Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Environmental War on Russia--New Proof of Weather Weaponization? Plus, Putin "Stones" the West

 “Warmer in Siberia than in Death Valley just doesn't sound reasonable.”
Seemorerocks has an interesting post about a spate of extreme heat over Russia's Siberian East.  Now I know where our Spring and early Summer weather went.  Some folks say that the weaponization of weather by way of HAARP, chemtrail and other technologies is a "conspiracy theory".  I say that if it is technically feasible to do something evil...you can bet your last dollar that they have done it and are still doing it if it works for them.  That is the nature of evil and anyone who can't accept that and factor it into a geopolitical analysis is hopelessly naïve.

Weather weaponization is not only used in stealth warfare but is also used to further agendas of mass migrations of populations for economic reasons.  Skeptics counter with the example of the decades long drought of California...now over and, along with the Pacific Northwest, experiencing above-average rainfall levels.  The perps could have manipulated rainclouds away from California (as has been alleged by some geoengineering websites over the years) to discourage the waves of immigration to California from other parts of the US.

Finally, I would like to connect the dots re the Siberian heat wave with other strange happenstances in Siberia recently.  There has been a mysterious mass die-off of Siberian elk herds during the past couple of years, due to bacterial infections and...wait for it...a suspected massive lightning strike--that killed hundreds of elk at once.  Siberia is, literally the last "frontier" on earth...much of it untouched by modern man...and populated by indigenous peoples...just like the Wild West was a couple of hundred years ago.  I would be very surprised indeed if the same colonial mindset that drove the "taming" of North America wasn't plotting and scheming to use traditional policies of colonization...as well as the latest technological warfare...to "tame" (divide and conquer) Siberia.

Putin and Stone with Translator in between

Putin "Stones" the West

In a related matter, Oliver Stone's Putin Interviews (Part I) began on TV (Showtime) last night.  For the first time, my partner and I actually purchased the screening of the interview from Showtime.  We were not disappointed.  Here is my very brief review/impressions of Part I of the four part documentary.

The Putin/Stone interviews took place over an extended time period and in many different Russian venues.  This added to the immediacy of the interview...as if you were listening to two men talking in an outdoor café, along a busy street, in a moving vehicle.  You do feel as if you are eavesdropping on them.  Stone's approach is more conversational than, say Megyn Kelly's....stiff, school-marmish question and answer sessions of a week ago.

Throughout the interviews for the most part (there are two exceptions and I will get into those later) Putin seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself.  He seems to like Oliver Stone...no doubt, the impeccably dressed and groomed Putin is bemused by the perennially scruffy, rumpled and disheveled Stone.  Stone appears in need of a good bath and hair cut throughout most of the interview sessions.  One time he complains about having to wait "upstairs" for six hours, during which time he slept due to jet lag.  Again, Putin has a mischievous grin on his face...as if the six hour wait was more than a scheduling accident.  Although this exchange leads to one of the most interesting dialogues of Part I.  Stone asks Putin about how he spent his day and asks how he manages being a "CEO" of the "Corporation of Russia".  Putin launches into an animated description of his very busy day, remembering exactly the 10 or so ministers he met with and the order he met them in...the general topic of their conversation.  Putin is a born bureaucrat.  He LOVES this stuff!  Which most of humanity would find excruciatingly boring.  He also loves controlling the finances of such a large landmass with its many different regions, resources...and of course having to adapt to the changing global economic climate...including stiff sanctions levied on Russia by the West.  This is where he seems the most engaged in the dialogue with Stone...correcting Stone's estimates of Russian finances if they are a fraction of a percentage out.  He is very proud of Russia having paid off all the IMF debt of all the former Soviet Union countries....even Ukraine (30 billion$) With this level of leadership and enthusiasm for the economy...it is no wonder that Russia has emerged from the financial doldrums.  

And, as I have said before on this blog...the best thing the West can do to a country is levy sanctions on it.  As long as it has strong, intelligent and economically savvy leadership...it can only prosper with the challenge of finding new markets.  I wish the West would levy sanctions on Canada!

