Friday, April 14, 2017

Assad responds to US Aggression and Trump's "Flip/Flop"

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad
gives response to US Aggression in
his latest interview

On this Good Friday, the most somber day on the Christian Calendar, as we reflect on the modern "passion play" of good versus evil that is being staged before us, this latest video interview of Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad is yet another crucial scene.  Watch and listen as Assad scoffs at the US false flag premise for the dangerous [to global security] attack on a Syrian airfield last week. He says he doubts that there was even a real chemical attack.  The "white helmets" reported that the attack took place very early (between 4 and 6:30) in the morning while the Syrian Air force did not attack the target until between 11 and 12 noon.  Based on that time discrepancy, Assad asserts unequivocally, that Syria did not even hit a chemical storage dump of the Russia has suggested.  He thinks the entire incident is yet another hoax of the US.

Regardless, most observers have assessed the Tomahawk attack as a dismal failure. Only 23 of 59 "beautiful" weapons hit their target and the Syrian base was operational again within 48 hours.  OTOH, the base that was completely destroyed and decimated was Trump's political base back in the US.  The pressure [blackmail?] on the neophyte president must have been immense for him to overnight, completely sacrifice the grassroots support and credibility he had tortuously built up over many months last year--during one of the most brutal political campaigns in world history.  Americans who voted for Trump, based on his message to "Put America First", "Make America Great Again" and "Drain the Swam" were betrayed and, in the space of 48 hours, rendered utterly devastated in terms of confidence and belief and left abandoned/leaderless.  Most of them will probably never vote again.  That they were deemed so expendable, indicates how bankrupt the US "democracy" is.  And the "nodding bobblehead" response of Canada and the other NATO countries indicates that the citizens of those countries are equally leaderless.

Trump, in the past day or so, has made a lackluster effort to shore up his support on "Twitter" and in an interview where he insisted: "We will not be going into Syria".  The problem is that the United States is already IN Syria....northern Syria, to be exact, where it has set up an illegal military base contrary to all the norms of international law and the express wishes of the sovereign state of Syria.  Worse, there are persistent reports that the US generals are planning to invade Syria with a "50,000 army on the ground"...according to some sources.  So, summing up the world's assessment of Trump:

Who is he working for?  Thomas Friedman, head liar at the NYT, pulls down the Satanic mask and coyly admits that the Ziofascist plan is to use the USrael-created ISIS to "bleed" Syria, Russia and Iran.  What a concept?!  And, as I posted just a few days ago, the shop-worn "Hitler" demonization rubric was clumsily dragged out by White House spokesman Sean Spicer to hurl at Putin last week.  Here's a succinct video summary of the week's drama so far by James Corbett of the

The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory
Video by James Corbett of

The big question is...if most people know that it's all a stage play, cobbled together by the usual actors...why can't humanity "bring down the curtain"?   Why is humanity condemned to repeat this timeless story of evil vs good over and over and over again...until the world is blown to smithereens by the Satanists?

Something to reflect on and pray over this afternoon as we meditate on the Good Friday Gospel of St. John describing the Passion of Jesus Christ.

Bach - St. John Passion, BWV 245 - Part One  

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