Thursday, April 6, 2017

UPDATED: Colin Powell and Donald Trump - Separated at Birth?

UPDATE:  April 6, 2017 - Breaking News:  Pentagon sources say that the US could strike Syria with an Air Attack as soon as tonight.  They have to strike while the WMD lies are still hot and steaming.  Before the facts get in the way of a good story...or, in this case, a World War.

Colin Powell lying about WMD to UN
prior to Regime Change Invasion of Iraq

Trump Just Lied to American People
about WMD as pretext to Regime
Change Invasion in Syria?

The kindest conclusion you can draw from Trump's latest shocking about-face re his electoral pronouncements against US foreign wars for Syrian Regime Change is that, as the Saker said (and I quoted in my post of yesterday) he's "stupid".  Stupid and be exact.  Trump spent much of his recent presidential election campaign denouncing the US Bush government's 2003 decision to invade Iraq--based on false claims that Saddam had WMD and was "gassing his own people".  Now, Trump is saying the exact same thing about Syrian President Bashar al Assad without evidence and without an investigation.

Stupidity?  Or, Blackmail?

It could be stupidity...but I'm leaning towards a Quantum of Blackmail (great title for a James Bond movie).  Jim Stone and other extreme truthers often speculate that Israel has planted nuclear "dirty bombs" in major US cities [and throughout the world]...probably in Israeli embassies...and have been waging a blackmail campaign on successive leaders to do what they say Or.....  This would explain Trump's sudden 180 degree in foreign policy--from would be Peacemaker to Middle East Warmonger.

The other theory I'm leaning towards is that there's something toxic in the White House Water Supply.  But, then, that doesn't account for the equally stupid remarks being made by Secretary of State Tillerson and UN envoy Nicki Haley. 

During my recent visit to the city of Da Nang, Vietnam, our guide was a 24 year old Vietnamese woman.  She was very sociable, smart and had her own guide business...rated #1 in Vietnam.  During our tour in her van, we engaged her in discussions about the Vietnam War.  She was very careful and circumspect in her responses...not wanting to offend her "Western" customers.  Canadians are generally regarded as Americans in the far east.  She told us that the Vietnamese had "moved past" the 60/70's US war on Vietnam and didn't hold a grudge.  But then she tried to explain the war in a very interesting way.  She blamed it on the lack of communication between the Presidents of Vietnam and the US.  She said the President [or leader] of Vietnam had written a letter to the President of the US just before the war...which would have, theoretically, negated the option of war...but the President of the US had "refused or neglected to read the letter".  The first time she said this I was shocked into silence.  But the second time she mentioned it as a "mistake" and an excuse...I responded:  "But, then the United States went on to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now they want to invade I don't think a letter would have prevented them from invading Vietnam.  I think that's what they doooooooo."  She did not respond to my comment.  As I say, she had either been coached or decided on her own not to rile tourist feathers.

It was certainly an eye-opener, however, for me to see how fragile the truth is, even in countries as  devastated by war as Vietnam was.   So, when Trump reneges on his electoral platform promises and repeats the shop-worn WMD lies--as a pretext to yet another destructive war...his handlers/blackmailers can be confident their evil project is back on the rails.

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From The Hill:

US launches missile strike against Syria in response to gas attack
The U.S. launched a missile strike against Syria Thursday night in response to a chemical weapons attack carried out by forces loyal to Syrian leader Bashar Assad, according to multiple media reports.

On President Trump’s orders, warships launched more than 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles against a single target, believed to be an airfield near the city of Homs where the gas attack originated.
Read the full story here