Tuesday, April 4, 2017

CawRANT Events #44 - The greencrow is BAAAAAAAAACK!

CawRANT Events #44

Good morning Everyone!!  It's a slightly overcast and cool morning on the West Coast.  Apparently, I didn't miss much weatherwise while away, as there was only one day of sunshine in the more than two weeks I was away from the Pacific Northwest!

Glad to be back blogging after an absence of more than two weeks.....the longest gap between posts since I started blogging seriously in 2013.  My partner and I enjoyed a very good and much needed break and rest... cruising South East Asia.  See the map below:

South East Asia

We travelled from Singapore up to Da Nang, Vietnam...then hop-scotched down the eastern coast of Vietnam in the South China Sea to Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon) ...around to the Thailand island of Koh Samui and then Bangkok...then back to Singapore where we spent a day sightseeing.  I must say that during our days at sea, I never saw one sign of marine life, whether porpoises, whales, fish (although we saw plenty of fish boats) or sea birds...just sayin'....

Trip highlights were:

The three hundred year old market, Hoi An, in Da Nang which is well preserved and beautifully situated on the river waterfront.  Seeing the Vietnamese happily working their fish farms and rice fields...they are a resilient and wonderfully friendly people...holding no grudges against Westerners that we could discern...forward-looking and proud of their independence.  There was an impressive Buddhist shrine in a former marble mine called "Marble Mountain".  Wonderful, huge statues of Buddha were encased in impossible crevasses in the mine. I hope to showcase these and my other trip photos in a new "Special Page" called "The Spirit of South East Asia" in the coming weeks or month...once I get a bit more settled and get my photos sorted and edited.

Saigon (while the formal name has been changed to Ho Chi Minh City...the locals still call it "Saigon") was busy and undergoing a stunning development in construction...cranes were everywhere.  Boom is based on foreign investment!  Much infrastructural work remains to be done, however, as electrical cords were everywhere...clogging the streets, hanging threateningly low over the sidewalks.  The people swarmed the roads on motorbikes...driving dangerously fast...the adults wore helmets...but not the babies they carried loosely in their arms!

We rode a motorized boat in Bangkok, Thailand just like James Bond did in one of the movies. It was an exciting ride up and down the ancient city canals.  Two highlights of our trip to Thailand were the elephant rides and watching the elephant show in a coliseum where about 20 or so elephants raced around with their handlers, simulating battles, basketball games, bowling and soccer.  The elephants were brought over to the edge of the fence holding back the crowds of tourists and begged for paper money...which they deftly picked up with their trunks and handed to their handlers...they also begged for bananas which they woofed down...knowing the difference between the two.  Asian elephants, unlike African elephants, apparently, are very friendly and docile.  They used to be employed in the logging industry but have been replaced by machines.  There are only about 5,000 elephants left in Thailand...most in captivity.

The last highlight of the trip was the City of Singapore.  I knew about this city's reputation for being "State of the Art", innovative and a very clean "concrete jungle".  What I didn't know...and was very surprised by...was the greenery.  The entire city is one big garden.  Singapore imported a lot of acacia trees from South Africa.  These huge, beautiful trees line all the streets.  What the Singapore city gardeners do is plant big ferns of all kinds in the crevasses of the trees...so each tree is a garden within itself and no two are alike!  We went on a wonderful "hop-on-hop-off" bus tour of the city and stopped at a world class botanical garden.  I wanted to hop off and see this spectacular display...but there was no time.  Luckily we didn't because an hour later there was a tropical deluge that came without warning and soaked the city ...no wonder it's so green.  Like Vietnam, Singapore is enjoying a building and development boom, thanks to foreign investment.  Having long run out of space on the original island, what the citizens of the City State have done is level the mountains and filled in the shoreline to increase the land mass by 25%.  They are now importing sand in order to reclaim yet more land.  So it is not just China doing land reclamation in South East Asia...although that is all we seem to hear about.

