Monday, March 6, 2017

CawRANT Events #43

CawRANT Events #43

Good morning, everybody!  Again we have a snowy day in the Pacific North West.  A wet, sloppy snow fell all last night and today it's slushageddon.  More snow is predicted for tonight.  Typically, in early march, we're seeing daffodils and cherry blossoms.  Not this year.  I have a feeling the weather modification black ops are working overtime....pushing weather systems around the sky with their haarp lazer weaponry.  Who will pay for this?  More "carbon taxation" anyone?

I have a long list of topics and links to cover in this RANT so let's get started.  First of all, close to home here in Canada I have some interesting updates on the ongoing crisis with the indigenous youth in Canada's north.  Here is a recent headline from the CBC:

Northern Canada's Youth Health Crisis
'You're seeing how callous they are': Ottawa spent a fraction of promised money on First Nations health

The federal government's attempt to close the gap in health care outcomes for First Nations children is progressing at a snail's pace in some provinces because Ottawa has spent only a fraction of the money it set aside for treatments, according to documents shared with CBC News.

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled, more than a year ago, that the federally run First Nations health care system is discriminatory and demanded the government provide services to Indigenous kids at the same level as those provided by the provinces to children living off-reserve.

....Unlike other children, health services for First Nations living on reserve are funded almost exclusively by the federal government...

Government has spent $11.4 million
And yet the government has so far spent only $11.4 million in this fiscal year, a far cry from the $127.3 million it earmarked last July, according to documents Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada and Health Canada filed with the tribunal last month, "

So, it's hardly any wonder that indigenous youth are in crisis...when they are getting a fraction of the healthcare funding received by children off reserve.  This is no surprise to me as a former social worker...the bureaucracy in getting health services and equipment...and dental care in particular... to indigenous children on reserve or off reserve...was a daunting bureaucratic nightmare...paperwork and hurdles galore.  I believed then and I do now that indigenous children should get free and available dental care throughout their childhood.  But the dental health of the average child I dealt with was appalling.  I spent a good part of my practice phoning dentists and begging them to confront the bureaucracy and serve my children.

Lasha Darkmoon had a blog post recently that described the harm done to children by Internet Porn.  I have said previously on this topic that Internet Porn and its effects could be behind the suicide crises in Canada's north.  This is truly a disturbing article...but it is crucial that humanity confront this evil and protect our children from it.

Sadly, it appears that children in the Siberian North are also experiencing a suicide crisis.  And social media has been implicated there as well.  The isolation and deprivation (including vitamin deprivation due to lack of sunshine) probably all contribute to the vulnerability of this group of children to the evil doers in the porn and social media industries.

Political Meltdown in Washington:

The political system in the United States, teetering on the brink of open civil war and collapse for at least a decade...since the Deep State Coup of 9/11...seems to be fast approaching some sort of meltdown.  Read Jon Rappoport's excellent summation here.  The fanatics are becoming psychotic...entering some sort of florid state.  I watched the video of that blond talking head MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinksi crying on the "morning Joe" this morning and thought when she started burbling through tears that Donald Trump was "mentally unfit to be president"...some nadir had been reached...or exceeded.  Again, we have to "name" the cause and it would appear to be the overwhelming number of "dual citizen" Ziofascists in places of power in the government and media.  Who was it who said "No man can serve two masters."?  These entities obviously aren't even attempting to serve two masters...they are serving only their political and economic domination through world chaos.

Bill Still has a good update on the legal aspects of the latest swirling controversy...the "Obamagate" scandal:

Bill Still Reports on Obamagate

But, as I said in my recent "Pincer" post...the chaos is just a technique towards an end...overthrow of this case a democratically-elected government.  There will be one crisis after another...escalating in scope until they get rid of Trump.  They have made that abundantly clear.  This is a fight to the death.  They can't back down...because if they do...then they will have to repeat what history has shown over and over happens...a mass exodus to a new host.  The difficulty here is that the planet is very short of new and/or naïve hosts. 

Geoengineering Updates

With all the political drama...humanity is being distracted from what they're doing behind the scenes with geoengineering, chemtrails, and bioweaponry.  Transhumanism is just around the corner and in a few generations...we would (if we could come back from the dead) not recognize the human species....or the earth they'll be living in.  I sometimes try to imagine what our forbearers...say Mozart or Aristotle, would think of the world we live in.  Would they think it was an improvement over theirs?  Sure, we live much longer lives on average...but what about that "blob" in the Pacific ocean?  And what about the threatened extinction of 50% of our wildlife?  If the "usual suspects' weren't so powerful and in control of the global agenda...we could try to solve those problems instead of fighting perpetual wars over outmoded (fossil fuels and nuclear energy) forms of energy.  Speaking of end on a positive note...I have some links on solar power as one of the few optimistic developments.

Solar Power to Replace Carbon Energy in Our Lifetimes???

Where it has gained root, solar power has grown exponentially in recent years and in 2016 was smashing records.  Solar power is now helping independent-minded humans move "off the grid"...which is a source of concern to the power-obsessed perps.  But there is very little they can do about it.  Unless they develop a bioweapon that blocks the sun (don't put it past them).

In a few years we will be re-charging our cars' battery with solar power and a few years further down the road..our cars will be painted with solar cells-mixed paint and there will be no more need for fossil fuels.  Ditto the roofs of our homes and factories.  We are entering a new and wonderful era with zero pollution and even solar powered clothing. 

Yes, if Mozart or Aristotle were to come back and see the fantastic horizon that humanity is on the brink of...with the coming of solar power...they would doubtless shake their heads in perplexity and disappointment at why we're still so mired in brutish, savage mindsets and behaviours.  Why can't humanity look up at the sun, instead of down at the carbon and radiation-filled earth...or across the fence at our neighbour's belongings?

Well, with that imponderable question left hanging in the air...I will end this RANT and go out into the sunshine...Bye for now.


Ed(itor) said...

Love to read this kind of stuff from you. But "the nadir" is a mirage, receding as we approach it; the new nadir, just around the corner, is the improved and updated version, built to evaporate when they learn how to enhance and improve that one. The nadir has a built-in obsolescence.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

The Nadir mirage will end when Americans finally rise up. I'm going to do a post on why humans developed a "gag reflex" and apply it to geopolitics. Wait for it...

Ed(itor) said...

I look forward to both the rising up and your post. Your post is sure to arrive before the rising up. How can I add yeast?

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor): I think I will tackle that topic in my next CawRant Events two weeks time.