previous post, CawRANT Events #51, I discovered early on in my geopolitical blogging career that the "thin edge of the wedge" in global geopolitical events is aeronautics.  This field crosses all boundaries of power....military...corporate...financial and political.  As I said yesterday, it was on an early Internet aviation blog (Russian) that I followed in real time the crisis unfolding in Baghdad during the illegal American invasion where the two countries faced each other down in the streets of Baghdad.  Russia, thankfully, backed down and most of the world didn't even know how close we came to WWIII...the American media pretending the entire gambit was a "cakewalk".

So I have always maintained a high respect for what is going on in the field of aviation.  Military jets are the "prow of the battleship" as it were...and you know how ancient Viking warriors designed terrifying prows for their battleships:

Ancient Viking Prow Snakes Head

So, I was quite intrigued last evening when viewing some videos of Russian built SU-35s jets doing some magnificent airshow 'loop de loops'--to note that the Malaysian Air Force has a fleet of the Russian "State of the Art" aircraft.  I googled a bit deeper to find out more and discovered this link. Please read the following article from "Sputnik News" that was written in 2011 and I will have more thoughts and comments to follow:

Malaysia plans to buy 18 Russian fighter jets

Military & Intelligence
02:16 15.11.2011 0 75 0 0

The Malaysian defense ministry plans to buy 18 Russian Su-30MKM fighters fit to carry Russian-Indian BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles, the Izvestia daily said on Tuesday.
The Malaysian defense ministry plans to buy 18 Russian Su-30MKM fighters fit to carry Russian-Indian BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles, the Izvestia daily said on Tuesday.

The paper said, citing military sources, that Malaysian Defense Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi plans on Tuesday to visit the Irkut aviation plant, producing Su-30MKI fighters for India. According to Izvestia, one such aircraft would cost Malaysia about $50 million, future maintenance included.

During the visit, the minister "may sign a contract to buy 18 Su-30MKM multirole fighters," the paper said.  The defense minister also plans to discuss installing new missiles, including BrahMos, on the 18 Su-30MKM fighters that Malaysia received in August 2009 under the $900-million contract signed in 2003.

Malaysia's mixed fighter fleet also includes Russian MiG-29N Fulcrum and the U.S.-made F/A-18D Hornet and F-5 Tiger in service.

The Su-30MKM is a multi-role Flanker version based on the Su-30MKI model and features a customized avionics package built to Malaysian specifications. Su-family fighters constitute the bulk of Russia's arms exports."

Well, well, well.  Malaysia dropped its dependence on the US made F/A Hornet and F-5 Tiger in service and went out and spent $900 million on Russian fighter jets.  Then, in 2011 it signed a contract for more Russian Jets.

Then, coincidentally, in 2014 Malaysia suffered two as yet unsolved aviation disasters:

MH370 March 8, 2014

MH17  July 17, 2014

Move along folks...nothing to see here.  What was it that Putin said after the St. Petersburg train bombing?  Oh yes, now I remember....He told his security people that, in their investigation of the False Flag. they should keep in mind that the CIA is responsible for 95% of all False Flags done in the world.


Reading between the lines said...

Some dots I had never connected .Thank you for this topic of your blog.There is no proof but for those of us that know more than we should , no longer sheeple,we know damn well that the downing of the 2 Malaysian aircrafts is more than coincidence.

greencrow said...

Hi Reading between the lines:

Thanks for your comment. The agenda of the MH370/MH17 aviation catastrophes was multi-faceted...and you could say the brainchild of a very evil genius. At the heart of it, I believe, was the destruction of the emerging Russian power as the world leader in aviation. The sanctions that emerged out of the MH17 shoot-down...that have been persistently blamed on Russia without a speck of evidence...are targeted at preventing countries, like Malaysia, BUT PARTICULARLY EUROPEAN COUNTRIES from purchasing Russian SU-35s and the like...top of the line military hardware. THIS WAS THE POINT OF THE EXERCISE which is self-evident to anyone aware of the dynamics of the world aviation market. Anyone who works back through the evidence from this "qui bono?" will inexorably arrive at who the culprits are.

SingingSam said...

You're right, aviation intersects with everything.

Malaysia's mixed fighter fleet points to a mixed up government. They fancy themselves as neutral players when in fact there is no such thing. If you are a government then you have an on-your-knees relationship with the US or you are an object of US aggression. It's that simple.

Notwithstanding the Russian fighters, Malaysia has gone to the dark side. There's not much doubt about it.
Exhibit A: Malaysia handed over the MH17 black boxes instead of putting them in a diplomatic pouch and taking them home to be examined there. After MH370 the Malaysian government knew perfectly well what would happen.
Exhibit B: Malaysia's government did not allow family members of the victims to open the coffins.
Exhibit C: Malaysia lobbied long and hard to get a seat on the secretive JIT.
Exhibit D: Malaysia sponsored the UNSC resolution that would have set up a tribunal.
Exhibit E: Malaysia has made no attempt to take physical possession of the MH17 debris which is unquestionably Malaysian property.
Exhibit F: Malaysia officially supports the conclusions of the DSB and JIT notwithstanding numerous serious problems with the so-called evidence.
Exhibit G: Malaysia was a party to the now-defunct Trans Pacific Partnership.
Exhibit H: Malaysia is not "in play" for regime change. Sure, bad things have happened to keep Malaysia in the fold. But there is no color revolution in the making. No character assassination of Malaysian government leaders in the media. No references in the media to the government of Malaysia being a "regime". No deep pocketed funding of Malaysian opposition parties. No economic sanctions.

Malaysia has sold out. The Kuala Lampur War Crimes Commission is closed and padlocked. Even so, I haven't seen evidence that there are quick learners in Malaysia's government. If they continue to buy weapons from Russia I won't be completely surprised. I'll just wait for more made-in-the-USA lightning to strike them.

greencrow said...

Hi Singing Sam

You have made some good points supporting the thesis that Malaysia is trying to walk both sides of the street at the same time. Also worth of note is there have been no more "coincidental bad things" happening to Malaysia.