We travelled by China Air and I was impressed by the service.  Speaking of China, The smaller neighbouring countries, like Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore all seem to view China as the "big boogyman" just like Canadians like myself regard the US....overly big and bullying.  And the countries of Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore are very competitive amongst themselves.  Interestingly, the US, especially in Vietnam, is regarded much more benignly than is China.  Several Vietnamese guides told us outright that they preferred the US to China.  Who knew!!!?

Well, now that I'm back in Canada, here is a smattering of Canadian Newz

From the CBC:

102 people died from drug overdoses in B.C. last month

That amounts to an average of more than 3.6 deaths every day

CBC News Posted: Mar 17, 2017 10:28 AM PT Last Updated: Mar 17, 2017 11:21 AM PT

Of the February 2017 deaths:

Men accounted for just over 83 per cent.
Individuals age 30-49 accounted for over half (53 per cent) of the deaths.
Vancouver, Surrey and Kelowna are the top locations for fatalities.
None occurred at supervised consumption sites.
Nearly 90 per cent of deaths happened inside, whether that be at a home or another building
Last year, 914 people in B.C. died from an illicit overdose. In June, Lapointe said overdose deaths had become the leading cause of unnatural death in the province, surpassing motor vehicle crashes.

With the latest numbers, the total for 2017 is now at 218."

The world is surely dragging its feet finding out who "Mr. Big" is in this drug epidemic...but in the US, the pharmaceutical companies are being sued in an unprecedented lawsuit. Russia is beginning to speak out and, tellingly, Russian Federation Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov recently blamed NATO.

Lavrov blames NATO for worldwide opioid epidemic

This, to my knowledge, is the first time a line was drawn connecting the dots between the opioid crisis and the US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan.  Makes sense to me.  Gary Webb told us several decades ago that the US government was the biggest purveyor of illicit drugs in the world.  We didn't think they were going to give up that pig's trough THAT easily, now did we???

So citizens in affected western countries, like Canada, are just left holding the bag and dealing with the social costs associated with the big financial "killing" made by the CIA "Mr. Big".  Social costs like homeless youthHere is a CBC article postulating that regular families should start taking homeless youth into their own homes.

I beg to disagree. If you think offering a homeless youth your spare bedroom is a good idea...think again!  Having spent years working with homeless youth here in BC I warn everyone NOT to take them into their homes.  It is a recipe for disaster.  These youth are invariably damaged and very angry.  Being kind to them just makes them angrier.  They resent kindness and good behavior because it triggers memories of how they were abused in their early years.  They will lash out with acts of vandalism, violence and theft.  Youth subjected to child abuse need specialized care and residential requirements.  Trained caregivers are a MUST!  Ironically, homeless, abused youth will fare better in basic, no frills housing.  It will not trigger them as much.  And they need counselling and special programs to meet their needs,  Here is:

A better solution

Iceland has come up with a special program to tackle teen substance abuse.  I agree with the program described in this article.

Still on Canadian Newz, I see our dingbat pro-NAZI Canadian foreign minister is still in the newz:

Freeland Appointment as Canada's Foreign Minister - Catastrophe Update

Pro-Russian blogger John Helmer is following her antics closely....as no doubt the Russian government is as well.  What a disaster this appointment is for "le Dauphin" Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  So unnecessary and so unwanted by Canadians who voted for a "reset" of Canada/Russian Foreign Relations in the past election.  The world is taking note and Canada's international reputation is taking yet another totally gratuitous "hit".  When will the humiliation end?

Moving on to International Newz

Usual Suspects Bomb Train Station in St. Petersburg, Russia

Like clockwork, the relentless terrorism by the usual suspects against upstart, independent Russia keeps ticking away.  Yesterday, the BBC reports with glee the latest terrorist bomb attack...this time in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Blogger Penny of Penny for your thoughts gives an excellent, early recount of what actually happened, according to various news sources. Hours later, the deceased suicide bomber was identified by 21st Century Wire:

Kyrgyzstan’s State Committee for National Security said in a statement that one suspect behind the bombing is a Kyrgyz-born Russian national it identified as Akbarzhon Jalilov.
The Kyrgyz intelligence agency said Russian authorities informed them about the man, aged between 21 and 22, but they were not aware of his specific role in the bombing. The intelligence agency said it is co-operating with Russian authorities to help the investigation..."

