Saturday, March 4, 2017

Canadian Military Going to Help Ukraine Break Minsk II Agreement

Canadian military instructors and Ukrainian servicemen
take part in a military exercise at the International
Peacekeeping and Security Center in Yavoriv,
Ukraine in this July 2016 file photo.
(Gleb Garanich/Reuters)

What happens to small, vulnerable western countries who don't have a strong military and/or strong leadership?  This is what happens.  Canada is being ordered to carry the filthy bucket of sh!t for the globalist neocon in Ukraine.  The ziofascists have ordered Canada to do what the US is apparently no longer willing or able to do....prop up some puppet protagonists in far off lands so they can fight on behalf of the ziofascists against the "enemy du jour", Russia.

In this case, Canada has been ordered to provide military armaments and weaponry to the pathetic neo nazi Ukraine Military so they can fight their fellow Ukrainians in a bloody civil war right on Russia's border.  Please read the following excerpt from the lie and fake news filled CBC Report.  I have bolded and printed in red the lies and fakery...(one-sided "selective" reporting) and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:


Ukraine looks to Canada to help modernize military's 'Soviet mentality'

As 3-year conflict continues, Russian forces have extensively modernized — but Ukraine's troops have not

By Evan Dyer, CBC News Posted: Mar 04, 2017 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Mar 04, 2017 5:00 AM E

As the war in Eastern Ukraine grinds on, away from the international headlines, the country's Soviet-era military is struggling to suppress separatist forces backed by a modern, well-resourced Russian machine. And it is looking to Canada for help.

Both sides in the three-year-old conflict blithely ignore commitments made under the Minsk agreement — the ceasefire plan signed in early 2015 — to keep heavy weapons out of the conflict zone.

The Ukrainians, worried by U.S. President Donald Trump's closeness to Russia and his talk of accepting the annexation of Crimea, have been manoeuvring to win back some areas where they had agreed to remain out.

The combined Russian-separatist side has also upped the tempo of its rocketing and shelling, and still tends to be more effective in using those weapons, thanks to superior command, control and communications. The Ukrainian side, meanwhile, continues to closely resemble its Soviet predecessor with outmoded uniforms, equipment, organization and training.

Russia's armed forces have been through years of rapid modernization. The effects can be seen among the separatist forces of Luhansk and Donetsk, which include thousands of Russian soldiers nominally fighting as "volunteers" of Novorossiya or "New Russia. The result is a conflict that sometimes resembles the Russian Army of today fighting the Russian Army of 25 years ago — the one that suffered defeat in Afghanistan and the first Chechen War.
But Ukraine and its Western allies, including Canada, are determined to change that dynamic.

'DRAB' to the rescue

Jill Sinclair, a former assistant deputy minister of defence who once led the Canadian government's efforts to ban landmines, now holds Canada's seat on a panel designed to bring the Ukrainian armed forces into the 21st century. Ukraine's Defence Reform Advisory Board (DRAB) is charged with steering the Ukrainian military through a crash transformation even as it fights a low-level war against a far-stronger neighbour. She likens the task to "changing the wheels on a bicycle while the bicycle is moving."

Her co-chairs are a trio of retired generals: former U.S. Centcom commander John Abizaid; the U.K.'s Sir Nick Parker; and Jonas Andriskevicius, former commander of Lithuania's armed forces. Sinclair says there's currently "a Soviet mentality" in the Ukrainian armed forces and Defence Ministry. "The Ukrainians would be the first to say that." While the Russian military underwent dramatic upgrades under Vladimir Putin, Ukraine's military stagnated from independence in the early 1990s, through to the outbreak of hostilities in 2014.  

