Thursday, June 29, 2017

US false flag threats against Syria designed to prevent Trump/Putin meeting?

Assad, his wife and children visit home of wounded
Syrian Arab Army soldier in Hama last weekend

"....and, as a result of the US "warning" to Syria...Assad didn't hang 20,000 babies in the Damascus Town Square either!"
"Mad Dog" Mattis
US Defense Secretary

Well, crisis averted!  Apparently the Syrian leader, President Bashar al Assad took heed of the warning issued by the White House...not to attack his own he was/is on the cusp of winning the Syrian war.

Here is the relevant quote from RT:

....On Wednesday, the US suggested that the Syrian leadership had promptly changed its mind about an alleged attack. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, as cited by Reuters, said: “it appears that they [Syria’s authorities] took the warning seriously. They didn’t do it.”...

But, as everyone in the world now knows, the perps will not give up on their diabolical WWIII agenda as they have "all the time in the world" to complete it.  Here Iran's PressTV quotes the Syrian Foreign Ministry as saying that the latest US scare mongering provocation was just a "ploy" to prepare the sheeple in the US for more aggression:

Syria's Foreign Ministry says “baseless” claims that Damascus may be preparing for a chemical weapons attack are a US ploy to justify another aggression against the Arab country. In a statement carried by Syria’s official SANA news agency, a Foreign Ministry source said Washington's allegations were not only “misleading” but also "devoid of any truth and not based on any facts."

The objective of the US accusations was to "justify a new aggression on Syria under ill-founded pretexts, similar to what happened in Shayrat Airport, and to cover the US-led international illegal coalition’s strikes,” the source added..."

Now, WHY would USrael NEED to provoke and maintain a climate of extreme crisis?  It could be something so mundane and preventing two people from meeting...according to The Duran:

There is every possibility that whoever the real author of the newly aggressive statements against Syria is, it is a person or group of people who is/are wiling to risk possible military retribution from Russia in order to derail Trump and Putin from meeting one another in a meaningful let alone positive context.
Would the United States really be willing to risk such a conflict to prevent Trump from having a positive bilateral meeting with the head of state of a fellow superpower? This is after all a country in which Bill Clinton launched an illegal war on Yugoslavia in order to get Monica Lewinsky out of the headlines. Anything is possible in the craven new America.

This explanation makes perfect sense to me.  There is nothing more cringeworthy to the NeoCon than having to maintain a civilized demeanor with an enemy.  It is part of their modus operendi to deny the existence of a targeted enemy, much less meet them in a social or diplomatic setting.  In the short term, the enemy MUST at all costs...remain "non persons"....stripped of humanity....all the better to destroy!

But, Wayne Madsen gives a more long term rationale for recent White House irrationality.  He says in his column this morning that there is a new, more virulent strain of the same old, same old neocon virus infecting Trump's White House staff.  He alleges that some neo-nazis are included in this latest bunch (reminds me of Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Foreign Minister).  Below is a snippet from his column and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

"...The neocon cell has additional plans to those involving a sustained U.S. military attack against Syrian military targets. They are seeking the expansion of the U.S. campaign to include Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and even Russian forces inside Syria. That will be followed by U.S. attacks on Hezbollah forces south of the Litani River in southern Lebanon, a cause that has been endorsed by UN ambassador Haley. They also back a currently covert plan by Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies in the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to impose a naval and air blockade of Qatar until that nation cuts off all ties with Iran and the U.S. joining the Saudi-led military campaign against pro-Iran Houthi forces in northern Yemen. Their biggest goal is to get the U.S. involved in "regime change" in Iran.

Cohen-Watnick [head of the White House neocon cell] is known to want to send in CIA agents deep into Iran on sabotage and insurrection missions to enable a revolt against the Iranian government. This is also a goal of the governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

None of these goals are shared by the State Department, which is being pared down by the attrition of its senior diplomats, and the Defense Department, where Mattis is faced with an emerging Pentagon neocon cell, which takes its cues from the American Enterprise Institute, and is working in lockstep with the White House's NSC cell.

In Summary, the same old Ziofascist psychopaths who have been running the White House since at least Dubya, and likely before that, are once again firmly embedded in the neophyte Trump administration.  However they seem to have gone off their meds and are wildly entering a full "florid" phase of their desperate "last" effort to get their agenda off the mat...where it has been drop-kicked by Russia, and its allies.

Meanwhile, high in the White House attic, where he has been sequestered...."President" Donald Trump, armed with his trusty IPhone...continues to fight his own battles on "Twitter".

Donald J. Trump

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