Friday, March 17, 2017

UPDATE: Notice to Readers

UPDATED:  March 27, 2017 - I have updated my status in the comments of this post.  Really enjoying my time in Viet Nam and Thailand.  Be back soon.

greencrow - Notice to Readers

Just letting my readers know I'll be stepping away from my computer for a few days.  Even a crow needs a little bit of "down" time.  Will be checking into the blog sporadically to do regular maintenance and shoo the trolls away ; ).  If circumstances/geostrategic events warrant...I may even do a post.

In my absence, readers are invited to go into the archives at the bottom right of this page to access and read previous of the 754 posts I've placed on this blog.  Many of them have been updated with more recent links.  I also encourage you to visit the blogs of my fellow Canadian Truth Bloggers...Pennyforyourthoughts and Northerntruthseeker.

Stay safe and bbl...


greencrow said...

Hi Guys:

Just a short note to check in. We're cruising off the coast of Viet Nam at the moment, having spent the last day sight seeing in Hue/Da Nang. A beautiful city in Central Viet Nam. This country is so verdant! The people are very friendly. We're headed for Nha Trang tomorrow. Weather was balmy all day but clouds and fog are coming in. As Louis Armstrong sang...."It's a wonderful world."

greencrow said...

Checking in again from my holidays cruising off the coast of Thailand. We left Viet Nam yesterday, having visited Da Nang, Nha Trang and Saigon... aka Ho Chi Ming City. We visited the "Unification Building" which once held the Diem/USA administration...we saw the roof where at the US consulate where the "last Helicopter took off from in April of 1975. The people of Viet Nam do not seem to hold a hard grudge against Americans...preferring to "move on". And no Wonder! Viet Nam is experiencing a building boom that makes the housing boom in Vancouver look like peanuts....building cranes and scaffolding everywhere....the economy is booming from foreign investment...US, India, China, Ukraine! a lot of countries are investing in Viet Nam. But they still have a way to go in terms of electrical infrastructure and garbage pick up...electrical cords every where and trash thrown every where along the highways and roadways...and in the waterways. But, regardless, we had a marvelous time in Viet Nam. People oh so friendly, warm sunny and verdant climate...people drive like crazy lunatics. Thousands of motor bikes racing down the highway, weaving in and out of car and truck traffic...women driving while carrying babies in their arms..asleep...while Mom is racing and playing "chicken" with the trucks! Oh well...did not see one accident while I was there. Took some fabulous photos which I will try to post later. Now, we're on to Thailand.

greencrow said...

Hello from Koh Samui,Thailand

We had one of the greatest days of our lives today. Riding elephants in Koh island belonging to Thailand. It is just a tourist get a way but there is an Elephant Trek tourist opportunity and we took the up on it. Half an hour on "Jelly" was one of the most sublime experiences imaginable. Such a huge animal but so delicate in her steps...she never tripped once over very tough terrain...including walking up a stream towards a waterfall. I fell in love with "Jelly", and at the end of the ride wanted to stroke her trunk. But her handler said I could "pat her head"...I started to do that but she reached up with her trunk and let me pat it...a magical moment of bonding I will never forget.

Onwards to Bangkok tomorrow.

Penny said...

GC: I've been reading your updates and am very jealous ;)
It sounds like a wonderful time..

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Sorry for not responding to your comment earlier...lack of internet connectivity was a big problem on the trip. I did respond but it would not "publish". We did have a great time, but are glad to be back in Canada and back to blogging.