Outclassed on the battlefield

For Ukraine, the war in the east began with crushing defeats. First at Ilovaisk in summer of 2014, then again at Debaltseve six months later, Ukrainian units were first encircled, then decimated by Russian artillery. The battles showcased new Russian tactics that combined drone and satellite reconnaissance with modern communications and targeting, to produce devastatingly accurate and concentrated barrages.
Survivors who straggled back to Ukrainian lines brought tales of incompetent commanders, confused orders, chaotic supply lines and abandonment by Kyiv. It all led to a commission of inquiry, where those recriminations were aired publicly. The inquiry estimated that 1,000 soldiers died at Ilovaisk alone.

Ukrainian forces have never recovered the territory lost in those battles. But the debacle brought home the need for reform. "They really hit the reset button three years ago," says Sinclair.
She says the Ukrainians turned to their allies in the West to ask: "How are they going to position themselves so they're not constantly being bested by the other side?
"They want to move, by the end of 2018, to a civilian Ministry of Defence, and by 2020 to full civilian control of the armed forces," she says. "They also want to get to full interoperability with NATO by 2020."
That last goal is a monumental challenge for a military that still depends almost entirely on Warsaw Pact equipment. But Ukraine's state defence conglomerate, Ukroboronprom, has already begun production of a licensed version of the American M16 assault rifle, which will ultimately replace the Russian-made Kalashnikov designs currently used, allowing Ukrainian forces to use NATO small arms ammunition. Canadian companies are also finding plenty of opportunity as Ukraine retools its defence industry. Pratt & Whitney Canada, Esterline/CMC Electronics, IMP Aerospace, and L-3 Wescam all have joint projects with Ukroboronprom.

Training mission wrapping up?

Ukraine's foreign advisers are looking beyond the current conflict, Sinclair says.  "Canada's starting point is Ukraine's stated goal of joining the Euro-Atlantic family," she says, adding that Canada's training mission at Yavoriv, in western Ukraine, is focused on overall modernization and professionalization.  "We're never sitting down with the Ukrainians and saying, 'How do we help you to defeat the Russians?'," she says. "We are looking at the long haul, but of course in the meantime, people are being deployed [to the front lines]."
The effects of that training can be seen in those eastern battlegrounds, Sinclair says. "The last 24 months or so, they've been holding their own a lot better."

As of this month, more than 3,000 Ukrainians had completed courses given by Canadian Armed Forces trainers, mostly either small-team infantry training or explosive ordnance training.
Canada's training countering improvised explosive devices, Sinclair says, has been a lifesaver for Ukrainian troops. But Canada's training mission is set to end on March 31, and the Trudeau government has yet to say whether it will be renewed. Donations of free equipment to Ukraine have essentially dried up since the Harper government delivered several shipments of non-lethal assistance in the winter of 2014-15.

Profiteers and freebooters

Meantime, the internal battles in the Ukrainian Defence Ministry are focused on corruption and militias — two perennial issues that the country is finally determined to tackle, Sinclair says.
"You can't look at defence reform without looking at the militias," she says of the powerful paramilitary brigades that operate — at least nominally — under the control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Some of the militias, including the Azov Regiment and Right Sector, are given to displaying far-right and even neo-Nazi symbols that have embarrassed the government and provided ammunition for Russian propaganda. But the Ukrainian government is also painfully aware that their rush to the front lines may have saved the Ukrainian military from total collapse in the war's disastrous early days. Some of the brigades answer to individual Ukrainian oligarchs who recruited them and paid to equip them as patriotic gestures; their obedience to central command is questionable.

"They have been playing fast and loose. Does the Ukrainian government have its arms around all of that?" asks Sinclair. "Donor countries want to see more order and more cohesion." As for corruption, the bane of Ukraine's recent governments, profiteers who sought to get rich from the war, are finally being driven out, Sinclair says. "Previously, somebody's brother was getting the contract to feed the troops. Now it's a German company with full transparency."


Well, that's a lot of red, bolded print and a lot of lies and fakery.  But that's what passes for a mainstream media report nowadays.