Different spelling of last name in The Duran:
The Russian Investigative Committee has identified the suicide bomber responsible for yesterday’s terrorist attack on the St. Petersburg Metro. 22 year old Akbarzhon Dzhalilov, a native of Kyrgyzstan, blew him self up killing 14 and wounding 47 in the attack using a bomb filled with shrapnel..."

Forgive me for asking, but is Jalilov/Dzhalilov a [ususual suspects'] name?

Stephen Lendman notes the interesting dichotomy between the way the western media responds to Russian vs. Western terrorist acts.  I already commented on that... when I used the word "glee" to describe the inevitable BBC slant...have you ever seen a media outlet rub its hands?

Speaking of that disgusting purveyor of prevarication...the BBC...here is another recent headline from yesterday concerning the latest false flag perpetrated by the so-called "White Helmets":

BBC Still World's Biggest Liar...Still Selling Vile Canard About Assad "Gassing Own People"

Finally, I will end this post with some updates from Science Newz

National Weather Service Caught Rigging Storm Data         

The above video supports my long-held contention that the "weather" is a black ops program and that the "carbon tax" is an effort to pay for this every expensive method of punishing and rewarding nations all over this poor, benighted, doomed planet.

Just when you thought that mankind had solved the serious problem of how to create a romantic ambiance without burning the house down...by way of those fake "tea light" candles....the inventor of the lithium ion batteries has revealed that ALL LITHIUM ION BATTERIES WILL EVENTUALLY EXPLODE!

And of course....nanotechnology...that technology that astoundingly, is potentially more destructive of humanity than nuclear technology has ever been...has developed a DNA "sleeper cell"

....Almost makes me yearn to be back in Nha Trang, Vietnam, sitting in that tropical "fruit tree garden" sipping tea and listening to the singing birds.  But it's good to be back home.  Have a great day, and bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Is my mind playing tricks or did you edit.
The elephant story with touching the trunk?
Litter all over,babies??
I was thinking while reading.
Quick,be an AMERIKAN and turn them in.
You are to be a judgemental and bullying Amerikan.
Yes i am in Asia and these people are free and happy and it is making me unhappy
Please send someone over and give them a court appearance.
I digress
You are so lucky to travel
My only travel is the travel channel
Normally or used to be Samantha Brown or Anthony Bourdain
I try to watch pbs Steve??Europe,too much to handle
Although i do dispise Bourdain and his drinking and cursing
I swear he is CIA OR one of those organizations
I swear he belongs or works for??
That is how i travel
I will live through you if you post your fun with your buddy
At least your enjoying travel
I have not been on vacation in over thirty years
Boring to the core
It looks like no big deal?
I just saw this on elephants
It was posted by juanjuan
I believe juan is my Spanish name
And i said oh boy
I must foward to you,
remembering what you said about the guide said touch here,but you want to touch there and you had your moment
I thought maybe this was another??
Maybe you posted it???
In either case
Here is the elephant video
Short clip
maybe you like
Maybe you met him??


I have thoughts on the drug epidemic and weather
but i think i typed tooo much
Maybe i send later
It does not matter?
Thank you

greencrow said...

Hi Anony:

No, your mind is not playing tricks. I edited the post. I am always editing...because I make a lot of grammatical and syntactic errors which only reveal themselves AFTER publishing.

It might seem as though I am bragging when I talk about my travels...but remember, I spent a lifetime working full time and spent 15 years working full time, raising a family AND going to school in the evening to get two degrees...so I put in my hard time. As God would have it, I have been given a few years to enjoy the fruits of my labout...having survived a bout of cancer about 20 years ago.

I will look at your elephant clip.


Ed(itor) said...

