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UPDATE: Notice to Readers

UPDATED:  March 27, 2017 - I have updated my status in the comments of this post.  Really enjoying my time in Viet Nam and Thailand.  Be back soon.

greencrow - Notice to Readers

Just letting my readers know I'll be stepping away from my computer for a few days.  Even a crow needs a little bit of "down" time.  Will be checking into the blog sporadically to do regular maintenance and shoo the trolls away ; ).  If circumstances/geostrategic events warrant...I may even do a post.

In my absence, readers are invited to go into the archives at the bottom right of this page to access and read previous of the 754 posts I've placed on this blog.  Many of them have been updated with more recent links.  I also encourage you to visit the blogs of my fellow Canadian Truth Bloggers...Pennyforyourthoughts and Northerntruthseeker.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

UPDATED: The "Locals" vs the "Crusaders"

UPDATE:  March 17, 2017 US Hellfire Missile strikes Syrian Mosque - dozens of civilian casualties.  The Crusade is on.

The Crusades During the Medieval Era

Following up on my previous post below, I was thinking about the Trump Administration's alleged "reset" of the USrael Middle East Policy.  This re-set involves putting "US boots on the ground" and attempting to gather up the support of the "locals" in achieving their various "regime change" goals in Yemen, Syria, Iran, etc.  There was something about this plan that was at the same time vaguely familiar and vaguely disturbing. 

Then, I read a few posts on other blogs today including this one...about a "future civil war in Islam".  The theory suggested that the US is attempting to sow bloody chaos throughout the Middle East in the hopes that the various religious sects will turn on, and then destroy one another in a civil war.  But, remembering Assad's oft stated insistence that Syria is a "secular" state in which the religions do not play a political least up until the Atlantacists embedded their terrorist jihadi proxies in it...I wondered how this would work in, say, Syria.

Finally, I remembered why the new Trump policy (as stated in the links provided in my previous post) was familiar and yet disturbing.  Why, it's nothing less than a Crusade!  THAT's why Assad so deliberately used the word "invaders" to describe the uninvited militaries currently present on sovereign Syrian soil.  I believe the words "invaders" and "Crusaders" are interchangeable in Arabic.

In any case...Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad has a bombshell of a word to use at his discretion.  In his next interview, were he to refer to the American troops as "Crusaders"...he would instantly put the kibosh to any hope USrael might have in garnering the loyalty or support of the "locals"... because...  If there's one unifying concept that is agreed upon and embedded in the DNA of the entire Middle East population (with the notable exception of the tiny, borderless entity) it is a mortal fear and loathing of "Crusaders".

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Yemen - What is behind US Proxy Invasion?

War Torn Yemen - Photo from RT

There have been a lot of diversionary stories in the recent main$tream many, in fact, that one might be tempted to think they are purposefully being planted as cover for some major geopolitical developments.  There is the Trump Tax Return caper which blew up into a confetti storm last night.  Then today we have the Rooskie Spys arrested to hacking Yahoo.  No end to the mind clutter.

My guess it's all to divert sheeple attention away from what is going on in the Middle East.  There have been some very serious developments and military shifts from the newly installed Trump Administration.  These are being followed closely by Pennyforyourthoughts in her last few excellent posts.  I will copy the link and a short quote from her latest post below so readers can get a flavor of the complexities of what is going on:

...The most significant [Trump directed] operation so far carried out the during his term as commander of JSOC is the raid carried out by the Navy SEALs on an al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) headquarters in Yemen. The operation, the first commando raid authorized by Trump, turned into a shootout in the midst of the village because the force was compromised before hitting its objective. Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens was killed and three others were wounded. 14 AQAP fighters were killed in the raid, some of whom were also terrorist network leaders and facilitators". Recall his widow and Trump paying homage to her- Lots of crying and praying involved? [Editor's note: NTS also did a post about this incident during Trump's State of the Union Address a few weeks ago]
The Jerusalem Post op ed implies that the special forces will increase activity in the area as part of the new strategy- this already seems to be the case.

AEI- America's Way Ahead in Syria

-To protect American interests, President Trump’s goal cannot be a quick end to the war in Syria

A global war certainly won't end quickly will it? 
[Editor:  Please note the following, which I have made as large and clear as possible because it represents the thesis of this post]
Success will depend on US forces fighting alongside, recruiting, and training local Sunni Arab forces to conduct an immediate offensive against ISIS and future operations against al Qaeda. Subsequent phases will require establishing a no-fly zone in southern Syria... "

I have bolded and highlighted in red the sentences in Penny's post that co-relate to what I have discovered recently about the War on Yemen by Saudi Arabia...acting as USrael proxy.  My attention was drawn to the War on Yemen recently by my other Canadian truth blogger, Northerntruthseeker who wrote a post last week devoted to the atrocities being committed by the proxy Saudi military against the citizens and particularly the children of the impoverished by strategically-situated nation of Yemen.

Following up on NTS's post...I focused on several other news stories on the War on Yemen, like this one from RT that describes the US involvement and support of recent carnage and genocide:

West complicit in Yemeni carnage

Armed with American and British ammunition and European warplanes, among other Western-supported military hardware, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has wreaked havoc in Yemen since March 2015. The offensive, which is allegedly aimed at reinstalling the former Yemeni government, a close Riyadh ally, has been nothing short of blatant violations of all laws of war and human rights condoned and supported by the West.

