Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Conspiracy Theory - Posted by Request...Money for Nothing or, Nice Work if you can get it

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced
Monday that three locations in the province
that will be a part of the
basic income pilot program. (Kelly Bennett/CBC)

The other day, an acquaintance came up to me and said that he had a "Conspiracy Theory" for me.  This fellow knows that I am a conspiracy theorist and a blogger.  He said something he saw in the news recently reminded him of that fact and he made a mental note to tell me about it the next time he saw me.  His "conspiracy theory" is the following:  He saw on the TV News that the Premier of the Province of Ontario is launching a "three year pilot project" to provide a guaranteed income to selected low-income individuals.  One of the chosen cities for the project will be Hamilton, Ontario.

Well, the idea of a guaranteed income is, as most Canadians know, a "pie in the sky" idea that comes and goes with each election cycle.  Nice work if you can get it...money for nothing...is something we all would like to have...but it is rarely, if ever, offered by the government.  Welfare, is only given to the very poor...or very rich (corporate welfare bums, dontchaknow).

But, this political boondoggle wasn't the entire "conspiracy theory" that my friend was driving at.  So read the report from the CBC below and then I will connect the dots between the "money for nothing" and another government shady maneuver:

"...Basic income finds support on right as 'most transparent' form of redistribution

Free-market economists Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek supported the idea

From the CBC

On Monday, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the province is launching a three-year pilot project to provide up to $17,000 to 4,000 low-income residents of Hamilton, Lindsay and Thunder Bay. The current welfare system in Ontario is designed to provide financial relief to low-income individuals, provided they are attempting to look for work or will take part in activities to help them find a job.

The financial assistance from this pilot project, based on a report delivered by former Conservative senator Hugh Segal, would come with no strings attached.
'Certain minimum income for everyone'

It's an idea that, in some form, was championed by Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek, who wrote about "the assurance of a certain minimum income for everyone, or sort of floor below which nobody need fall."


So, there you have it, folks.  The government is going to give out money for nothing.  But who are the likely lucky recipients of this lucre?  Well, according to my friend, there was another news story that was broadcast at nearly the same time as the free money story.  Coinkydynk?  I think not.  Hamilton is one of the Canadian cities that has become the new home for some of the thousands of Syrian Refugees that have been brought into Canada.

Here is a video posted to the City of Hamilton Website

Again...please read the following news story, again from the CBC which provides the numbers of Syrian Refugees being settled in Hamilton.  Brush up on the numbers involved and I'll have some final thoughts in comments to follow:

Syrian refugees in Hamilton: by the numbers

Report from Wesley Urban Ministries outlines demographics of Syrian refugees now living in Hamilton

Nearly half of the 982 government assisted Syrian refugees that have resettled in Hamilton are under the age of 10.
This information, and other statistical data about the newly arrived refugees, can be found in the latest resettlement progress report by Wesley Urban Ministries, published late last month.

The report outlines a variety of different demographics, including age, gender, family size, languages spoken, level of education and more. The intent of the report is to give community service providers more information about the newcomers to improve the level support the Syrians receive as they resettle in Hamilton.

Since the arrival of government assisted Syrian refugees began in Hamilton on Dec. 21, 2015, more than 900 of them have been given permanent housing.
By the numbers
There are a total of 196 families
There are six single-parent households. All of them are female.
The average family size is five.
There are 8 or more people in 20 of the families.
There are a total of 20 single individuals, without family.
There are a total of 12 individuals with disabilities, requiring accessible accommodations.
Of the 982 Syrian arrivals in Hamilton, nearly one third are between the ages of 25 and 59.
There are a few gut reactions that I have to the above story.  I will give them in bullet form:

-   I used to live in Hamilton for six months, back in the '60's and hated the place.  It is a union steel town and is just a glorified suburb of Toronto.

-   Knowing what I know about Hamilton, you couldn't PAY me to live there...but I'm sure the Syrians...or whoever gets the free lucre...will stay there for as long as the project is in place (three years) and then get the hell out...they would probably prefer to return to their homes and villages in Syria...if the Western funded proxy terrorist armies hadn't turned them into rubble.

-  That Kathleen Wynne is very mannish looking...oops did I say something wrong?

-  My final comment is that it looks as though the Federal/Provincial governments are trying to pull the wool over Canadians' eyes again.  If they are going to "choose" the Syrian refugees to be part of the pilot project...why can't they come out and say that they're going to give these refugees free money?...instead of passing it off as an innovative economic "pilot project".  C'mon. And, finally, we all know that there is no free lunch.  What are Federal and Provincial governments going to expect these very grateful and dependent (on the good will of the government) recipients to give the governments in return?

I posed this question to my friend who made the suggestion for this post and he replied: "Their Vote?"  I said, "Yes, that...and perhaps showing their faces in some ads and videos (see for example the video above)...and maybe they can even be hired for demonstrations...perhaps even rent-a-crowd/"crisis actors"."

"Conspiracy Theory" or not, I will be keeping an eye on this situation to see if the Syrian Refugees will, in fact, be chosen for the free money "pilot project".  In the meantime, I really do wish Western Governments would stop fomenting wars and making life unbearable in far off lands...so that people can stay in their own homes and countries.  There are Canadians, particularly those indigenous First Nations living in the far north...who could use the "free money" (aka our hard-earned taxes) to construct proper housing, provide safe drinking water and other much needed and long promised health programs for their children and families.

Dire Straits singing "Money for Nothing"


    Penny said...

    Hamilton's steel town days are long gone.. but it is a suburb of Toronto-

    That said "suburbs of Toronto" continue outward in every direction- including to where I reside..
    The housing market is now insane in my city-sky high prices- houses selling for more then asking and staying about one or two weeks on the market.

    Anyone within two hours of drive time in all directions is becoming a suburb of Toronto

    regarding the "refugees" receiving the money- Entirely likely!
    They have to get them off their allowance- as generous as it is- and moving them onto the guaranteed income would be a smooth PR move

    while the natives and all the rest of us canadian born get royally srewed over

    as you know we've been having our own finacial difficulties
    hubby and I joke about claiming refugee status after 30 plus years of funding the system that hasn't got the time of day for us middle age white folk.

    greencrow said...

    Hi Penny:

    Thanks for your comment on this story. I am unfamiliar with Ontario politics, having left my home province way back in 1974 for the West Coast. If true, this story could rightfully rile some Canadians. The cost of living is going through the roof in Canada and Canadian families are struggling from sea to sea. The part that really pisses me off that I didn't even mention (there obviously would be no link to support)is that the refugees that come to Canada are likely the "moderate rebel" type of Syrian...that is actually anti-Assad and anti sovereign Syria. These refugees are being supported in Canada with the agenda that, should the West finally topple Assad and create a puppet state in Syria...these "refugees" and/or their descendants, having been thoroughly brainwashed in Canada, could then return to Syria and take up positions in the future puppet government. This is an old ploy and is now being acted out by Chrystia Freeland, our diplomatically crippled Foreign Minister, who, being the descendent of a Nazi collaborator in Ukraine...is now spouting anti Russian and Pro Kiev Junta drivel...on the Canadian taxpayer's dime.

    What I'm saying here is these refugees and/or their descendants could likely cause a lot of trouble down the road. At the very least, they certainly are not helping Syria during its time of need.