Friday, April 28, 2017

Square Clouds - Record Rains - Weather Warfare

I've been putting off posting this topic for days now...mainly because the topic is so "over the top" that even I hesitate to give credibility to such a diabolic "conspiracy theory" ...that someone...probably the "usual suspects" are messing around with Planet Earth's weather.  But the above photo seems to provide incontrovertible evidence.  Square Clouds?!  How could THAT happen?

Surely, the weather on the west coast, and in other parts of the world...has been breaking all records.  Here in Vancouver, month after month, we've been shattering records for rainfall and cloud cover.  Today it is overcast with a few breaks...we're considering ourselves lucky.  Our berry crops are weeks behind.

Across the prairies, farmers are concerned about delays in planting crops: 

April snowfall in parts of Canada's prairies has halted efforts to harvest more than 2 million acres (809,370 hectares) of grain leftover from 2016, delaying spring planting in some areas by at least two weeks. ...

...Snow still has to melt in parts of Saskatchewan, and there is a lot of moisture and ruts on the fields, which could also delay harvesting of the grains, oilseeds and pulses left from last year, said Shannon Friesen, acting cropping management specialist for Saskatchewan's agriculture ministry....
"We just keep getting hammered with these snowstorms," Friesen said by phone from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. "It's not the most ideal conditions for this time of year."

California, which had suffered years of drought, is suddenly enjoying overflowing water reservoirs as the northern sierra breaks records for the wettest year ever.  How fortuitous.   But the staggering, record-breaking amounts of precipitation in the North West over the past 6 months have been accompanied by some weird radar readings in the weather stations.  Amazingly, it has been associated with "square clouds":

Not only are these extremely powerful transmissions completely disrupting weather and climate patterns, all life forms within the rapidly expanding broadcast zones are being exposed to these verifiably dangerous and damaging signals. What visible effect can the RF transmissions have on cloud system formations? The recently taken NASA satellite image below is an example. 90 degree angles with straight sides do not exist naturally in nature, such phenomenon are the result of massive geoengineering operations"

This is where even conspiracy theorist "angels fear to tread".  Are there some diabolical entities that are deliberately screwing around with the clouds and the world's weather to bring rain to some favoured geographic locations while condemning other places to environmental catastrophe?  The fact of the matter is that the US government has engaged in weather modification since 1953:

Not a conspiracy theory: U.S. government has engaged in weather modification since 1953

A recent article in New York Times Magazine of April 18, 2017, asks if it’s O.K. “to tinker with the environment to fight climate change”.

Tinkering with the environment is another way of saying “weather modification“.

The NYT article by Jon Gertner describes Harvard professor David Keith’s proposal of a continuous “solar engineering” project to slow down global warming, at a cost of $1 billion a year, by flying ten Gulfstream jets around the world, spraying 25,000 tons of liquid sulphur gas. The gas will condense into airborne particles that scatter sunlight and so reduce global warming. Keith argues such a project is technologically feasible, but is concerned, as he puts it, about “the ethics about messing with nature.”

What neither Keith nor reporter Gertner seems to know (or pretend they don’t know) is that the U.S. government has been engaged in “tinkering with the environment” or weather modification since 1953, as revealed in a recently uncovered 784-page U.S. Senate report, Weather Modification: Programs, Problems, Policy, and Potential (U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington: May 1978).

Here are some highlights from that report:

(1) The U.S. government has been doing weather modification since 1953 (p. v of Weather Modification):

In a letter addressed to Dr. Norman A. Beckman, Acting Director, Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress, Sen. James B. Pearson wrote: “weather modification projects have been operational for nearly 25 years and have been shown to have significant potential for preventing, diverting, moderating, or ameliorating the adverse effects of such weather related disasters and hazards”. Pearson’s “greatest concern” is “regarding the lack of a coordinated Federal weather modification policy and a coordinated and comprehensive program for weather modification research and development.” It is that concern that prompted Sen. Pearson to ask the Congressional Research Service to prepare the Weather Modification: Programs, Problems, Policy, and Potential report..."

We're all familiar by now with chemtrails and the spraying of coal dust mixed with aerosols and other chemicals (including lithium!) in all the skys over Western countries.  The US government has never formally admitted this very expensive aeronautical geoengineering program is an effort to manipulate the amount of sunlight reaching earth, disperse chemicals and toxins into the atmosphere (for whatever reasons).  It is also effective at terrorizing the populations, who have to stare up at "plaid" skys on a sunny day.