The bottom line is that Canada is being pressured by the ziofascist moles inside and outside of the Canadian continue its assistance to the Kiev Junta and their neo-Nazi militia, and their corrupt oligarchs (including Poroshenko) as a blatant provocation to Russia.  This "military assistance program" was started by previous Prime Minister Stephen Harper and is one of the reasons he was defeated during the last election.  Trudeau has an opportunity to take Canada out of this mess at the end of March.  Removing Canada from this embarrassing imbroglio with neo-nazis and NATO war with Russia warmongers could staunch Trudeau's bleeding at the polls...where he's doing a popularity swan dive.

Canadians will be watching closely to see whether Trudeau has the cajones and/or political smarts to extricate Canada from this illegal quagmire.  I'm not going to bet that he will.  His appointment of neo-Nazi supporting Freeland, unfortunately, says it all.


Anonymous said...

This is what George Carlin said about war.
He starts the rant around three minute mark.
I never seen this clip,i never really followed comedians.
Just recently watching his videos.
Maybe that is why he is dead???
He was spewing out great truths.
The video

Maybe this is the answer to all your blogging and disgust???
I always said
Deprogram a soldier.
I have seen soldiers doing that very thing.
It blows my mind,that these pawns are so brainwashed and they are just like the sheeple you try to wake up with your blogs.
Only they kill people and you do not.
Soldiers and men in uniform ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS are the ones who bring misery to people.
They end up as local police and fireman and carry out there tyranical bylaws that contradict what freedom and liberty stand for.
They enforce tyrany and oppression on there fellow man and they do it with drool coming out of there mouths.
One latest example.
In town they just passed this bylaw
all houses have to be inspected for the value of property
They want to come in and take pictures and notes.
At the board meeting,one of the players stands up
This benefits you and if you have nothing to hide,what is the big deal??
You let a repairman in,electrician.
I said to myself
A government enity snooping around
But the funniest part was,the guy who presented this bylaw which passed
His son is fighting for our freedoms and liberty
And this gentleman,who looks like a thug character in a movie.
Puts forth a tyranical bylaw.
Do these people take a hypocritical oath???
Or are they just dumb and brainwashed also???
And they actually think that is liberty???
More to say
Word limit????
Please watch video

greencrow said...

The link to the video won't open, Anon. Can you please re-send? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Just google
George Carlin on being in the military
a nine minute video
Being interviewed by Dennis Miller when he had his late night show.
I never watched those shows
He starts the rant around three minutes.
I believed i clinked a youtube once from your site
and this message popped up that would not play it
But i googled the title
Then it would play
Maybe you have similar issue??

Anonymous said...

Part 2
So all these soldiers become cops,fireman and local politicians
Then they enforce tyranical bylaws and extort money by fines or permits.
To them,this is what liberty and freedom is.
Harrassing and intimidating there fellow man playing there fag fag games.
You need a permit to burn,the fireman will harrass you if you do not put money into there retirement plan.
This is liberty and freedom to them.
I looked up all those words
Tyrany and opppression describe Amerika
Do these clowns take a hypocritical oath to oppress the sheeple for they fought for there freedom to oppress the rest,
or are they just brainwashed and stupid and actually believe that is freedom and liberty???
Everything seems to be a contradiction??
But the one truth i see
are the ones that bring suffering and injustices to the flock of sheeple
And everytime,i see a uniform on a uniform,i always wonder
how many people he victimize,while playing his psychotic,sociopathic fag fag game???
Thank you
More to say
word limit

greencrow said...

Hi Anon:

Thanks for your comment and link. George Carlin was a national of the few real national treasures that the US ever produced.

Re this last post. I keep seeing the sub headline in the CBC article:

"Profiteers and freebooters"

The real profiteers and freebooters are the MIC in Canada and the US who are making a "killing" off of the young me who are tricked into joining the armed forces...some for altruistic reasons and some for economic reasons (the economy is skewed create soldiers). The writer of the CBC article can see the ones in Ukraine...but NOT the ones in Canada!

