Thursday, June 22, 2017

Walking Stick - My Latest Wood Carving

Carved "Viking Prow" Walking Stick
by Greencrow

Hi is a video showing the latest carving by Greencrow.  It's a walking stick I plan to use to walk to the top of a local mountain along a popular trail called the "Coquitlam Crunch".  I hope I don't scare the other hikers with this menacing stick!  The top with the Viking design is carved from basswood. I got the design off the Internet.  It's the prow of an ancient Viking Ship.  The bottom (staff) is an old broom handle that I whittled into shape.  I epoxy glued a piece of copper piping at the bottom.  I also put a band made from a thin sheet of copper foil around the base of the head.

The walking stick is about 3 3/4 feet.  The top is 11 inches tall and 3 1/3 inches at the widest part.  I stained it with a mixture of paint thinner and oil paint and then put 2 coats of satin veneer on it.  The eyes are green glass beads glued into the wooden sockets

I am going to add this to my collection of Arts and Crafts on my Special Page that you can access through the link at the top of the main page. Enjoy!

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