Geoengineering Terrorism

I have posted on this blog about chemtrails several times in the past.  Here's a recent link that addresses the ramping up of the geoengineering of our atmosphere:

The ongoing global climate engineering operations are constantly being ramped up to ever higher levels, the all out assault against Earth's natural systems is relentless and growing. The geoengineers have for decades manipulated the flow of precipitation on our planet. The weather makers decide where it will rain, and where not. They decide how toxic the rain will be, or not. Who gave them this right? Though California has received significant precipitation this year in many locations, a great deal of additional rain is still being migrated over the state in order to be utilized by the climate engineers for their toxic operations further inland. The precipitation radar animation loop below is a glaring case in point. A very powerful radio frequency/microwave transmitter is located near the California coast just south of Eureka. This transmitter is constantly used to disperse the moisture from incoming storm systems..."

Recently, a few solitary legislators are trying to drag the government out into the open on this topic and to initiate legislation to curb the regime's insatiable lust for environmental control, manipulation and destruction.  But this seems to have merely spurred the government on to more draconian and diabolical "square" clouds and "global dimming".
The creation of a "global dimming" scenario is a primary objective of geoengineering/SRM/CAE programs. Though overall atmospheric relative humidity has been declining as a result of climate engineering and global dimming (creating protracted drought in countless regions around the globe), catastrophic deluges and flooding are also increasing. The global climate engineering assault has completely derailed and disrupted the planetary hydrological cycle creating countless weather whiplash scenarios. The ongoing global climate engineering insanity must be fully exposed and halted, this is the great imperative. All of us need to make our voices heard in this most critical battle
Now we have a new phenomena called "global dimming", which is the deliberate creation of drought in targeted areas for a political agenda.  When we, here in Vancouver, were subjected to weeks of monsoon-like rain storms in the past few months...the thought did occur to me more than once:  What country is having its rain stolen?  I did suspect that the biblical deluge was rain which "belonged" to another geographic location.  It was "artificially" being "redirected" towards the West Coast.  Now, the Pacific Northwest has always been a "rain forest" so we've always had an abundance of precipitation.  But the rain that fell in the past few months was something completely different and new.  It was torrential, relentless and cataclysmic...record-breaking so it appeared "artificial" in that respect.  Now I know what it's called--"global dimming".  IMO, the rain was stolen from the Korean peninsula...which has coincidentally been suffering the worst drought in modern history (100 years).  Here is the proof from none other than that "liar par excellence", the BBC.

"Drought in North Korea Worst in Century"

h/t See More Rocks

The 2015 El Nino was North Korea’s worst drought in a century, an extraordinary stressor on the 70% of the nation’s population, which is food insecure. Crop yields plunged by 20%, and 25,000 children required immediate treatment for malnutrition.

As the Australian Bureau of Meteorology states in its current El Nino Watch, “The pattern of very warm ocean conditions in the far eastern Pacific but neutral conditions overall is unusual. International climate models suggest the steady warming of the tropical Pacific Ocean is likely to continue in the coming months.”

And in terms of Arctic Amplification, according to published research in the journal Nature “severe winters across East Asia are associated with anomalous warmth in the Barents–Kara Sea region” with “regional warming over the Arctic Ocean…accompanied by the local development of an anomalous anticyclone and the downstream development of a mid-latitude trough. The resulting northerly flow of cold air provides favourable conditions for severe winters.”

So in the months ahead, an all-out NGO fracas on the Korean peninsula could be further punctuated by an El Nino-enhanced drought, and in winter, a warm Barents-Kara sea could result in a stuck jet stream and dislodged polar vortex–making winter humanitarian operations an icy humanitarian hell. [Ref ReliefAnalysis on UN Dispatch regarding the challenge of winter operations in Syria.]

What a coinkydynk!  The very country that has been targeted for destruction by the USrael deep state MIC controlled regime has been...wait for it...suffering the worst drought in 100 years!  Not only that...but the engineered drought devastation is wreaking havoc on four continents.  Read the following excerpt from a report by Geoengineering Watch and I will have some final thoughts in comments to follow:

Killer droughts (that are a direct result of climate engineering) are decimating countless regions around the planet. Brazil, Puerto Rico, Australia, Africa, Russia, The US, the Philippines, and the Caribbean to name a few. The power structure and the geoengineers who do their bidding have humanity by the throat and they are not about to let go. They control the flow of water and the toxicity of the air we breath. Those who print the money are controlling the fate of planet Earth and all life on it, so far populations have stood by and let it happen. It is up to each and every one of us to get involved with this all important battle to bring the climate engineering omnicide to the light of day before all is lost. Exposing and halting climate engineering must be our top priority. If the weather warfare assault is not stopped soon, nothing else will matter. When communicating this issue to elected officials, meteorologists, media, etc (that are publicly denying the lethal geoengineering issue), they should be informed in writing that the public will likely hold them accountable as accomplices in the climate engineering crimes and cover-up once the population is fully awakened to reality. When geoengineering is brought to an end, we will have many other challenges to face, but stopping climate engineering is the first step on which all others depend. Make your voice heard in this most critical fight.