Welcome back.,

Anonymous said...

No,you are not bragging
You have the right too
Lots of people travel
Seems like the educated travel the most
Common folks vacation near by and think it was grand
My moms friend had cancer long ago and she did not make it
I gave her a pile of books on cancer in hopes she would make it
This was back in the eighties
She died
The one thing she did say,was she was scared
That elephant clip was from Thailand
I never re read my typing and i know i make mistakes
Makes me feel dumb
But i am still filled with pride.
Like i said
My travels are with the travel channel on cable
I did all my travel with Samantha Brown
A cute dork
Now she is hawking luggage on the home shopping network
But lately i Travel with Bourdain
That is the closest i will get to a far off place
And you said you put a special page
I said
I will probably look and live through your tour
I AM HAPPY you had a great trip
I saw your video blog and put a face to this blog
You look nice
Meaning a nice woman
I am happy for you
That is why i gave you my name

greencrow said...

You are welcome, John. I watched the video of the elephant with the prosthetic leg. It is good to know that elephants are treated relatively well in Thailand, where most of the remaining Asian Elephants reside. The first Elephant sanctuary we visited was a bit rough and the elephants had to walk on very steep, muddy terrain. The next one was just a flat pathway in an urban garden setting...but the elephants appeared cleaner. All the elephants we met in Thailand were very friendly and appeared highly intelligent. They seemed to enjoy interacting with the tourists. The handlers told us that elephants are so intelligent that they HAVE to work...or they will decline.

I hope to start putting together my special page on South East Asia photographs soon. I have a new IPhone and took pictures with that...but now have to figure out how to transfer them over to my laptop...technology is the Bain of my existence!

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

It's good to be back and thanks! I see from your blog you've been "manning the fort" well.


Anonymous said...

You also mentioned growth,infastructure and construction projects.
Same thing has been going on around here.
That is all they talk about
Tons of projects in Boston.
My parents home town of Billerica Ma
just started on a new high school and at the same time a major road overhaul leading to the school is going on.
They just plowed through the woods with bulldozer
a handfull of houses already up
I am thinking by summer,people will be living in them
Northerntruthseeker ,your pal always talks about the economy just tanking
i typed him a few times on this until he changed his email responding ways.
Lowell Ma just built some new wings for growth and widened a bridge going over the river.
On the other side of town a new traffic pattern which some political local tv personality thinks is not gonna solve anything,along with a new courthouse and i think a new Cawley stadium
Plenty of stuff going on,building and reforming traffic patterns,i said take northerntruthseeker by the hand and show him what he is missing,soooo negative and dire,he said no life at malls.tell him about online shopping and the also black campaign by Loius Farrakhan to not shop at white stores during the holidays.
That was part of it,the other is people go online,which means less people at stores,although around here,mall lots were still active,new strip malls
He should move here and apply at Mcdougal Douglas and show them how to make jet fighters,he blogs negatively about them and there plant is in my towm.i call it a weapons of mass destruction place.quick tell Putin to bomb it,That is what Bush did in Iraq,drop bombs on weapons of mass destruction.
Anyway,he should apply and show them how to do it and seea strong economy where people are spending money and going out
The local resteraunt in town is packed every night,along with surrounding towns food eateries,smaller ones come and go,all others stick arouund.
Canada sounds like it is going through what Bush did when he was in office
fleased the country and rake in some major dough
I am sure Trump is on that same path??I do not trust business people,if you read the trade magazines or any magazines on how to be a success,it seems like a cunning way to go,teaching tactics of deceptive practices,same with politicians.that is why in my opinion,they do it with a straight face,they learned it,and think it is normal behavior,a deep thought moment
Yep,take him by the hand and show him our area of success
Patriots are winning
Bruins are winning
Celtics are winning
Red Sox will be winning
Gee it is great to live around here
Everyone is winning
Thank you
Your elephant story was nice
Thanks for your point of view

greencrow said...

Thanks for letting us know how the economy is doing in your neck of the woods, John.