Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cuts like a Knife...Plus Part III - Putin "Stones" the West - (Oliver Stone Putin Interviews Documentary)

A journalist watches a live broadcast on an electronic
screen showing a nationwide call-in attended by
Russian President Vladimir Putin, in Moscow,
June 15, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

Yesterday, in a hurry to get to my carving class (I was late, due to blogging) I dropped my heavy metal carving tool case on my leg, opening a fairly big gash in the back...unaware of the seriousness of the injury I proceeded to the class and was setting up...when I felt something wet in my shoe, which turned out to be full of blood.  The First Aid attendant told me I should get a tetanus shot as she was bandaging me up.  I brushed her off and went back to the class.

Later that evening, around supper time, I was carving in front of the TV and gave myself an even more serious puncture wound to the right wrist.  The tiny and very sharp chisel went in one side of the wrist and came out the other...missing my radial artery by 3/4 of an inch.  My husband not being home and not knowing how serious the injury was, I immediately got up, covered my wrist with my other hand in tourniquet fashion and ran barefoot out the door to the neighbours.  I leaned on their doorbell and when they answered, I said I needed to go to Emergency immediately.  Not even stopping for my purse with my medical card in it.  He drove me the short distance to the local hospital.  Emergency personnel saw me immediately.  I was given a bed to lie on while the Emergency room doctor examined my injury.  At the same time, the reception personnel asked me my name in order to get my medical information so I did not need to produce my medical card.  As luck would have it, the chisel missed the nearby radial artery and the wound was simply cleaned and bandaged.  I was given a tetanus shot.  I did not tell the nurse that I needed one anyway for the earlier gash to the back of my leg.  I was in and out of Emergency in less than an hour.  The medical service in Canada at its best!

Knife and carving tool wounds and injuries are an occupational hazard for wood carvers but it's rare to get two in one day...or have to go to Emergency.  I was wearing my protective carving gloves, but the chisel went into my unprotected wrist.  Moral of the Story?  Do NOT try to carve and watch TV at the same time!

Vladimir Putin Shows Oliver Stone
Russian Air Strikes in Syria on his Phone 

Part III - Putin "Stones" the West - (Oliver Stone Putin Interviews Documentary)

Speaking of watching TV, I did watch the third installment of Oliver Stone's Putin Interviews Documentary.  First of all, some corrections to facts that I've got wrong in the past.  Hearing new information from Putin has caused me to recognize my earlier mistakes:  a)  The language rights of the Ethnic Russians in the Donbass were not taken away by the Kiev Junta.  This was threatened in the early days of the coup but according to Putin "the EU convinced Kiev not to pursue this discriminatory path".  But Putin says "the damage was done" and the breakaway provinces and Crimea never trusted Kiev afterwards;  b)  In my last review I said the Russian military budget was 40 billion per year while the American military budget was 600 billion.  In fact, the Russian military budget is 68 billion...the fourth highest in the world...after the US, Saudi Arabia, and China.

It is all becoming clearer now as the installments progress...Putin is deliberately trying to "catapult" the bureaucracy (to use a "Dubya" phrase) in order to reach Americans and the West directly over the Satanic Controlled Western Main$tream Media.  He is desperately trying to warn the west of the seriousness of what has happened over the past decade or more and what's in store, unless there is a "change in paradigm" as he puts it.  Unfortunately, Americans in particular and the West in general are incredibly resistant to any views other than the ones they are spoon-fed and terrorized into by the perps.  I note that the week's evening newz has been particularly full of "crises" (mass shootings) in the US.

It is obvious that Putin's strategy of reaching the West is also part of a larger strategy of preparing for his retirement, leaving a legacy for Russia and the world of his leadership.  In that regard, he was shockingly transparent and blunt in this episode.  I found my heart skipping a beat at some of his revelations and some of the viewpoints he expressed.  Here is a point form rendition of the episode from my notes:

- This was the best episode of the four part series so far because Stone allowed Putin to make his arguments in detail.  Putin is a lawyer and is inclined to build a case.  Stone allows this, unlike brief questions and answers as previously.

-  Putin responds to questions like he's "testifying under oath" very carefully and deliberately choosing his words. He always does this, but in this case it is even more apparent as he slowly builds his case over the issues of Ukraine and Syria.