Yes, it is NO coincidence that the areas suffering from artificially contrived droughts are those same areas targeted by the Satanic, neocon, globalist, warmongering Ziofascist perps for destruction.  But it gets even more insidious.  Around the same time I spotted the links and the information above, I came across a couple of excellent videos in "From the Trenches" blog.  These are short interviews with a biochemist, Dr. Stephanie Seneff.  In these fascinating videos, Seneff gives us a glimpse into the complex relationship between the sun and our human biochemistry.  Lack of sunshine can lead to loss of crucial enzymes that protect us from chronic and fatal diseases like autism, cancer and dementia, to name a few. (No wonder they were assassinating biologists a year or so ago).

Biochemist Dr. Stephanie Seneff
has novel theories connecting
the sky/sun with human enzyme production
Part I

Biochemist Dr. Stephanie Seneff
Sunlight is essential to human
metabolism Part II

So, finally, connecting all the dots, the Satanists are fucking around with Planet Earth's weather.  Why?  Because it is evil and they they do.  If something is evil, the evildoers simply cannot resist doing it.  Why? for example do they blackmail politicians by compromising them with satanic child sacrifice?  Because they's as simple as that.  And they will continue to fuck around with the weather, with nukes, with satanic child abuse and with bombing vulnerable countries into rubble until we stop them.  Will we stop them?  In time?  Now readers know why I avoided this is like looking into the black hole of hell..the inferno..or into the black minds of the most evil perps in the universe. Have a good day.


Greg Bacon said...

I've seen cloud patterns that was no way natural. One was 4 chevron stripes that was several hundred yards wide and maybe 1 mile long. The 'cloud' would move, then stop, move, then stop and moved again before finally dissipating. And the stripes were perfectly formed, like they were taken off the sleeve of a Sargent.

And the chemtrails... Nearly every day, there's so damn many that when they expand, the whole sky is covered in their sickly-looking white stuff.

Yes, the climate has drastically changed over the millennia, but over thousands of years, not in three decades, which is what's been going on here in the Midwest.

The Winters of old are gone, replaced by anemic ones with not much snow and no numbing cold. In fact, it usually gets warm enough in January for the trees to start budding. Lawns that no longer need mowing by mid-October--due to the cold--are now still being mowed in December.

And the torrential rains. Where are these monsoons coming from, where we get hit with 4-9" of rain in one afternoon?

There's something going on and it don't have anything to do with Nature.

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

People are waking up to the evil machinations...but the perps are always one step ahead. I'm worrying about huge herds of reindeer in Siberia, suddenly dropping dead. Will the sheeple wake up when that happens to humans in our cities?

Anonymous said...

Well written article, good info too.

Penny said...

Interesting GC:

I've noticed for years the temperatures have been consistently cooler overall- Not hotter as claimed by the AGW crowd (Because real science is observable and that is what I have observed myself- being outdoors always and a gardener)

This fall was so cold the ice wine grapes were harvested before winter kicked in- then we had a milder winter- but compared to the last three extremely frigid record, cold for months, winters anything is mild- however spring has been cool- It is May 29th and there are no leaves on the trees- nadda

This has occurred for years now- there were times we would have leaves in March, but most certainly by now, always- hasn't been like that for years

Another thing that has come with the rains, and the cold, is the great lakes levels are higher- 'lack of evaporation' is keeping the levels high- their flooding surrounding areas- saw in the US they were sand bagging to prevent erosion from the high levels- we often go down to a beach in Port Colborne and the lake levels being higher is apparent (from fencing positioning)

As for weather modification- it's gone on for years. However it's most common locally, but, since weather operates on a global scale, what affects modifications done locally have on the wider scale is beyond me. Contrary to common AGW memes weather/climate can vary from locale to locale based on winds, land formations etc
there are micro climates within macro climate zones- stuff like that

"All five Great Lakes are now experiencing high water due mostly to heavy spring rains and an early snow melt, experts say"

Central Canada just got a good snow dump!

This is exactly opposite what the AGW liars said would happen- I'm suspecting were in a cooling trend- Honestly, when I think about our new carbon taxes cooling make so much sense because you can grab all kinds of taxes when heating is required for longer and longer periods of time

btw: I notice Environment Canada is limiting access to temperature data- to the past ten years- I tried to access the historical data for my city and guess what?
It's gone!
Control the information- control the understanding/perception-reality
Canada worsens daily as a nation- it doesn't improve at all

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Yes, observable data and witnesses were downgraded over the past 20 or so years. Now only "experts" can tell us what we're experiencing. And all environmental data has become more secretive. Remember when we used to get radiation readings? Not any more since Fukushima. BTW did you check your gmail lately? I sent you an e-mail.