Friday, May 19, 2017

Dissipating the "Fog of War" in Syria--the players, motives and end game

Mimi - Partisan Girl
on We Are Change
Interviewed by Luke Rudkowski

So many of the facts about the Syrian War are being muddied and corrupted by the "fog of war" disinformation makers that it's crucial that geopolitical writers constantly return to reliable sources for information...particularly at this time when things are happening on a daily or hourly basis.  So it was fortuitous, to me at least, that "We are Change"'s editor, the intrepid video blogger Luke Rudkowski, came out last evening with the excellent interview with Mimi who blogs as "Partisan Girl".  Partisan Girl (formerly Syrian Girl) has great inside and on the ground sources.  Please watch her video above. It not only gives an up to date SITREP, but gives some background and long term goals of the stakeholders (including Russia and Israel).

Partisan Girl is of the opinion that not all of Russia's actions during the Syrian War have been beneficial to Syria (she does not specify which ones) but, she notes with a wry smile, they have always been beneficial to Russia.  I would like to know which of Russia's strategies she is referring to as not being beneficial to Syria.  This is an important question.  As an example, there was the report yesterday that Russia had tried to dissuade Syria from marching on its own road towards its own town through its own sovereign territory.  As I said in my post of yesterday, if true, this was a serious mistake on Russia's part because it, de facto, ceded the territory involved to the abrogating one of the fundamental tenets of International Law--the fundamental right of a country to move about its own territory.

But, as I discovered this morning, that allegation where I reported that Russia had tried to dissuade the Syrians from marching towards Al Tanf...where they were attacked by the US fighter jets was a lie.  According to Moon of Alabama, Russia has been encouraging the Syrians to move towards Al Tanf (illegal military base in Syria) and liberate the townspeople from ISIS AND the US occupiers.  Please read the following excerpt of Moon of Alabama's post from this morning, and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Map of Syria showing Battle Grounds

Yesterday a small battalion size force (~2-300 men) of the regular Syrian army, Syrian National Defense Organization volunteers and Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF/PMU of the Kata'ib al-Imam Ali) marched on the road from the west towards al-Tanf. They were about 23 kilometers away from the border station when they were attack by U.S. aircraft coming in low from Jordan. The U.S. jets directly fired at the convoy, allegedly after earlier giving some "warning shots". At least one Syrian tank and several other vehicles were destroyed. Six Syrian government forces were reported killed and more were wounded.

The U.S. command claimed that this was a "defensive" move to "protect" its soldiers at the al-Tanf station. There are U.S. and British special forces stationed near the station who lead and train the NSA contingent - all together a few 100 men.

The U.S. attack was clearly a willful, illegal attack on Syrian ground against legitimate forces of the sovereign Syrian government. (The Iraqi PMU contingent in Syria is a legitimate allied force under control of the Iraqi prime minister.) There is no clause in international law, no U.N. resolution or anything similar, that could justify such an attack. The U.S. military has no right at all to be at al-Tanf or anywhere else in Syria. There is nothing to "defend" for it. If it dislikes regular Syrian and Iraqi forces moving in their own countries towards their own border station and retaking it, it can and should move out and go home. Moreover - the U.S. claims it is "fighting ISIS" in Syria. Why then is it attacking the Syrian government forces while these launch a large move against the very same enemy?

The coalition led by the U.S. military claimed it asked Russia to intervene and that Russia tried to deter the Syrian force to move towards al-Tanf. I am told that this claim is incorrect. Russia supports the Syrian move to the east and the retaking of the border. The move will be reinforced and continue. The revamped Syrian air defense will actively protect it. Russia will support it with its own forces if needed.

Now, who would benefit from the lie being spread around that Russia had tried to persuade Syria to abandon its eastern sovereign land...which, coinkydynkally, has most of the oil wells on it?  Well, here we have a video that I saved from a week or so ago, just because it was such a ludicrous wet dream that I could not ignore it.  It does not deserve its own post...but I had to briefly publish it this morning to copy the link to post it here:

Israeli News Source has Wet Dream about
Russia abandoning Syria for Ukraine

Readers will chuckle, perhaps, at the black humour of Russia selling out one of its allies for another...particularly to a "buyer" who is renowned planet wide for reneging on agreements and completely ignoring any and all commitments...not to mention the most fundamental tenets of International Law.  LOL.  Russia is not as stupid as these greedy gophers apparently think it is.  The entities that came up with this scenario obviously project their own values on those they are in conflict with....a dangerous would think.

But, the "Newz Source" that published the above video also has a video that claims the fallen Archangels are still on earth and currently imprisoned in Antarctica.

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