Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Breaking News: Another Day, Another Provocation - Who is in Charge of the US Navy?

"NATO" US Fighter Jet Threatens Russian
Defense Minister Jet in Neutral
Skies over Baltic Sea

Another day, another provocation, by the out-of-control US Navy.  As I said earlier this week. The US Navy for a long time now has been acting like a "rogue" within a "rogue State".  I have a particular axe to grind with the US Navy...because it was US Navy so-called "reserve" jet fighter pilots, flying out of a US airbase in one of the Arab countries that attacked the Canadian soldiers doing live fire night time exercises at Tarnak Farm just outside of the flood-lit (restricted air space) Kandahar air base in Afghanistan the night of April 17, 2002.  Four Canadian soldiers were killed and more injured.  Canadian Prime Minister of the day, Jean Chretien, sardonically commented immediately afterwards "They SAY it was an accident."  

At least, in those days they had a formal inquiry into the murders (unlike the recent US Navy jet attack on a Syrian jet flying in its own Syrian territory).  Do you know what the inquiry found out?  The pilots were all hopped up on caffeine pills or some kind of "uppers" when they flew wildly off course for thousands of miles...targeted the Canadians and held a conversation with their "ground control" about dropping the bombs on them.

"You're Cleared, Self-Defense"

Those were the infamous words of the "ground control" to the pilots...seconds after they dropped their bombs. Those weasel words became my tagline on the New York Times comments forums within I rudely awoke to the evil that festered in the United States Military, Industrial, and Governmental complex.  All "truth bloggers" can share their "moment of truth" when they finally woke up and threw off their "sheeple" garments.  "The Tarnak Farm Incident" as it came to be known was mine.  Millions and millions of computer keyboard strokes later...I'm still fighting my keyboard warrior battles--against the evil forces who cowardly ambushed and killed my Canadian soldiers.  

So, when I see reports and videos like the chilling one below, like PTSD, it takes me back to that moment in April, 2002 when I realized that "Canada's best friend and ally" was actually its worst and most evil covert enemy.  Many other citizens of many other countries have made that discovery in the years of "perpetual warfare" since.  Please read the following and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Russian Su-27 warns off NATO F-16 trying to approach defense minister’s plane over Baltic (VIDEO) 

A NATO F-16 fighter jet has tried to approach the Russian defense minister’s plane above the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea. The plane was warded off by a Russian Su-27 escorting the minister’s aircraft.
Russian plane was en route to the city of Kaliningrad, a western Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea, where Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu is scheduled to discuss security issues with defense officials on Wednesday.

The incident was first reported by journalists of Russian state news agencies on board Shoigu’s plane.  While one NATO aircraft tried to approach the Russian airplane, a Russian Su-27 fighter jet got in its way and tilted its wings, apparently showing its arms. The F-16 then flew away.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that he has no information about the incident.
“It’s probably better to ask the Defense Ministry,” Peskov said in answer to journalists’ questions. The alliance was not aware that the Russian Defense Minister was onboard, a NATO representative told TASS, stating that the F-16 made a “standard” check as Shoigu’s plane did not identify itself. “We consider the actions of Russian pilots during the encounter as safe and professional,” the representative said.

On Shoigu’s way back from Kaliningrad, his escort was bolstered by several Su-34 jets, according to reporters. A number of NATO planes followed the Russian Defense Minister’s plane at a distance without making attempts to get any closer. On Monday a US RC-135 spy plane flying toward the Russian border made a “provocative turn” toward a Baltic Fleet Su-27, which had been scrambled for an interception mission.

The encounters of Russian and US warplanes over the Baltic Sea waters have apparently become more frequent lately. A Russian fighter jet intercepted a small group of US warplanes, including Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker military refueling aircraft, two B-1 bombers and one B-52, during the BALTOPS (Baltic Operations) annual training exercise on June 10. Earlier in June, the Russian military intercepted another B-52 bomber in the same area, and escorted by an Su-27 fighter away from Russian territory."

Readers can be assured that the perps have Russia's Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, in their sights.  Sheeple don't know it but Shoigu is probably the second most powerful and popular man in Russia, after Putin himself.  Shoigu is credited with transforming the Russian Military into one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, dollar for dollar, military forces in the world.

Assassination of such a public figure and idol as Shoigu would make the crass and crude assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey a mere blip on the WWIII radar.  There has been a steady and relentless series of extreme provocations to the Russians over the past several this series, I include the shoot down of two Russian passenger jets...including the one carrying the entire Russian military choir last Christmas...and the mysterious death of the Russian ambassador to the UN.

In his TV question and answer program in Russia the other day, Putin was asked what he would do if he found out someone was lying to him.  Putin said he would try and analyse WHY the individual was lying to him...but his last sentence was the most crucial...and I took it as a subliminal message to all those who have thought they were getting away with provocations...Putin said:  "But I would never forget!"

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