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Haley's Comments - Inbound Comet Directed at the United Nations?

Niki Haley - US Ambassador to the UN

A recent M$M report [see link below] hinted that Trump might be considering replacing his controversial Ambassador to the UN, Niki Haley.  On the contrary, I would be very surprised if she were replaced, because I believe that the latest UN Ambassador is just what suits USrael long term foreign policy--the destruction of the United Nations. Please read the excerpt below and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow.


"U.S. diplomats fear Haley's words could result in an inconsistent, incoherent international message. State Department diplomats drafted an email urging Haley's office to ensure that her public statements on high-profile issues are cleared by Washington. The email was first reported by The New York Times.
In some ways, Haley has been ahead of the curve. Her hints at a change in the Syrian government are now seeping into Trump policies, and the administration has toughened its stance on Russia.
She seems to be in Trump's good graces. At a White House luncheon for U.N. diplomats last week, he said Haley was doing a 'fantastic job' — but only after awkwardly joking that if the diplomats didn't like her, 'she could easily be replaced'."
The first two sentences in the above excerpted suggest that Trump might not have been kidding about replacing Haley at some point. Such a move would show that he's in control and not succumbing to faulty neocon/neolib foreign policy objectives.
In time, Trump might (if not already) realize the suspect basis for the attack on a Syrian government military base. The San Diego based One America News Network's coverage of the recent chemical incident in Syria has been quite detailed in second guessing the dubious claim of Syrian government culpability.
On why Haley should be replaced:
Concerning how the US strike in question unnecessarily aggravated an already problematical US-Russian relationship:
Michael Averko -


Regular readers of this blog will know that I have long held the view that the United Nations should be moved out of the United States.  The United States is occupied by a Ziofascist Rogue Deep State.  There's a covert civil war going on within the US bureaucracy.  One of the casualties of this war is the United Nations.  It no longer serves the interests of the cabal that owns the United States.  The United Nations Security Council members all have veto's. Russia and China routinely use theirs to thwart USrael in its hegemonic lust for blood and rubble in far off vulnerable countries.

The US can no longer count on the UN to provide a legal fig leaf to cover its Imperial piracy.  So, as Lady Macbeth said "Out, damned Spot!"  USrael, fed up to the gills with the populism and democracy [not to mention the resolutions passed against the apartheid state of Israel] that infuse the General Assembly, plus the veto's that "paralyze" the UNSC, has decided to degrade, humiliate, ignore and defy the United other words...exactly what they do to all their targets prior to destruction.

To this end, Niki Haley and her predecessor, Samantha Power, appear to be clones of one another.  Both of them act too young and inexperienced for such an august position...they seem to have been chosen for their "good looks" rather than diplomatic experience.  But there's something else...both of them have that wild-eyed look of a "harridan":

noun: harridan; plural noun: harridans
1.  a strict, bossy or belligerent old woman.
"a bullying old harridan"
synonyms:  shrew, termagant, virago, harpy, vixen, nag, crone, dragon, ogres

They are both fanatical and emotional, to the point of hysteria...the exact opposite of qualities needed for international diplomacy.  One might have thought that Samantha Power was an aberration, a "one off".  But no...she was a harbinger of things to follow...she was a "trend".  Haley seems to be "Power on steroids".  Haley's behavior in the UNSC and Power before her, accurately telegraphs the lack of respect that the USrael holds towards the United Nations.

The United Nations badly needs to be moved out of the United States.  On a practical level, it is not even safe anymore for diplomats of countries like Russia, Iran and China to attend the United Nations complex in NYC. The recent sudden and still unexplained death of the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations should be a warning for all.  But, sadly, I don't think its possible to move the UN.  It's not possible for the same reason that it wouldn't be possible to extricate a deer from the grip of a python.  USrael would not allow the United Nations to "escape", move elsewhere and begin to possibly fulfill the mandate given to it at its founding after WWII.  So, if  USrael's goal is world wide conflagration--WWIII to create chaos--out of which the tyranny of a one world government can emerge...what does USrael need a United Nations for anyway?

Thus, we have Niki Haley.

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