Friday, March 10, 2017

Obama fronting Deep State "stay behind" Gladio-style operation in US?

Obama is a longtime CIA Asset/Zombified Stooge

Regular readers of this blog will know what I think of former President Barack Obama.  I have always believed him to be a complete fraud, a zombified Project Monarch-style puppet of the Deep State.  Just look into his eyes in the above photo...or any photo or video of the man and you will understand what I mean.  Have you ever seen such cold, soulless eyes?

Surprisingly, since he left power there has been non-stop coverage of him in the news. Unlike his predecessor, George "W" Bush, who went quietly back to Texas...Obama has not left Washington.  On the contrary, he has been set up in a huge, gated, brick "compound" just down the street from the White House.  Pundits are already calling this the "Black House".  His handler has been installed in her own quarters and staff have been hired to carry on the work of the Deep State from this "Official Opposition" house.

Why didn't Obama go off into the sunset?  Because there was no controlled puppet to replace him in the White House.  President Donald J. Trump, being the loose cannon that he is...cannot be trusted to do the dirty laundry of the Deep State.  The "old guy" has had to be kept on until they can rid themselves of the "usurper".  So they have set up this sabotage black ops operation and are watching everything Trump says and does with the plan of using the presstitute media to continually barrage him with negative lies and fabricated stories.

It appears that the perps realized way back in October, 2016 that Hillary, unable to fill a phone booth with her supporters for political rallies, was going to lose the election by a landslide.  They did manage to fraud the California result to give her a false "popular vote" win...but the electoral college win was still a landslide for Trump.  So, in their frenzy last October to try to stave off the election defeat. They ordered puppet Obama to bug Trump in his New York office/home/campaign headquarters.  They were desperate for a "Hail Mary Pass" of some kind of political dirt they could fling at him at the 11th hour.  Didn't happen.  The video below is probably the most important video about the Deep State since the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency.  Please watch and listen carefully to what Napolitano says:

Judge Napolitano explains how it was Obama
himself who had to order the bug on Trump

There must have been a lot of gnashing of teeth in the Obama White House late last October when the bug on Trump came up empty.  Firstly, they had no ammo to fling at Trump...but secondly, he was going to win and THEN it would inevitably be discovered that Obama had used his special power of bugging to try to dislodge a political opponent during an election.  Now, in a functioning democracy (I can't think of one presently in existence in the West as an example) this would be catastrophic!  This would be probably the most serious charge that could be leveled at a politician...and would result in such serious charges that Obama would have been arrested already and sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial.  But, alas, USrael is NOT a functioning democracy and it is unlikely that Obama will even be arrested, much less brought to justice.

So, Obama is left sitting in his "Black House" with his massive black ops budget, his staff of corrupt and evil dual citizen grinding out their agenda to rid the country of Trump and perpetrate their agenda of perpetual ops, false flags and false flag hoaxes on the citizens of the US and the world.  They are the contemporary Operation Gladio "stay behind" force.

There are hints throughout the recent media reports about some of the activities of the Obama Stay Behind Gladio Black House.  Watch the video below for just one of them:

Here is another clue to what might be coming down the pike...a false flag could be committed by one of the "terror suspects" allowed to remain in the US...and who has subsequently gone missing...after interference in the case by the Obama DOJ.  Please watch the video below: [this video has now been removed, but the possibility of false flags perpetrated by foreign and domestic terrorists remains].

BREAKING: Obama DOJ Covered Up Refugee Terror
Suspect Days Before Election
| Suspect Now At Large     

Judge Napolitano advises Trump on TV
to have public hearings on CIA Deep State

Summary and Conclusions:

One has to feel sympathy towards the new US President, Donald J. Trump, assailed and assaulted as he is from all sides by this very powerful "pincer movement" opposition--combined Deep State/CIA, the presstitute corporatist media, the dual citizen left over bureaucratic moles still in the US government and the bought and paid for (by the Israel lobby) Senate and Congress.  In the video above, Judge Napolitano suggests...nay...urges Trump to order the Senate and Congress to hold public hearings on the Deep State/CIA so the public can learn the extent of the surveillance as revealed in the WikiLeaks Vault7 disclosure. 

IMO, even more urgently, there needs to be a hearing on Obama's order to wire-tap Trump during the past election campaign.  This would certainly, at the very least, neutralize the Gladio-style Stay Behind Obama Black House.  Alert citizens should watch this situation closely for developments.  If Trump doesn't "do something" and will certainly be an alarming indication that there are even darker forces at work than I have described above.  Reminds me of that quote about the NYC fashion maven, who prefers to wear the colour black...."until something darker comes along".


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Thanks Ed(itor)

This (the Trump wiretap last October) is one of those rare opportunities with bombshell potential to reveal to citizens WHO the shadowy Deep State operators are. It's hard to believe, therefore, that the confusing release of Vault7 was just a happenstance.

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Great post Greencrow. Well put together.

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Thanks James. I post almost completely on instinct. This one (Obama bugging Trump during the campaign...becoming public knowledge and then conveniently being buried under the WikiLeaks Vault 7) makes my skin crawl...