Putin seemed ill at ease when the subject of discussion was his personal life or his family.  Then he seemed guarded and, as related to his parents and his youth, defensive.  It is obvious to all that Putin had a tragic childhood...the only surviving child (of three) of two war-scarred and impoverished parents.  His eyes become clouded and sad when he talks of this time...but he is honest about being a "juvenile delinquent" who was only saved by joining a "judo" club in his teens.

When Putin was describing his education as a lawyer, I said to my husband: "This is exactly what I thought he was like!"  I knew he had a love for the philosophy and principles of law.  I knew that his training in judo and the law left him with a unique negotiating skillset that valued flexibility and reason.  Putin's specialty in his masters of law was in international agreements and negotiations...What a wonderful training for a geopolitical grand chessmaster!  There is no mystery why Putin has run rings around his opponents in Syria, Ukraine and other hot spots.

There were two moments of tension between the two men in this long conversation and the first one was as they were visiting the Throne Room of the Tsars...I believe this took place in the Kremlin although it was not said where the Throne Room was located. In any case, as you can imagine, it was a sumptuous room full of gilt, marble and crystal.  Stone took this time to ask Putin why he liked being compared to the Tsar.  Putin's head snapped back and he laughed in Stone's face.  He said he never said that.  Stone insisted he did...in an interview with American Charley Rose.  A clip of the Rose interview was shown.  Putin laughed it off with him not wanting to get into an argument with Rose. Stone passed it off as "Rose and Putin having a poor translator..."Who should be shot."

The other moment occurred shortly thereafter, as they were exiting the Throne Room.  Stone asks Putin if he ever "loses it"...you know...breaks down under the pressure in some way.  Putin responds:  "Who do you think I am?  A Woman?!"  Stone, without breaking stride says over his shoulder to Putin "You just lost half of your American audience!"  Putin asks why.  Stone says:  "American women will never accept that and will be turned off by it."  Putin looks genuinely perplexed for a half a second but then quickly corrects himself..."Of course, men have cycles too...just manifested differently.".  

Interestingly, I was not surprised by Putin's faux pas.  I have heard him make similar sexist remarks over the years.  He has a somewhat primitive understanding of women and it's no wonder his marriage failed.  It is amazing that he has been unable to grow in this area of awareness in spite of raising two daughters and having come into contact with many highly successful women, such as Angela Merkle of Germany.  If I had been Oliver Stone at that moment I would have asked Putin:  If Women are prone to "losing it"...why are 90% of the jail populations in every country on the Planet made up of men?  Why are all the wars started and fought by men?  Perhaps you [Putin] should reflect more on what constitutes being rational and reasonable under stress.

As I said earlier in this post...nothing said in Part I of the Putin/Stone interviews surprised me or has made me think differently of Putin.  He is exactly as I have imagined him to be after watching his public appearances and having read his biography.  We will see if that view holds through Parts II, III and IV.


james@wpc said...

Stone asks Putin if he ever "loses it"...you know...breaks down under the pressure in some way. Putin responds: "Who do you think I am? A Woman?!" Stone, without breaking stride says over his shoulder to Putin "You just lost half of your American audience!" Putin asks why. Stone says: "American women will never accept that and will be turned off by it."

I think you should go after Stone, Greencrow. The clear implication from Stone's remark is that Putin will not lose the other half of the American audience - the men. The further implication is that Stone thinks American men think differently to American women and they 'understand' what Putin was saying. If Stone 'understands' that, too, (otherwise he would not have made the distinction) then he must be of the same mind as Putin.

Btw, psychopaths start wars and they are not all men.

greencrow said...

Good comments, James. As shown in Part II, which I watched last night and hopefully will be able to post a review of today, Putin was working hard to make up for his sexist faux pas. He appears to have a blind spot about women--based on some courtly notion of "opening doors" and "offering a seat". He cannot view them (us) as "just one of the boys". I have met men like this in my life (not often, thankfully). My problem is that in any social setting I like to hang out with the men. In my carving class, as an example, I like to sit with the men. The women are off by themselves in kind of a "sewing circle" of carvers...which makes me feel uncomfortable. I like to sit with the men and talk sports, newz, and other general matters. Putin would never understand that...He could never accept me as a "political backroom boy"...which is what I was way back in my 30's when I was politically active. Stone did miss an excellent opportunity to press Putin on women's issues.