Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Greencrow Investment Tip: Park Bench Futures

Park Benches -The Communication Device of the Future

Reading the torid and disturbing headlines in today's newz I realize that not only is the Orwellian "Big Brother" era upon us...it has swept all semblance of respect for the legal RIGHT to human privacy away...in a deluge of "wired"smart phones" Smart TV's and other commonly used devices present in almost every home.  Please read the following report from this morning's CBC and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

CIA could listen through cellphones, smart TVs, WikiLeaks claims

Leaks suggest spies can bypass encryption of messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram

The Associated Press Posted: Mar 07, 2017 9:41 AM ET Last Updated: Mar 07, 2017 10:55 AM ET

WikiLeaks on Tuesday published thousands of documents purportedly taken from the Central Intelligence Agency's Center for Cyber Intelligence, a dramatic release that appears to provide an eye-opening look at the intimate details of America's cyberespionage toolkit.

The dump could not immediately be authenticated by The Associated Press and the CIA declined comment, but WikiLeaks has a long track record of releasing top secret government documents. Experts who've started to sift through the material said it appeared legitimate — and that the release was almost certain to shake the CIA. 
Trump a 'puppet' of Putin? WikiLeaks target isn't who you may think, Russia experts say

"There's no question that there's a fire drill going on right now," said Jake Williams, a security expert with Augusta, Georgia-based Rendition Infosec. "It wouldn't surprise me that there are people changing careers — and ending careers — as we speak."

If it did prove legitimate, the dump would represent yet another catastrophic breach for the U.S. intelligence community at the hands of WikiLeaks and its allies, which have repeatedly humbled Washington with the mass release of classified material, including hundreds of thousands of documents from the State Department and the Pentagon.

The documents claim, among other things, that the spy agency has developed malware that can turn iPhones, Android devices and Samsung smart TVs into covert listening devices.
The latter, known by the codename "Weeping Angel," was allegedly developed in co-operation with the U.K.'s MI-5. Infected TVs appear to be turned off while, in fact, they record conversations in the room and send them via the internet to the CIA, WikiLeaks said in a statement.
WikiLeaks also claims U.S. spies can bypass the encryption of apps including WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram, and that the U.S. consulate in Frankfurt, Germany is a "covert CIA hacker base" for personnel covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  
Cryptic hints
WikiLeaks, which had been dropping cryptic hints about the release for a month, said in a lengthy statement that the CIA had "recently" lost control of a massive arsenal of CIA hacking tools as well as associated documentation. The radical transparency organization said that "the archive appears to have been circulated among former U.S. government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner" and that one of them "provided WikiLeaks with portions of the archive."
Jonathan Liu, a spokesman for the CIA, said: "We do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents." Williams, who has experience dealing with government hackers, said that the voluminous files' extensive references to operation security meant they were almost certainly government-backed.
"I can't fathom anyone fabricated that amount of operational security concern," he said. "It rings true to me." "The only people who are having that conversation are people who are engaging in nation-state-level hacking," he said."

If this is what is being admitted to...technology usually surpasses what is admitted to by a decade or more...we can assume that everything is wired.  The car that you drive to work every day. That TV you hung on your bedroom wall...your electronic thermometer that you installed by your door...your kitchen mix master....your solar powered panel on your boat...your electronic toothbrush stand.  They're bringing in "smart toilets" aren't they? 

All I can say is that they will have to start bugging every park bench in North America.  People are going to have to leave their homes and meet in parks and in forests to be assured of privacy.  That old typewriter gathering dust in the attic is starting to look good to me now...even a pen and paper has a newfound respect. 

You would think the "smart" people of the world would rise up and stop the nightmare. But, no...nary a peep from them. Even the so-called "journalists"...who you would think had the most to lose.  The fascist goose-stepping continues relentlessly towards a dystopian future where we're all rendered automatons...not even human any more. When they get us all micro-chipped with "smart chips"...we'll all be wired.... Git me outta here!

Pink Floyd - "Comfortably Numb"


Ed(itor) said...

http://massprivatei.blogspot.com/2017/03/cia-signature-school-is-creating-smart.html via WRH

greencrow said...

Thanks for the link Ed(itor) I embedded it under "stop the nightmare" at the end of the post. The smarmy salesman for the project, "Fiels", almost made me gag.

greencrow said...

I hope readers don't think I'm fooled by this obvious "limited hangout" by the perps. It's what they do whenever the heat is turned in their direction...which is what Trump did on Sunday by accusing them of "wiring" him. So....they do this...conveniently let slip through "WikiLeaks" that they're wiring EVERYBODY! No biggie. Mission of distraction accomplished.


Anonymous said...

This is an old tune
Someone watching me.


A long time ago on coast to coast radio program
It is a national aired show
A guest spoke about company putting cameras in televisions.
They were experimenting in certain places before they went everywhere.
At least ten years ago.
I mentioned it to someone,this person said,time to take the tv apart and find it.
Also,i have an electric and manuel typewriter hanging around,if your interested
Thank you
Video is Rockwell,with Micael Jackson
I feel like someone watching me


RickB said...

Great, poignant post... including Pink Floyd youtube.

Penny said...

Hey GC

it's positively frightening to me the mass acceptance...
wait a minute absolute willingness to have no privacy

to never have a private conversation
a private moment or actually many of them that should occur in a lifetime

None of the ongoing spying could or would occur without the acquiescence of the mass population

shakes head..

greencrow said...

Hi RickB

Thanks for the comment. Yes, the Pink Floyd video does work...particularly the smashing of TV sets that takes place at the end...very satisfying.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

"...None of the ongoing spying could or would occur without the acquiescence of the mass population..."

If you ask the average person what s/he thinks of the mass spying...they will tell you "I don't care...I have nothing to hide". So they have already internalized the guilt that goes with objecting to panopticon surveillance. Humanity doesn't believe it has a right to privacy.

I'm going to do a post at some point about the fundamental rights of humanity...kind of like a baseline for the future...when these rights are removed, one by one. At some point, when they're all gone...then "humanity" will be gone and there will only be "transhumans" on the planet.


Penny said...

GC: I look forward to that post-
Those are things that need to be said- I will be posting an interview I listened to today- give it a listen I think you will find it very interesting