Anonymous said...

I did not realize they were tricked.
TThe poor sign up and get to be on the front line.
I thought people sign up for the education??
And the lucky ones get great job placement,while the rest is a statistic.
And the end result,is men in uniform still commit all the atrocities.
And when they come home,they are your police and fire and town officials,and THEM,not the jews,bind all in tyranny and oppression with bylaws and threats and still have ill will toward there fellow man,while they play there power tripping psychotic game of oppression.
I do not see jews doing that,although there are a few in those positions..
You sound educated and smart,so please
Do they take some kind of oath to be hypocrits??
Or are they just brainwashed like the rest of the sheep and they really believe there bylaws and oppression is liberty and freedom.?
I would love to hear an opinion on that.
I hear lots of people complaining in private about the oppressive things the police and fireman,which i mentioned earlier along with the oppressive politics that they set forth on the sheeple.
In your opinion or anyone out here.
Are they aware??
Or are they just brainwashed to be ignorent???
And i still look at men in uniform,not the jews but men in uniform that enforce and victimize the population,there own population and what ever third world country they are occupying and destroying lives.
Not the jews
I have one more thought on why
But i will save it
I am sorry if i went off topic
But when i see the pictures of the loonies in uniform
That is the only thing in my head.
The loonies are being released for the theater.
I partially read the blog and it just started to sound like the insaneness of listening to the talking heads at all the news shows.
And of course,you people tune in.
To me, it is insanity
It is like watching a baseball or football game.
I think i will put my hand in the garbage disposal or maybe jump through the picture window.
That is what it is like to listen to that insaneness
Thank you
A comment on that specific issue i mentioned would be appreciated
By you or anyone out here

greencrow said...

People who sign up for military service for two primary reasons: economic and "patriotic". Re economic...the economy is skewed so that young people cannot afford an education or other ordinary expenses. In the military get are offered bonuses and special programs for enlisting. In other words they are bribed to enlist. Patriots have been brainwashed to think that any and everything done under a certain flag/anthem/government is right. They have not been taught "critical thinking" which used to be a standard course in university...but is no longer taught...for obvious reasons. I do not blame the soldiers for the evil of war...I blame those who bribe and/or brainwash them. Of course, we all have "free choice"...but when we're bribed and/or brainwashed...the freedom of that choice is not as clearcut. With regard to the "jews". You should probably look up the history of the Rothchilds and the other banking families and see how they backed both sides of WWI and WWII. Then you will see why they are being implicated in causing wars. Of course...all you need to do is look at the history of the tiny, borderless state of Israel. Israel refuses to officially declare its borders...because it wants to keep the territories it illegally took during the various wars it has fought with neighbours since it was carved out of Palestinian territory 70+ years ago. There is evidence that Israel has created, funded, equipped and supported the terrorist group "Al Nusra" which has wreaked havoc in Syria for the past 6 years. Truth bloggers get a lot of flack for "naming" the warmongering of Israel...but it has finally come down to stopping the warmongering or have the planet destroyed by a nuclear holocaust.

Anonymous said...

I have promoted you peoples blogs to lots of peoples around here.
The thing that is hard,is the racist part.
People are brainwashed not to be racist,so when reading some of these blogs,you can not help feeling that.
Sometimes when i pass on links,i hope they do not percieve me as that.
I have told people,i am not racist,but listen to there facts and see if it is truth.
I never know the outcome,even from people i know,they still leave there lips sealed.
I still read you peoples stuff as alternative gossip,to me it is like seeing a movie or reading a book.
I can believe a lot of things and still have doubts on other.
As far as the war thing,yes i get that game and how it works.
I still see that some still get great opportunities from serving.
I also understand they have a drill person who makes sure they are brainwashed and braindead for rational thinking.
But the important question,you did not answer.
A lot of soldiers,come back and they are police,fire and town officials and they enforce there tyranical bylaws under the guise of freedom and liberty.
And the major question.
Are they to brainwashed to realize that there is no liberty under there oppressive and tyranical bylaws,or
do they take a hypocritical oath to fight for there freedom and to be able to oppress the rest of there sheple because they are on that movie powertrip.
It is a theme in lots of movies or shows and that is what it feels like.
I know lots of victims from local and surrounding communities that cry and weep from there oppresive ways and then pledge allegiance with liberty and justice.
I laugh and say what liberty and justice you speak of??
You just stole it with your tyranical bylaw.
I would love an opinion on that
Most appreciative
Thank you

