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CawRANT Events #49

CawRANT Events #49

Good Morning Everybody!  It's a stunningly gorgeous morning on the West Coast. Can't wait to get out there walking my dogs.  Yesterday, the temperature broke all records for this region.  I won't was uncomfortable. Especially for my dogs and my canaries who were stuck in the sun porch.  My partner and I went out for a "shake down" cruise on the nearby Burrard Inlet our old sailboat.  It was cooler on the water, but I still got a slight sunburn (I don't believe in sunscreen).  Today promises to be a bit cooler.

Regardless of the summer weather and vacation mentality here...the geopolitical world is still turning and there's so much to cover in this CawRANT that I better get started!

Leadership Question #1 - CBC Reports on Trudeau's popularity...and bans greencrow (again)

First we have some national news from the taxpayer-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  Here's the headline:

"Trudeau's approval ratings drop 9 points over last year, but he remains more popular than premiers, rivals"

So....this why le dauphin has been keeping such a low profile lately.  He doesn't want his poll numbers to sink any lower.  It would appear the more Canadians are exposed to his kind of arrogant mediocrity and vassalage towards the perps...the more they [we] dislike him.  Better to put him under wraps and work on a makeover of his public image...then bring him out again in the Fall and hope for better results.  Unfortunately, for Canadians, the newly (s)elected Conservative Opposition Leader, Andrew Scheer is just as bad.  And HE's not even allowed to enter Russia...having been banned due to associating with some neo-Nazi supporting Kiev Junta types that toured North America a couple of years ago, hoping to drum up support for their cause.  So Scheer's "dead in the water" or was "stillborn" from the start, IMO.  The only hope for Canada will come from the third party New Democrats...who have still to elect their National Leader.  Hopefully He Or She won't be banned from Russia. 

Incidentally, regarding being banned and the CBC.  I meant to advise readers that I have been banned from commenting on the CBC forums...again.  I was kicked off a year or more ago now because I posted under my nom de plume, greencrow.  They made up a silly rule that you have to post under your own legal name.  This rule, of course, was meant to intimidate those who hold views that go against the official stories...what ever stories of the day the CBC might be pushing.  The paid trolls continue to post under numerous false ID's anyway. The CBC could have at least "grandfathered" those of us posters who have been posting more than a decade under our names...and who were otherwise in good standing...but no.

So, a few months after the interdiction, I re-registered under the name of "Vertina Corbeau"...which is a French version of greencrow.  French being Canada's other official language.  CBC allowed me to post under that name for over a year.  Then, a few weeks ago, I was posting comments about Andrew Scheer's banishment from Russia..and...low and behold...I got banished from the CBC comments forums again!  I was notified that I had to re-register using my legal name.  Given that the CBC moderators heavily censor the forums anyway and limit the number of "real" views Canadians are allowed to express...I have not bothered to subject myself to whatever threats and intimidations might befall me should I express my "extreme" views online under my own name.  After all, I am not so lucky to have a name like "Jane Smith" like some of the posters.  Whatever.

My work on the CBC forums was not a pleasant task anyway. I looked at it akin to one of my other daily go out to my backyard and pick up dog poop.  Not pleasant but necessary.  Someone has to show the world that the obsequious, vassalage views of the CBC are not necessarily those of its funders.

Leadership Question #2 - Putin's Popularity Attracts Detractors

Reminds me of those lyrics to that old Dylan song "Everybody Must Get Stoned".  Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin...has been the sole leader to take on mano a mano, the globalist, neocon warmongering perps who've started war after war after war against militarily weak and resource-rich nations (just like Canada) contrary to the principles of International Law and the UN Charter.  Putin has been tested by some alternative bloggers...and found wanting.  The main grievance against Putin is a dubious one...that his mother was Jewish.   Here is a very recent post by my esteemed colleague, northerntruthseeker...who hails from the Prairies...the heart of Canada.

I sent NTS (as I affectionately call him) a couple of links the other day which were quite compelling evidence that Putin's mother was NOT Jewish.  In his post linked to above...he does not refer to my links...or provide me any evidence supporting his "Jewish heritage" claim.  As Putin himself keeps insisting (about the Russiagate distraction in the US) it is ALL ABOUT THE EVIDENCE...or lack of same.

If I was a paranoid individual ; ) I would think that someone is trying to sew dissention amongst alternative bloggers to weaken what cohesion we might have in our opposition to the (very cohesive) main$tream media.  Putin is not perfect and he does (no doubt) have feet of clay...but I would hope that evidence could be produced of same...and it could be acknowledged that he has provided some crucial leadership during this time when Nuclear Armageddon is being threatened by his geopolitical enemies.  While I would defend to the death every person/bloggers right to hold (and defend) their own viewpoint, we should remember also that "divide and conquer" is one of the few tricks in the "one trick pony's" toolkit.  

