Friday, June 30, 2017

John Pilger's The Invisable Government - "Journalism - Normalizing the Unthinkable"

John Pilger's The Invisible Government
Most Important Documentary

Some days it's more frustrating than others when you're a "Truth Blogger".  Google has been playing around big time with blog stats and has for months.  Other bloggers have noticed it too.  Paul Craig Roberts recently reported that his stats have changed dramatically in  the past few months.  We know that the PTB have seven ways to Sunday to confuse and/or discourage us.  

That is why a documentary by noted Truther and Independent Journalist John Pilger is like a "shot in the arm" on days like today.  In the above must-watch video, John describes how the Corporate Media, a monopoly held by as few as five international actually a secret (or not so secret) arm of Deep State fascism.  Journalistic fascism has been behind all the recent wars of the past 50 years.  John Pilger expressly mentions the New York Times editor Judith Miller's pivotal role in the Iraq Invasion.

"The real truth is always subversive."...says Pilger, when talking about the courageous few opponents to the main$tream media propaganda.  That sentence rang true with me, and will be the gasoline that this blog engine will run on ...until the next reaffirmation of the value to humanity of little blogs like mine.

I don't owe anybody anything.  I'm not trying to make a buck.  I don't have a job to worry about losing over my so-called "extreme views".  All I have is the experience of 70 years of living on this planet to draw upon.  I have lived through war and "peace"...I have seen leaders come and go.  I was actually around when the brief comets of Martin Luther King and John F Kennedy streaked across the political skies.  I know how they compare with a leader like Putin...the three are so far above anyone else that has come or gone during my lifetime that there is no comparison, except with each other.  In the late 1990's and early 2000's,  I saw the Iraq lies building towards war long before the invasion.  I know how hard I and other truthers fought on the New York Times comments forums to prevent it.  When it happened anyway, that was a real eye opener and taught me how powerful evil was. I started to believe in the devil again...which then led me back to believing in God.  9/11 shattered my world view.  It galvanized me to turn my hatred and rage at the PTB into the only weapon that I could grab and take onto the virtual battlefield...dissident writing.

So as long as I have these simple but precious tools--ten fingers that can type like the wind; a creative mind that can connect dots lying far out and thousands of miles apart on the geopolitical horizon; a crow-like ability to view events from a perspective high above and on a broad scale, and then hone in on them directly "As the Crow Flies"--then I will continue to contribute this small drop of analysis into the huge Internet ocean of political discussion.  And I will also encourage my blogging colleagues to do the same.  Whether we have audiences in the hundreds or thousands...we are all powerful, because as Pilger says:  "Real information is the most powerful information of all."


Anonymous said...

Right on Greencrow, keep up your phenomenal work. Your appreciated very much, as are your colleagues, thank you and others.

greencrow said...

Hi Rachel:

Thanks. And as I always say...I write expressly for readers like YOU!