Monday, June 12, 2017

CawRANT Events #48

CawRANT Events #48

Good Morning Everyone!  It is a grey, overcast morning in the Pacific North West.  We've been getting summer weather in fits and starts...interrupted by lots of rainy days.  Regular readers may have noted that this CawRANT is a week late.  I had most of it ready to go last Monday but there were some time sensitive posts that took precedence.  Then there is the fact that I am spending more time on gardening, carving and other activities, such as fixing up an old sailboat for summer sailing.  The good thing about being the only contributor to this blog is that I'm my own boss...and if I don't want to do a CawRANT precisely every second Monday...then, SO BE IT!!

But there is never a shortage of issues to RANT about so here goes:

First of all...someone finally read the small print in those DNA Agreements.  Just another sucker circus....the suckers actually PAY to take their DNA for its huge DNA data bank.  Then, "OWNS" their DNA (the donor still owns it too) and can do with it whatever they want. 

Let's cut to the chase, folks.  This DNA heist is yet another CIA tax-payer paid boondoggle to serve their globalist Satanic masters.  Here is the report and I will have more thoughts to follow:


[5/24/17] Don’t use the AncestryDNA testing service without actually reading the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. According to these legal contracts, you still own your DNA, but so does

The family history website is selling a new DNA testing service called AncestryDNA. But the DNA and genetic data that collects may be used against “you or a genetic relative.” According to its privacy policies, takes ownership of your DNA forever. Your ownership of your DNA, on the other hand, is limited in years.

It seems obvious that customers agree to this arrangement, since all of them must “click here to agree” to these terms. But, how many people really read those contacts before clicking to agree? And how many relatives of customers are also reading?

There are three significant provisions in the AncestryDNA Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to consider on behalf of yourself and your genetic relatives: (1) the perpetual, royalty-free, world-wide license to use your DNA; (2) the warning that DNA information may be used against “you or a genetic relative”; (3) your waiver of legal rights.

Owning your own DNA?  Think again

The Deep State perps are going to continue to bank human DNA and do Frankenstein research on it until they can unleash a program on humanity which will, once and forever, deprive us of all our rights as a natural species.  There are hundreds of ways this could go...AI's could replace us...There could be employment discrimination based on DNA.  There could be "vaccinations" that target certain DNA profiles.  And those are just the less hideous options.  All those dingbat housewives who watch the 24/7 ads for getting your DNA stolen are sheep being led to the slaughter.  The worst part is...even if you don't give your DNA to the of your relatives they will have YOUR DNA anyway. 

White Helmets completely discredited by respected journalist

John Pilger on the "White Helmets"

Only question is Who is the most discredited...the White Helmets? or the Academy of Arts and Sciences that gives out the Academy Awards?  And I saw this week that the father of that little Syrian boy used in the "Newz" story about the "boy on the bus" has come out and said that his family and his little boy were exploited by the White Helmets.  It is amazing, though, isn't it how these stories can surface, yet NOTHING HAPPENS?!  Hollywood doesn't apologize for its falsification and the White Helmets don't have to give their Oscar back.  Bidness as usual.

[Conveniently?] forgotten history

This is what Vladimir Putin Said During a Recent Visit to Versailles, France:

"The history of Russian-French relations have long-standing roots. The enlightened French public knows about Russia's Anne, Queen of France. The youngest daughter of our Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise, was the wife of Henry the First and contributed significantly to the development of France. She was one f the founders of at least two European dynasties: Bourbon and Valois, one of which still rules in Spain".

It would be a full time job for Putin, if he wanted it, to set Europe and the West straight about the real history of Russia.  The CIA brainwashers in the media are otherwise fully employed--covering up and lying about Russia.  The West tries to sanction, outlaw, isolate and minimize Russia's impact on European history through the ages.  Two immutable facts stand out:  Kiev, the capital of the Rogue Nazi-Supporting Junta, was for hundreds of years the Capital of Russia; and  Anne, Queen of France, born in Kiev, with her husband, Henry the First of France, founded a powerful dynasty that was to shape the history of France, and Europe, for hundreds of years.

Broken Man Syndrome

There is one meme that runs as a strong thread through popular media and culture that annoys me.  I call it the "Broken Man Syndrome".  I have to laugh...when a male thug, rip-off artist or sexual predator is finally caught and brought to justice, the media will frequently drum up a modicum of sympathy for him, based on the "broken man syndrome".  Women never get this treatment.  She's a whore and that's it!  But men are deemed to be on a higher societal plane and...when they fall...that drop is seen as punishment enough as it need to punish further.  One example is the recent arrest of Tiger Woods for DUI.  The stories about his arrest were full of his tragic history of health ailments and even his divorce.  Then there's the trial of Bill Cosby.  Just today, the prosecutor rested his case.  We will see what the outcome of that trial is...but, according to the evidence, Cosby was allowed, in spite of numerous red flags, to prey on hopeful young actresses for decades.  None of them are "broken women"...but he is a "broken man" because he's lost his career, reputation and (some of) his wealth.  And it's interesting how, in the US, the media really obsesses on "broken men" if they are black.  It's almost like a racially-based cautionary tale.  Think about how many broken black men there have been in the US: OJ Simpson, Kobe Bryant, et al.  There are just as many white "broken men" but with black becomes a media obsession.