greencrow said...

Hi John:

Yes, soldiers do combat from the wars for resources and hegemony overseas and they do get jobs as firemen and policemen...or in "security" or even politics. As a Canadian I can say this is not such a big issue here because Canada has not played such an active role in the our soldiers are not as damaged by PTSD and/or brainwashing. Although we do have quite a few notorious cases of the above. But it is not yet endemic in the communities. Again, tyranny in all levels of government is where we are going under the globalist neocon banksters at the top. This is an inevitable progression. You would have to be more specific about what bylaws you're talking about as "tyrannical" before I could comment further.


Anonymous said...

I gave a few ,there was one about inspecting houses for appraising values.
When they took that bylaw to town meeting for vote,some of the players aka ex soldiers and friends,were saying,you let repairman,plumber etc.
You got nothing to hide
What is big deal??
It also benefits us
I said to myself as i watched
If it benefits us,we will line up to have it done
Would we not???
I said,there is difference between a repairman and a nozy town official staring into peoples lives blah blah
But they passed it,the gentleman who brought the bylaw to meeting,he had a welcome home banner flying at his home,i assume his son is serving,i also assume he was soldier.
Another is the fire department making you get burning permit
Reminds me of mob extortion ,watching a movie,only the mob is the fireman
Extorting money for there pension plan.
I was in another community,picking up a free item from craigslist,the lady starts speaking to me and asked if i wanted a fire pit grill,brand new.
I said sure,if you do not want it.
She gives it to me,then said the fire department made her stop burning and said it is illegal cuz the houses are too close together
I find that oppresive,a condo complex making everyone get rid of there barbacue grills
No grilling at condo anymore,at least this one
You got to be kidding me
It was another craigslist gift,i love that site
You can furnish a house for free and never have to go to a store again
Love it,and i hear the oppresive stories
Can not have unregistered cars in yard
One guy got harrassed cuz,because he had business running from his house and he had an entrance sign out front,the town watchdogs condemmed this poor gentleman.
My father and friends have even more stories with building inspectors and other inspectors and there oppresive bylaws.
He is in business and knows a lot of other business owners.
And the stories and whining i have heard about the pathetic injustices by the word bylaw,this town loves that word
I thank you for your responce
Most appreciative
But the enforces of those bylaws are police,fireman and political whackjobs
This town is politically insane,and they love and repeat over and over
the bylaw says this,the bylaw says that
It is hard watching there meetings and very hard not to start throwing things at the tv in disgust of how insane they sound
The dog catcher,likes to put dogs to sleep,i think he got a private deal with China,if a dog bites
It puts him into a major frenzy about putting it to sleep.
Some person i know got harrassed by the dog catcher for having roosters,this guy told me,he made a comment,really dog catcher a 357 magnum.
The sick moral of story,not sure if it was 357,but he is carrying a very high caliber gun for his job and in this guys opinion,way to powerful for a dog catcher.
I seen him doing a seminar on local cable,he could not keep his hand off the holster
Lord help us
Again i thank you
You see the jews as the perps
I see,local politicians,police and fire
All ex soldiers,or some ex soldiers
Harrassing,intimidating,oppressing and tyranizing
normal everyday people just trying to stay afloat and live life
They are the enemy o me
Not the jews
Although i do believe the hollywood comments
In politics,there seems to alays be a joooou shadowing everyone
I will still keep clicking on your links and get your free education or fantastic creative writing story??

greencrow said...

