Tuesday, May 16, 2017

BUMPED TO THE TOP AND UPDATED: Shape Shifters Get together at the White House

UPDATED:  May 16, 2017 The White House Press Conference between Presidents Erdogan of Turkey and President Trump of USA has taken place and is recorded on video here.  h/t The Duran for the report.  The only unexpected reference in Erdogan's remarks was his reference to the April 4th so-called "chemical attack" in Syria as if this war crime had in fact taken place and/or was committed by Syria...and his approval of Trump's 59 missile response.  This remark will not endear him to Syria or its allies in the war on the Western and Turkish backed terrorists.  It makes me think that this meeting was set up as a prelude to an all-out attack on Syria by the West.

Originally posted on May 15, 2017

Trump and Erdogan to meet at White House
on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The biggest mystery on the planet this grey and rainy Monday Morning is Why the leaders of these two congenital Shape Shifting Nations are even bothering to get-together?  Which of their many diabolical faces will they show each other on Tuesday?

The main thing that USrael and Turkey have in common is that neither can be trusted.  Neither has any sense of loyalty or commitment.  Both are opportunists.  Both will stab you in the back at a moment's notice.  Both will sacrifice their own mothers for a fleeting strategic advantage.  The United States just a year or so ago...infamously tried to topple and murder Erdogan in the failed "Gulen Coup".  Since then, USrael has brazenly harboured longtime CIA asset Gulen in the face of desperate entreaties by Turkey to extradite him.

It is indeed a mystery why Erdogan would risk life and limb by entering that den of iniquity called the White House.  Will there be a nano-sized grain of radioactive poison dropped into his coffee?  Will he end up like Hugo Chavez and Yasser Arafat after their visits to the UN?

Please read the report from the CBC this morning on the Internet, and I will have more reactions and thoughts in comments to follow:


"The [Trump] administration is now not sensitive to Turkey's priorities and that is going to be a problem," Han said. Potentially, there could be many problems — a less stable Turkey, a less stable region. The Kurdish issue alone, Asli Aydintasbas and Kemal Kirisci point out in their recent research for Washington think-tank the Brookings Institution, is at "a potentially explosive stage." It isn't just Turkey that would be burned by that explosion. Security in Iran, Iraq and Syria is also at stake.

The YPG factor

The group of Kurdish fighters known as the YPG was always going to be on the Trump-Erdogan agenda. The U.S. decision to give them arms suggests it will likely be the most important part of their discussions. Officials in Washington, including Pentagon spokesperson Dana White, said the YPG is "necessary to ensure a clear victory," specifically in Raqqa, the main hub for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Syria.


Turkey, though, points out the YPG is an extension of the PKK, the Kurdish militant group deemed a terror organization by the U.S., the European Union and Ankara. It insists the U.S. is laying a dangerous bedrock for future instability in the region, essentially fighting terrorists with terrorists. "Every weapon in the hands of the YPG is a threat to Turkey," Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said shortly after the announcement....


Even if the Trump administration's manoeuvres have Turkey in a bind, don't assume Erdogan can't afford to push back. "If President Erdogan feels something is costing him dearly on the domestic front, he would do whatever is necessary to stop [it]," Han said. There was a hint of that this morning. Speaking to reporters as he finished a visit to China before heading to Washington, Erdogan said of the U.S. YPG decision, "If we are a strategic alliance, we should make decisions as an alliance." If not, he added "We'll have to take care of ourselves." The personalities at play and the blunt force political trauma both leaders are used to levelling are why this meeting will be so riveting and important..."


Over the weekend, the headlines read that the US [and vassal state Canada] have taken one of the former al quaeda/al Nusra/ISIS off the "terrorist" list and were going to supply them with weapons.  All this is a blatant last ditch effort to hive off a piece of Syrian sovereign territory for their pals in KurdIsrael.  This was, is and always has been the game plan...only slowed down by Syria's crucial alliance with Russian and Iran.

The problem for Turkey is that historically, Turkey has been anathema to the KurdIsraelis forming a nation state base to the south in Syria from which they can then threaten Turkey in perpetuity.  Solving the paradox is the proverbial effort by both Turkey and USrael to fit a square peg into a round hole...or "square the circle".  So, on the surface, this is what the leaders will be attempting to do at their meeting tomorrow--to geopolitically square the circle.  Or... perhaps to slip a nano grain of radioactivity into one another's coffee.  Donald has just as much to fear in this regard as Erdogan.  Perhaps the opportunist Erdogan has made a deal with the USrael anti-Trump Deep State to surreptitiously attack Trump.  Trump, on the other hand...possibly the weakest President in US history...could try to prove his worth to the Deep State by offing Erdogan.  Given the impossibility of these two leaders reaching an agreement about the Kurds...the above "mutual assassination" conspiracy theory is just as likely as any other scenario as to what's behind tomorrow's meeting.

Because, the bottom line is...both Turkey and USrael are shape-shifting snakes in the grass.


