Friday, April 7, 2017

Americans furious at Trump--for being duped into Neocon War for Israel

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Trump on Syria Intervention

In the aftermath of the US chickentomahawk attack on can feel the fury coming from below the border.  Americans are livid.  Smoke is coming out of their ears as they absorb the facts and implications of what Trump has done.  You will never see the guy in the video above on the M$M.  You will never hear about how furious Americans are on the M$M.  They will just show the missiles going off into the air with the US stars and stripes fluttering in the foreground, over and over.  They will baffle with bullsh!t and brainwash with repetition how "strong" Trump is now that he has bent over in the shower with the neocons and picked up the bar of soap.

But browse or surf the Internet, read the Comments Forums, and you will see the palpable fury of Americans that Trump, the man they voted for, in spite of one of the dirtiest political campaigns in world history, has deeply betrayed them...just months out of the starting gate.  They voted for him to "Put America First" and to "Make America Great Again".  Instead, he blew his wad on the first neocon false flag that came along.  Showing the US to be the world's greatest warmonger...casting the potential of "soft power" gained by international law and diplomacy aside for a fistfight in the back alley... where most of the blows missed the mark.  The victim, Syria, is back up on its feet and now playing Muhammed Ali.  Putin and Assad... are, as we type... being represented at the UNSC...taking the high road.  Neither of them took the bait left out for them last night.  The Rooskies were supposed to have retaliated...coming out with guns a-blazing for a show-down at the OK corral.  That was the script.  But the Russians (and Syrians) KNEW all they had and have to do is nothing.  The US neocons and their dupe, Trump, will spin and fume and bluster and threaten.  The Russians know that it is the American Everyman who will eventually have to take the perps down.  Only the American public has the right and the ability to rid the world of the evil Satanists.  The American people believed (mistakenly) that they had a leader that would help them in this cause...but now...after last night...they know they are on their own.  Leaderless.  And that is why they are fuming this morning.


Penny said...

Hey GC:

this isn't the end of the US taking overt action as opposed to the covert actions they've been engaged in for years- I'm expecting this to worsen
I expect the Turkish referendum may be the kicking off point for the next move, especially if the yes side wins, and it is supposed to win.. I've seen some numbers like 65/35
not the 49/51 crap like the US is pushing- and lots of Kurds will vote yes, too!

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

lol the perps love 49/51 poll numbers....all the better to fraud the referendum results! I have to admit I am unclear about the issues involved in the Turkish referendum. Could you please elucidate them? Thanks.

Penny said...

Hey GC: I'll be doing a piece on the referendum soon enough- I've some items bookmarked and will get it up sometime this week for sure!- I'm having a bit of a break from the intense blogging of the past couple of days.

greencrow said...

Ok Penny, I'll keep an eye out for that post. The shock and awe' of Trump's about-face has been very draining for all of us bloggers.