Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Grassroots America Finally Wakes up to the Healthcare Insurance Swindle

Tom MacArthur Town Hall Speech
in Willingboro New Jersey
h/t to Occurrences for the video

I have written several posts about the Healthcare Crisis in the US...as seen from the perspective of a Canadian who has always enjoyed Canadian Universal Government-run Healthcare.  I have always said the same thing.  In 2003, I travelled to New York City for a holiday in February.  While there, there was the "snow storm of the century" and we were holed up in our hotel room for a day or so watching US TV non-stop.  Every half hour or less, there was a Health Care Insurance Company commercial.  After a few hours of this, I started to understand what was wrong with the US "private" healthcare system. 

There was, and still is, a third party standing between the government....that has a moral duty to provide affordable health care...and the citizenry who deserved the best care the most powerful country in the world could provide.  That "third party"  was the big Insurance Companies who were sucking the system dry with their corporatist greed.  Think about it.  Why does a health insurance company need to advertise at all?  It's not like the people have a choice between one company or the other.  If they are locked into a good medicare program...it's via their employer (like the man in the video above so forcefully and eloquently shouts) .  They don't get to choose the insurer.  IMO, the ads are just a way that the Insurance company can share their lucre with their media co-cabalists.  A way to make sure that the corporate media is always beholden to the Insurance Companies for ad revenue...it's a form of bribe to make sure the "Newz" doesn't go off message and, heaven forbid, stand up for the little folk.

In Canada...and every other first world country that provides universal health care...there are no big Insurance Companies holding the people for ransom.  There are no ads for health insurance...or I should say there used not to be...lately "Manulife" is starting to clog the airwaves with ads in Canada.  The US corporatists have a long term goal of "harmonizing" [destroying] our healthcare system with the US....as part of their North American Union strategy.  This is not going to be an easy task for them.  A few years ago Canadians were asked in a poll to identify the greatest Canadian in history.  The overwhelming result?  Tommy Douglas...the "father" of universal healthcare. 

In summary, the above video is a dangerous "truth bomb" and you won't be seeing it going viral.  Hopefully, more Americans will wake up to the greedy gopher Insurance Companies.  But not likely.  Think about it.  If Americans became entitled to universal, affordable healthcare...they wouldn't have to join the army to get adequate and affordable benefits.  The whole MIC system of control via the economy would start to break down.  Ain't gonna happen.

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