Thursday, March 2, 2017

State of the Union - Another Week, another Perp "Pincer Movement" to Destabilize Trump Presidency

President Donald J. Trump

I watched the entire Trump State of the Union Address over the past couple of days with the idea of providing an analysis in my next post.   As often happens in US have overtaken that plan.  There is breaking news lockstep throughout the Main$tream media this morning that "pressure" (I.e. from the Deep State) is being put on newly appointed US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign his post.  There are persistent allegations that, contrary to his sworn testimony before Congress...he DID have contact with the Russian Embassy.

Today's headlines are screaming that the Senate is going to investigate the supposed Russian influence on the Trump electoral victory. The Senate didn't have the "power" to investigate 9/11...but now it's going full force to investigate the supposed Russian influence on the Trump electoral victory?  Give me a break!!!

It is evident that there is a relentless and orchestrated campaign to take Trump down piece by piece by forcing his administration officials to resign on "Trumped Up" charges of any now verboten contact with the Russian Embassy.  Why, you would think that taking a few phone calls from the Russian Ambassador was tantamount to pedophilia...which runs rampant and unreported...throughout the Washington bureaucracy.  Let's take a step back for a moment.  Russia and the US are NOT at war.  In fact, they are partners in several important global treaties and initiatives...including the International Space Station...which is circling the globe at the moment with a crew of US and Russian astronauts!  Just because the Military Industrial Complex needs a boogeyman to justify its exorbitant budget...does not mean the MIC should be able to maintain a perpetual institutional instability in the democratic administration.  One or the other.  Either stability or WAR.  Make your choice...but don't hold the American people to ransom!  If Trump gives in to this tactic...he might as well resign right now.

Now, as far as his address to the Nation last week is concerned...I thought his speech was an improvement over his recent disastrous press conference.  He stayed away from incendiary language at the very least.  But there were several fundamental inconsistencies within his statements that sooner or later will rise up and bite him in the butt.  Early on in his speech he referred to the 9/11 attacks as having been done by Muslims.  As the truthers have investigated and disclosed...this is not true.  The 9/11 attacks were done by the Deep State Rogue Letter Agencies in alliance with foreign states like Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  It was an inside job...never investigated properly and with the perpetrators still enjoying complete freedom...having never been brought to justice.  This is a cancer on the entire US Justice System.  Trump, later on in his speech says that the justice system needs to be overhauled so that "respect" for justice can be returned to the nation.  Well, if he himself tells a lie about the biggest crime in US can that help to bring "respect" back to the justice system?  It simply does not and NEVER will compute!

The other policy issue Trump went on at length about in his State of the Nation Address was Obamacare.  He says it needs to be dismantled and replaced.  As I have said numerous times on this blog...the only way Americans will get universal health care at a standard enjoyed by most other Western Countries is if they kick out the big Insurance Companies from the dynamic.  The Big Insurance companies suck the taxpayer funds dry with their profit-based corporatist parasitism on what should be a right of or affordable complete health care from birth to death.  Just the money the Insurance Companies spend on useless ads alone is criminal and should be prohibited by law.  Unless Trump eliminates Big Insurance from the picture...there will NEVER be true affordable and universal health care in the US. 

As I said, the State of the Union Address was a distinct improvement upon the Press Conference.  Trump seems to finally be "getting it" in terms of watching what he says...measuring his words.  But his prepared speeches are still flat--in terms of ability to inspire.  He needs to dare to use more "big" words or complex analogies and metaphors in his speeches...and not be afraid of them.  He says "very, very" and "beautiful" or "a beautiful thing" far too many times in his speeches.  Trump should not be afraid to express complicated ideas, ideals and policies.  I'm so grateful my parents encouraged us to discuss and argue politics around our kitchen table.  If my mother, as an example, used a word we did not understand...and we chided her about it...she would just give us that look and demand "look it up!".  That's what I did with my children..."Look it up!" Trump needs to demand that his American audience rise to the challenges before them...and in order that they be motivated...he needs to inspire and stimulate their raise the level of intellectual discourse throughout the land.  

Summary and Conclusions:

As we can see from the blaring headlines in today's M$M, Trump is being trampled by his opposition...they are bound and determined to run him out of town on a rail.  Even were that not the case...he has been handed a nation that was long ago kidnapped and is being held for ransom.  America has been bound, gagged and put in the straight jacket of institutional and pseudo-historical lies.  These lies permeate all areas of governmental institutions...the justice system...the healthcare system...the political system.  The only cure for the United States is the "chemotherapy"...or, more correctly...the holistic medicine of truth.  And you know what that kind of treatment is takes you to the brink of death...before it sometimes cures you.  To understand what Trump is really up against...I return time and again to Assange's interview from the Ecuadorian embassy a year or more ago now ...where he describes how the Ziofascist MIC, M$M, Banksters and puppet politicians in the US are like a co-ordinated flank or "pincer movement" that, if targeted against an individual or country, form a monstrous tsunami that will sweep the target away. This is what is happening to Trump and his infant administration as I type.  It doesn't matter if he's capable of giving Seventh Grade speeches...or is sublimely Kennedyesque in his public addresses.

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