Monday, April 10, 2017

American Prepper warning Americans of coming Armageddon: "This is a 10!"

Christopher Greene of AMTV having
meltdown over Donald Trump Betrayal
h/t Seemorerocks for the video

Above, is the last in a trilogy of videos showing American men having meltdowns over the recent Betrayal by Donald Trump of his electoral mandate to "Put America First", "Drain the Swamp" and "Make America Great Again".  Video blogger and Prepper Christopher Greene is warning Americans of the coming Armageddon.

Before watching the above video I had never heard of Christopher Greene.  This is in spite of the fact that, like Greene, I've been Truth blogging for more than a decade now.  One would have thought our paths would have crossed...but nevermind.  The video above is interesting because Greene actually predicted Trump would bomb Syria/Assad several days before it he mentions several times in his RANT.  Even more interesting is Greene's prediction for the future, which he delivers towards the end of this quite long monologue.  He predicts that Trump will continue on his war mongering path and that in the coming short while there will be another "Pearl Harbour Event"...along the lines of 9/ a pretext for WWIII.  Greene says that the neocons will continue bombing Syria and that they will start a demonization campaign against Putin...accusing him of war crimes (of committing the crimes that they themselves perpetrate as false flags) and escalating to an attack on Russia "Putin must Go!" dontchaknow.

IMO, Greene is correct.  This demonization campaign against Putin has actually been going on for some time now.  When the perps stage a "Reichstag" event, blame it on the Russian leader,  call him "Hitler"....and launch a full force "NATO" response....then we'll all know the campaign has come to full flower.  Greene is convinced there will be a "Pearl Harbour Event" in the near future.  What form will that take?  Well, they've been trying to goad Russia into a military response for some time now.  Since Russia has cancelled the Memorandum of Understanding put in place to avoid military conflict in the skies over Syria...all their ducks are now in a row.  They can easily harass a Russian military jet over Syria...have the Russians respond by shooting down one or more American jets--and then declare Russia the aggressor in order to bypass the American Congress, the UN...and summarily start a nuclear war.  Watch "Dr. Strangelove...or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb" to learn the rest of the script.

The only "Fly in the Ointment" (as my mother used to say) is the fact that Americans like Greene, the other two men I've posted about recently, and millions of others... are now fully awake.  Recent reports of the US generals planning to put 150,000 soldiers in Syria are ludicrous.  You couldn't get 10,000 American soldiers to fight that war...after Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria....well, maybe you could...but like "Texas" and other ex pats...they would be fighting on the side of the opposition--to Ziofascism.  If the US could have raised an army of willing soldiers to fight Assad...they would have done it by now.  And even if the US could put an army into would most likely end up like Vietnam.  There would be no local support for the houses of refuge like the Allied Soldiers found in Holland and other countries of Europe during WWII.  The countries of Iran and Hezbollah would, on the contrary, be able to raise hundreds of thousands of willing fighters to make a last defence of what's left of the Muslim Middle East.

All of the above is simple common sense.  One would hope that knowing it, cooler heads would prevail in Washington.  Don't count on it.  Watch and listen to Greene in the video above...particularly the last five minutes or so when he makes his prediction about the "Pearl Harbour Event" and the seriousness of the situation "being a 10".  You know the guy is seeing his life pass before his eyes.


Penny said...

GC, just wanted to let you know the piece on the turkish referendum is up at my place

RickB said...

Very convincing.

greencrow said...

Hi RickB

Agreed. Especially about the coming "Pearl Harbour Event". You can just hear that time bomb ticking away....tick, tock...tick...tock.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for the heads up. I put a comment on your post.

RickB said...

And about Trump's demeanor. This guy's watching.

RickB said...

Sorry for the redundant replies but just have to add one more "and"... And his calling of Putin being framed and demonized for the gas attacks... it was happening full monty on MSNBC in the background as I was listening to this guy.

Things are happening at a lightning pace. I step away from news sources for a day... babysitting... and we're bombing Syria... kicking off WW3... another day... and they're ratcheting up the rhetoric and case for it in earnest.

Yes, and as you say... very convincing on the "Pearl Harbour Evnet" also.

greencrow said...

Hi RickB

And re Trump's "demeanor". Some fringe sources (Benjamin Fulford) are saying that Trump is being blackmailed over an old video surfacing of him murdering a ten year old girl called "Mary". Have to admit...that WOULD account for the Zombified look on his face when he threatened to "do something" to Syria.