Here is a video about Putin's stance on alcohol.  I think by taking on the formidable alcohol industry Putin is once again showing he has the best interests of humanity at heart.  While watching the video below, I could not help but compare Putin's stance on alcohol with Justin Trudeau's pushing of marijuana...what really is going on here?  Watch the video (particularly the classroom explanation) to find out:

Why Putin Doesn't Drink Alcohol
And why the Alcohol Industry
will be out to get him

And, finally on the subject of Vladimir Putin, I can capitalize on this topic to remind readers of the series of reviews I wrote on the recent Oliver Stone documentary "The Putin Interviews" and the Epilogue to same where I listed links to all the segments of the documentary:

"The Putin Interviews" by Oliver Stone. It also provides links to the four video installments, which I've copied here:

"...Now, watch truth in action for yourself.  UPDATE:  THE VIDEOS LINKED BELOW HAVE BEEN DISAPPEARED OFF YOUTUBE.  Thanks to the blog is a new and secure link to Oliver Stone's four part Putin Interviews Documentary
Sputnik Interviews Oliver Stone

Leadership Questions #3 - Trump Got his Hands Bloody on Basis of (Yet Another) Lie

Its a clear signal to the alternative media of a "limited hangout" coming down the pike from the perps when they drag out that old Vietnam fossil, Seymour Hersh to try to whitewash the main$tream media's blackened and putrid-smelling image.  They always do it so long after the fact that, even if there were such a thing as "justice" in the United States, the imaginary "statute of limitations" has passed for this one.  Here we have a report of Hersh "revealing" that Trump "knew that Syria did not use chemical weapons"... prior to Trump's "after dinner entertainment" bombing of a Syrian airbase...which killed a dozen or so soldiers and citizens.  Here's the report from PressTV and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Seymour M. Hersh investigated the case of the alleged Sarin gas attack. According to his report, Trump turned a blind eye to reports by the US intelligence community that warned that there was no evidence that the Syrians had used a chemical weapon.  
The US intelligence found that Syrians had targeted on April 4 a meeting site of Takfiri militants, using a Russian-supplied guided bomb equipped with conventional explosives. A senior adviser to the American intelligence community said Trump's national security planners “asked the CIA and DIA if there was any evidence that Syria had sarin stored at a nearby airport or somewhere in the area." "Their military had to have it somewhere in the area in order to bomb with it,” after being ordered by Trump to plan for retaliation against Syria, the report said.

“The answer was, ‘We have no evidence that Syria had sarin or used it,’” the adviser said. “The CIA also told them that there was no residual delivery for sarin at Sheyrat [the airfield from which the Syrian SU-24 bombers had taken off on April 4] and Assad had no motive to commit political suicide,” the adviser added.

American and allied military officials in Doha, whose mission is to coordinate all US, allied, Syrian and Russian Air Force operations in the region, were also reportedly briefed by the Russians on the details of the Syrian attack days in advance.

"Pulitizer Prize winning" Seymour Hersh, because of his original reporting on the Vietnam "My Lai" Incident, seems to wear this mantle of verisimilitude amongst Americans.  Well he, unfortunately, has failed the 9/11 litmus test and this writer believes he's just another CIA "limited hangout" artist...rather than a journalist.  This particular "limited hangout" appears to be another attack on Trump.  Trump, seems to be hanging onto the mostly powerless post of US president by his fingernails...much to the chagrin of the perps.  So they will continue to snap at his ankles.  One can only hope that this last leader on the discussion block today (Trump) is slowly learning on the job.

In Summary, three leaders were discussed in this CawRANT.  Some cynics insist individuals cannot make a difference by themselves and so there's no point in humanity supporting (or following) their leadership. History puts the lie to that theory.  And WHO would be pushing that theory, anyway?

The Grenfell Fire and 9/11

Grenfell Tower - Why didn't it Collapse?

The world was focused on the UK again last week.  Ever since the Brits voted to Brexit...there has been non-stop chaos in the UK.  The latest was the fire that destroyed a residential high rise, killing untold number of residents (we still don't know the actual total).  Here is a report about the toxic gases (including cyanide) that killed the residents.  

Experts have claimed that victims of the Grenfell Tower inferno might have been killed by highly toxic gases, namely cyanide and carbon monoxide, emitted by the building’s external cladding as it burnt. According to Professor of Environmental Toxicology at Leeds University Alastair Hay, the people who were trapped inside the building as the fire spread would have had “no chance whatsoever” of surviving because of the “very high concentration” of such gasses.

“If the concentration [of cyanide] was very high, they would have no chance whatsoever, because cyanide can kill really within a matter of seconds,” Hay told Russia’s RT news network.“What it essentially does is block oxygen use in your cells” causing the person to become “immobile” and “die from a heart attack very quickly.”

“Most often it is the gases that kill people […] before they are exposed to flames,” Hay added. According to British authorities, at least 79 people are believed to be dead after the fire engulfed the 120-apartment high-rise, which has the capacity to accommodate up to 600 people. The death toll is expected to rise as some local residents suggest that after the fire broke out not many people could escape because the blaze engulfed the entire building rapidly.

Obviously, this was a tragic accident that could have been avoided if politicians (i.e., Boris Johnson, Mayor of London) cared half as much about their domestic responsibilities as they did about their international criminality (sending millions to the "White Helmets).  My heart goes out to the victims and their families.  Thinking what the victims' last moments must have been like...takes me right back to the victims of 9/11.

There are a lot of similarities between the tragedies and a lot of glaring why is the Grenfell tower still standing in the photo above...while the WTC buildings (three skyscrapers) disintegrated into pulverized dust and melted steel in their footprints.  Speaking of toxic chemicals including cyanide in Grenfell...where did the highly toxic asbestos in the WTC go? But again, the "statute of limitations" in the non-existent "justice system" of the US has long run out on that the 9/11 victim's families have all been paid off.

When you compare and contrast the two makes you despair for the human race.  With the absence of common logic, nevermind justice and the rule of law...humanity is, IMO, completely doomed.  Or, perhaps not.  Perhaps humanity is like the small dog running through the streets in the amazing video below.  Perhaps we've always run in and out of dangerous situations but somehow survived.

Dog Running Through the Street

And, on that more positive note, I will end this CawRANT and get out into the glorious sunshine with my own small dogs...Until next time....Bye for now!

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