Hi John:

Thanks for elaborating about the annoying and or, petty and or oppressive by-laws. I can sympathize with most of the ones you mentioned...particularly the one about the officials being able to "Inspect" your home for tax appraisals. That should not be legal. I do agree with the one about being allowed to grill close to another's home or condo. Someone set up a fire pit last summer just on the other side of our old wooden fence and old tree. The sparks were flying high into the skies for a few nights and then I called the fire department to ask if it was legal. Turned out it wasn't and the individual had to stop lighting his fire pit. I wasn't able to sleep soundly with those fires so close.

So, most of the time the by-laws make sense. And it is still city hall who passes the by-laws not the police or firemen who just enforce them.

Anonymous said...

Right you are,but city hall is loaded with soldiers or ex soldiers who are proud to oppress.
My dad was oppresssed while other people in the community were doing the same thing,but it still did not stop them
You may as well ban fireplaces and wood stoves.
For ashes can still come out the flue if you are burning the same stuff.
I think if it is a small firepit,it all good.
An inferno in thickly settled area,maybe???
I think grilling is laughable,although there are careless people,may as well ban cars.
Just to think a car driving down the road can crash into someones house.
It seems like every week,we have stories of people plowing into buildings,what if a child is in there.
Life is harsh,fire will happen with careless ness.
Just like crashing a car.
If you gonna ban a grill or firepit.
Then start banning cars and motorcyles
I hate the sound of that motorcycle noise
Loud and obnoxious,when i am resting and they drive by,i wanna call the police or fire and complain about the five second noise pollution.
You can make an arguments about everything.
There are way more injustices than those ones mentioned.
I used them choices for all are recent
On the news,they have oppresive stories of being being harrassed for different reasons,there was a local radio jockey,who would read the injustices from this hypocritical place.
I respect your opinion,i differ a little,do you really have to call the cops though,go over and tell them your concern,ohh but wait,if you tell them your concern,they may beat you up.
The possibilities are endless
I have heard local players brag about writing one of the bylaws.
I see joy in there faces,there was an episode where,ahh
i am typing to many words
Thank you

greencrow said...

The fire pit was built about 3 feet away from an old wooden fence and a tree. Sparks were flying right up into the tree's branches. Common sense had to prevail. I am not against barbeques or indoor wood fireplaces...we have and enjoy both.

Anonymous said...

There are people around here,that can not enjoy that right.
I weep for them and feel sorry for the demorilization of there character.
I guess your situation called for action.
Here is my true story.
I had big fire burning right beside the tree line,the so called wild fire warnings in effect.
The alarmist theory.
So anyway,right at the tree line,i had big brush fire burning,toasting the branches,lightly crisp and not tooo well done.
But the stupid thing never caught fire,go figure.
This was heat wave time of year and very dry,i tested the alarmist policy of fear.
I was dissapointed,for i could not take credit for burning down the woods during a high fire alert and very dry conditions.
Just a medium rare branch,maybe the deer could nibble some fryed tree branches.
In my opinion,it is just like a false flag,you people always preach that stuff
Well local government,does the same stuff,they alarm everyone so they can have there way.
I put that theory to test,and man was it a blazing,yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa
I had a blast,i was shirtless and dripping sweat,every time i fed the fire,it was a major heatwave.
So,just like the false flag crock of cr--,i punched holes in the,high alert dry conditions.
Maybe,ahhhh forget that thought.
I would have a little fear for the fence,but come to think of it,maybe that will be my next experiment,i will put a very old wooden fence and blaze a bonfire right beside it.
Thanks for giving me an idea for my next summer project.
for your responce
Great to have contact without asking for it
Other blogs,no one responds unless you ask and even then
I thank you for making my comment worthwhile of saying,whether you agree or disagree.