Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Israeli spokesperson promotes Manchester False Flag as distraction from Seth Rich Murder story

Top 5 Signs of a False Flag Attack

Why does the Zionist Shill, Rita Katz,continue to have any credibility in the Main$tream Media?  Why does anyone believe a Jewish woman who speaks for an Islamic Terrorist group?  What is wrong here?  Here she is this morning, announcing that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the blatant false flag that occurred yesterday evening in Manchester, England.


1) BREAKING: claims responsibility for attack at concert


It would appear that the Google obfuscation was a success...because I can't seem to find out if Sean Hannity even interviewed Kim Dotcom after all.  That's how it works.  And if you went from one main$tream media network to another yesterday...following events in Manchester, all you saw were photos of ...well no EVIDENCE really...except some people milling around on dark streets with police tape strung around...the usual nothingburger....that they pass off as a gory false flag.  And, as so many bloggers have already asked this morning...Why do all these False Flags share one bizarre trait?  Nobody around has a decent cell phone with functioning video--who can capture the details that the talking heads are repeating over, and over, and over again.

So, in summary, yesterday in the City of Manchester, England there was yet another stereotypical false flag.  The likely purposes of it were to obfuscate and distract from:

1.  The rising curiosity in the assassination last summer of DNC worker Seth Rich who, it now has been revealed, was the individual who leaked DNC e-mails to WikiLeaks.

2.  The election in England which seems to be turning into the usual contest between the 'people's will' and the "need for fraud" to install the perps' puppets.

3.  The latest in the series of media "Drills" to make sure the co-opted, complicit, criminal media is still compliant..


Anonymous said...

David Icke posted a meme on twitter today listing false flags on this same date for several years. Occult symbolism between rituals and numbers should not be dismissed. In fact, a better understanding of ritual days can help us understand and possible dismantle this bullshit.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

IMO, the only way to dismantle this bullshit is for some of the co-opted, criminally complicit media to break ranks, grow a couple and start speaking the truth. THAT is why these media message "drills" are so important to the perps...to weed out the potential truthtellers beforehand.