A son of a friend of a friend

A week or so ago at a social gathering I found out that the 30-something son of a friend of a friend had died the day before of a fentanyl overdose.  He had a troubled youth and was living at a half-way house when he died.  When the epidemic of drug overdoses comes that close, it really puts things into perspective. We talked about who was to blame for the out-of-control murder spree of so many youth.  Most in the room seemed to lay the blame at "Big Pharma".  Of course, there were the usual number of sheeple in the room who asked:  "What's Big Pharma?"  Most of us agreed that the law enforcement agencies have let society down by not going after the pharmaceutical companies.  What was it I read the other day?  Apparently there were dozens of prescriptions for fentanyl for every person in North America over the past year.  C'mon!

Bob Dylan delivers his Nobel Prize Lecture

Bob Dylan finally delivered his Nobel Prize Lecture at the Swedish Nobel Academy last week...this entitled him to pick up his money prize. Interestingly, in his speech he named three books that influenced his song writing.  "Moby Dick", "All Quiet on the Western Front" and "The Odyssey".  I don't know how any or all of those books influenced my favourite Dylan Song which he performs below:

Bob Dylan "The Hurricane" 1975

Apparently he wrote "The Hurricane" with a co-writer.  As the years have passed, it has been revealed that a lot of Dylan's songs were copied, to the point of plagiarism, from old and forgotten traditional music.  Joni Mitchell famously called Dylan a "fraud".  Now THERE's a woman who should get the Nobel Prize for literature!  Think THAT will ever happen???

Backing into the Truth about Space Travel

Every couple of months I get a laff from some newz about Space Travel in the future.  It's hard to write about it without raising doubts about "Man's Greatest Achievement--The NASA Apollo Missions to the Moon in the late 1960's and early 1970'sLol, here is a story from RT that says the scientists have decided that extraterrestrial trips to Mars and such are fraught with danger from the high level of radioactivity in outer space.  Now, I wonder how the Apollo astronauts went to the moon (travelling through the Van Allen Radiation Belts) and none of them got cancer to my knowledge.  Hmmmm.  I do hope I live long enough to see that historical Lunar Landing hoax and sham be revealed for what it was/is...the greatest distraction (from the Kennedy Assassinations) in history.

And, Finally, A Story I Wish I could Update but Can't...Just Yet

The strange capsize of the Whale-Watching boat, Leviathan II, off the coast of Tofino on Vancouver Island is one story I have been covering since it happened in October, 2015.  Some of the details surrounding the capsizing were very strange.  The lack of interviews with the crew immediately following the incident being one.  Calm seas in the photos of the capsized boat was another.  But the Final Transportation Safety Board Report is due out on June 14, 2017 in two days.  When it is released, I will print it in full on this blog.  Here's the notice in the local news:

VANCOUVER – The Transportation Safety Board’s final report into the deadly capsizing of a whale-watching vessel off Vancouver Island is expected to be released next month.

An email from the board says its investigation report into the October 2015 incident involving the Leviathan II will be issued June 14. Six people died and all 27 aboard were thrown into the waters off Plover Reef north of Tofino when a large wave hit the side of the vessel. Safety board investigators have said most passengers and crew were on the top deck of the vessel’s port side when the 20-metre vessel rolled and capsized. Survivors described being thrown into the ocean without life jackets and grabbing hold of a single floating life ring while others reported swimming through oily water and rough seas to get away from the boat’s rotating propellers. At least 15 survivors and several family members of the six victims have filed lawsuits against the vessel’s owner, Jamie’s Whaling Station.

So there is definitely more to come on this one.  And, as I always say...there's never a shortage of material to blog about.  The problem is, fitting blogging into an otherwise very busy schedule.  During the short summer months, alternatives to blogging become even more pressing.  Must get out and about so, until next time....Bye for now.


Penny said...

I just knew the ancestry thing was totally shit!
I'd see the commercials and say to hubby 'what kind of an idiot would go along with that'? what kind of an idiot would submit their dna, willingly?!
I guess this world is chock full of unthinking idiots!

greencrow said...

The "tell" is the pervasive nature and numbers of ads for this "service". What kind of "privately financed" company has this kind of money to throw away on advertising?