- The two main topics of conversation were Ukraine and Syria.  Re Ukraine I learned quite a few new facts.  One was the language issue correction I made above and the second was new details surrounding the "Donald Cook" incident where the US war ship was "buzzed" in the Black Sea by a Russian jet and then left the vicinity.  Putin describes this as a very tense and serious confrontation which could easily have escalated to conflict.  He said there were ballistic missiles on the Crimean Coast trained at the Russian vessel and that would have fired at it had the vessel not backed down.  No mention by Stone or Putin about the "electronic systems" that reportedly disabled the "Donald Cook" although Putin does allude to unorthodox "Russian weapons systems" being used.

- Regarding Syria, Putin said that there were 80,000 terrorists in Syria fighting the government of Assad...30,000 of them being foreigners.  I was surprised that there were as many as 50,000 Syrians fighting the Assad government.  That is a much higher number of Syrian dissidents than I thought.  So Putin was accurate when he said that Assad will have to compromise to settle the conflict.

-  Putin laughs heartedly (unlike when he and Stone watched "Dr, Strangelove") when Stone presses Putin on why he didn't warn Turkey and the West before bombing the "pipeline" of trucks carrying Syrian Oil from Syria to Turkey at the beginning of the Russian intervention in Syria.  According to Stone, a warning could have prevented the slaughter of the truck drivers on the highway.  Putin replied through his laughter "I love talking with you!"  Then he explains that he DID try to tell the West.  He even brought 8 x 10 glossy photos of the line of hundreds of oil trucks to a G20 meeting and, behind closed doors, showed them to the members.  It did no good.

- Highly interesting to me as a Canadian was Putin's revelation that there are many Western countries providing military jets to the US "coalition effort" and flying over the dangerously crowded Syrian skies.  Canada and Australia are but two.  I did not know that Canada had provided military jets to fly over Syria.  I knew we were flying over Iraq...but thought that had ceased.  It is absolutely disgusting the way that crucial information is covered up and kept from western populations.  What we don't know could kill us!

Putin returns to the topic of NATO as being a large part of the problem.  Here is what he said, copied from an RT report of the interview:

Commenting on NATO, Putin noted that “when NATO comes into this or that country, the political leadership of that country as a whole along with its population has no influence on decisions NATO takes, including the decisions related to stationing the military infrastructure.”

The military alliance presents Russia as “an alleged external menace that can only be tackled with US help,” president said, while noting “but very soon everyone is going to understand that there is no threat whatsoever emanating from Russia either to the Baltic states or to Eastern or Western Europe.”

“And the stronger this understanding grows, the greater the desire to protect their [European] sovereignty and to protect their national interests is going to be. I assure you, this constant pressure makes no one happy, so sooner or later this is going to have consequences and eventually going to stop. And it’s better if this happens through dialogue,” he said.

I was thinking about poor Canada as Putin said this about NATO.  Most Canadians do not even know what the Canadian military is up to...or what weaponry has been placed on Canadian soil...including the far north.  Most Canadians certainly don't know that the current Canadian Foreign Minister is a neo-Nazi supporter mole placed in the Canadian Government Bureaucracy by the Clinton/CIA rogue Deep State of USrael.

But, at the end of the interview, Putin expresses a cautious optimism that the "paradigm" will inevitably change and, hopefully, through dialogue not war.  His last words to Stone are to the effect:  "We should thank God that we have been allowed to serve our country."   Stay tuned for the final episode, Part IV tonight!

Bryan Adams "Cuts like a Knife"


james@wpc said...

I'm sorry to hear of your injuries, Greencrow. I hope you make a full recovery very soon.

greencrow said...

I have made an excellent recovery, James. Thank you for your concern. Was carving the same piece of wood, with the same chisel (still with small specks of blood on it) all afternoon. No mishaps!

Penny said...

GC: glad you are ok!!

I wish I could say healthcare services are remotely as good here in Ontario, but, they aren't- not in my neck of the woods

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for the supportive sentiments! I was told yesterday the real concern was that I could have easily severed some nerves going to my right hand...and thus ended my carving career...or worse. Yes, the healthcare services re Emergency response are spotty...even here in BC. I could have gone to that Emergency room on a Friday or Saturday night and it would have been bedlam!