Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Bird Carousel" View my latest wood carving

"Bird Carousel"  View my latest wood carving
by clicking on the above video

I have updated my greencrowcreativeresources art page to show a video of my latest wood carving...a mobile I call "Bird Carousel".

Readers are invited to check out this page from time to time to see my latest arts and crafts.  The greencrow is not "just" a conspiracy theorist blogger, dontchaknow.

This latest carving is a show stopper for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it is the first time I've been able to upload a video onto my blog from my new IPhone.  If this works, I can use it on my other pages.  The "Bird Carousel" was inspired during a Skype conversation I was having a few months ago with my sister.  She lived in Kenya at one point and collected wood carvings during her stay.  While talking with her I noted a mobile hanging above her head.  It was a wood carving of birds on a branch "carousel".  I have replicated it in the carving above, but of course my birds look nothing like the birds in her carousel...hers were larger, each one was a different species, and I believe they were also painted.  Mine are natural.  I didn't even put a stain or a wax on them because I liked the natural wood so much.  Interestingly, I don't know what type of wood my birds are carved out of because a fellow carver gave the wood to me and even HE did not know what kind of wood it was. Also, interestingly, I have been searching the local forests for another branch just like the one I found in the video above.  When looking for that branch, I found it within minutes.  But that was obviously "beginners' luck" because several days of intense searching have turned up no further suitable three-pronged branches.  I will have to search further afield, because I want to make more "Bird Carousels'".  They are quick to carve and fun to assemble.

I have had a lot of positive reaction to my "Bird Carousel", including an offer from someone to buy it from me...but it's not for sale.

*UPDATED:  I ran into my fellow carver today, the one who gave me the wood for my birds.  He says he now remembers what kind of wood it is..."spalted Maple".  This is a very valued wood for woodcarvers, due to its unique grains.  So, I'm very pleased I didn't stain or wax it.

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