Penny said...

Hey Greencrow:

I've been watching and watching the news regarding this meeting..
Nothing of substance has come out of it, in my opinion..
That in itself is interesting- Meetings end today
I expect the shit will hit the fan shortly thereafter.

Whatever comment Erdogan made regarding the missile strike- isn't that significant- it's all been said- you'd expect that 'playing to the audience' and then the US playing it up.

Once Erdogan leaves all hell will break loose- that's what I'm waiting for

(of course I could be mistaken, but, that's how I see it right now)

patiently waiting...

greencrow said...

I agree, Penny...all hell IS going to break loose in Syria soon. Think about it...what is the best way to drive a irrevocable wedge between Turkey and Russia? Answer: Get Turkey to join the West in a regime change attack on Syria/Assad.

Killing Two Birds with One Stone...

Penny said...

"Get Turkey to join the West in a regime change attack on Syria/Assad"

Could be gc... I mean anything is possible?

What I see as more likely is what James Petrus was talking about war between Turkey and the US, taking place in Syria.

yesterday's post contains a link back to the entire Petrus piece- where he is actually discussing Yinon and the US remake of the middle east- the one that's been going on quite openly since 9/11


"The US-Kurdish-Turkey conflict provides the most immediate danger of serious open warfare among major nations"

I don't care how the media will dress it up- it will be, and has already been, war between the US and Turkey in Syria- yes, that's right- American specials ops have already killed Turkish soldiers in Northern Syria and I believe Turkey responded in kind- late last year- Rescue and I discussed this at the blog

At the time that Turkey was trying to wrestle al bab from ISIS- they took casualties in the 100's -Turkish soldiers died also
Recall the mystery plane that killed turkish soldiers- tried to say it was Russian's
don't think so..


Prior to that there was an explosion that took out some kurds and others at a depot in northern syria

this tit for tat has already been going on between the US and Turkey- It could get bigger- the media may present it as tag teaming to take out Assad, Turkey gains nothing from the removal of Assad- And Turkey has way bigger fish to fry

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Turkey is, IMO, indeed caught in a vice...between Russia and the US. If Erdogan doesn't make a clear choice and soon, his options will be taken away. I am aware that the US has been working very hard on regime change in Turkey...as they have been in Syria. There just hasn't been as much publicity...other than the fumbled Gulen coup. The status quo is very complicated and made more so by the latest Washington crisis...see my latest post and watch the video...towards the end where Ed Schultz makes some ominous observations.

Let me put it this way...should the US declare war on Turkey...it won't be Trump who declares it...he is definitely NOT in charge in Washington, if he ever was.

Penny said...

There won't be a declaration of war- not officially, that is.

But the declaration has been made- the open and abundant arming of PKK/YPG was that declaration.

I'm not sure that Erdogan has an option to choose?
Perhaps Turkey and it's leadership is on it's own- Not because Russia and the US are allied.
Because it's now every man/nation for themselves and the cards will fall as they may?

That's the way I'm seeing it- No reason to remove Assad anymore- He is weak. The Kurds intend to take 30 percent of Syria- they have stated it. they will control the bulk of the water and oil
Israel will control the rest and Syria as it is today is done.

As Petrus said "Syria has effectively been ‘chopped up’ by competing imperial and regional powers leading to a possible confrontation among major powers"

I agree wholeheartedly. Don't be offended GC by my saying this, but, Russia isn't there just to help an ally, They are their to help themselves- they can't save Syria and they won't..

All that's left is to fight for a share- The biggest risk is to Turkey- which is why they are pretty much on their own.

That's why I see no side choosing option for that nation- Russia might assist, but, only go so far with that assistance..

I guess my idea/vision of what is occurring is different then most others- shrugs shoulders- Gotta call it as I see it

greencrow said...

I can't be offended by geopolitical analyses of others...each of us sees it differently and that's a good thing...we each contribute to the whole of understanding. Russia has always made it clear that it is in Syria to protect its own interests...the naval base at Tartus and to liquidate the Western-funded terrorists that will ultimately threaten Russia itself. I don't see Assad as being weak. He has immense "soft power"...which, of course, is completely disregarded by USrael---because they have NO soft power. Everybody in the world hates them. I don't see Russia abandoning Syria to be chopped up...all reports are that Syria and its allies have won or are close to winning the war. That is why the West is trying to get one last attack on Syria off the ground...looking for pretexts, etc.

No, I see it as Russia/Putin drawing a line in the sand and needing (for self-preservation) to defend the rule and principles of international law--as it applies to the sovereignty of nations and the rule of the United Nations as the sole arbiter. They will fight against any Western assault on Syria.

Putin would be very stupid (and he is not a stupid man) to suddenly abandon all the principles he has defended, all the allies he has made in the region and around the world, all the "soft power" and trust he has earned...everything...for some very temporary advantage (if that) or due to fear of a show down with the West. That is coming anyway...even if he caves...so he might as well gather his forces and fight.