This US-backed war is not just a case of the former Obama administration sitting vainly by while its close ally goes on a destructive spree of historic proportions. The government has been and still is actively selling the Saudis billions of dollars of weaponry. They are also re-supplying planes engaged in the bombing runs and providing “intelligence” about the targets Saudi Arabia is hitting.

According to a report published by the Global Research, the use of cluster munitions has been recorded 56 times in Yemen by various on-the-ground sources. Cluster bombs supplied, primarily, by the US.

The US is a non-signatory of the Cluster Munitions Convention that bans their use, stockpiling and transfer. On March 9, Amnesty International accused the Saudi-led Arab coalition of using banned cluster munitions in raids on residential areas. The coalition “absurdly justifies its use of cluster munitions by claiming it is in line with international law, despite concrete evidence of the human cost to civilians caught up in the conflict,” said Lynn Maalouf, research director at Amnesty’s Beirut regional office.

The Saudi-led coalition had also come under repeated criticism over civilian casualties in Yemen, acknowledged in December 2016 because it had made use of British-made cluster bombs. Ahmed Asiri, a spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen, admitted back then that: “It has become apparent that there was limited use by the coalition of the UK-manufactured BL755 cluster munitions in Yemen.”

In a recent Human Rights Watch (HRW) report, it was suggested that airstrikes in Yemen carried out by the Saudi-led coalition, were using bombs and missiles bought from the US. Textron, the US-based manufacturer of the CBU-105, said it would stop production of the weapon in August 2016, but there are not reports yet to state the same for 2017....."

Here is another reference to the embarrassing failed US raid in Yemen referred to by Pennyforyourthoughts above.  It is embarrassing because it breaks the Saudi cover the US has been hiding under in the Yemen War.

.....The US is also complicit in direct warfare against the people of Yemen. Dozens of civilians lost their lives in late January 2017 when US Special Forces carried out an attack against a purported position of Al-Qaeda militants in the central Yemeni province of Bayda. US Central Command chief General Joseph Votel took full responsibility on Thursday, March 8, 2017, for the Yemen raid that resulted in the death of a Navy SEAL and dozens of Yemeni civilians. However, a very legitimate question remains unanswered: Would US Central Command chief General Joseph Votel have taken full responsibility for the Yemen raid if a US Navy SEAL was not killed? I’d have to say that this raid was an embarrassment to the US military machine only because it lost one of its own as well as some heavy equipment.

To add to the devastation, earlier this week the State Department approved resuming arms sales to Saudi Arabia previously blocked by Barack Obama over human rights concerns. "

So, back to the main question posed as to the reasons for the US proxy war in Yemen

As usual, I started with a map of the country and its surroundings.  I knew that Yemen was located in a very strategic location, being at the mouth of the Arab Peninsula where it opens onto the Gulf of Aden which leads to the Indian Ocean.  What I was NOT aware of was that the Nation of Yemen includes the even more strategic Island of Socotra off its coast in the Gulf of Aden.  It is this Island that the war is being fought over. 

It would appear [see this link in Syria 360 from August 2015] that both the United States and Russia want to set up a permanent naval base on this Island...from which they could militarily command the gateway to the Middle East AND the Indian Ocean.

Location, Location, Location

Map of Yemen - Showing the Strategic
Yemeni Island of Socotra
in the Gulf of Aden

As usual, Global Research is an excellent background source for the truth behind all the BS and obfuscation printed in the M$M.  I had never even heard of the Island of Socotra before...had you?

The Socotra archipelago is part of the Great Game opposing Russia and America.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union had a military presence in Socotra, which at the time was part of South Yemen. Barely a year ago, the Russians entered into renewed discussions with the Yemeni government regarding the establishment of a Naval base on Socotra island. A year later, in January 2010, in the week following the Petraeus-Saleh meeting, a Russian Navy communiqué “confirmed that Russia did not give up its plans to have bases for its ships… on Socotra island.” (DEFENSE and SECURITY (Russia), January 25, 2010)

The Petraeus-Saleh January 2, 2010 discussions were crucial in weakening Russian diplomatic overtures to the Yemeni government.

The US military has had its eye on the island of Socotra since the end of the Cold War.
In 1999, Socotra was chosen “as a site upon which the United States planned to build a signal intelligence system….” Yemeni opposition news media reported that “Yemen’s administration had agreed to allow the U.S. military access to both a port and an airport on Socotra.” According to the opposition daily Al-Haq, “a new civilian airport built on Socotra to promote tourism had conveniently been constructed in accordance with U.S. military specifications.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania), October 18, 2000)

The Militarization of the Indian Ocean
The establishment of a US military base in Socotra is part of the broader process of militarization of the Indian Ocean. The latter consists in integrating and linking Socotra into an existing structure as well as reinforcing the key role played by the Diego Garcia military base in the Chagos archipelago.

The US Navy’s geostrategist Rear Admiral Alfred T. Mahan had intimated, prior to First World War, that “whoever attains maritime supremacy in the Indian Ocean [will] be a prominent player on the international scene.”.(Indian Ocean and our Security).

What was at stake in Rear Admiral Mahan’s writings was the strategic control by the US of major Ocean sea ways and of the Indian Ocean in particular: “This ocean is the key to the seven seas in the twenty-first century; the destiny of the world will be decided in these waters.”

The Duran has a more recent link about the strategic game of RISK being played by Russia and USrael over the bodies of the Yemeni civilians....including thousands of children...dying of war wounds and starvation.  I would urge readers to read The Duran Link or, more accurately "plow through" the complexities and inconsistencies of the get at the kernals of truth mixed in with the propaganda.  The Duran article tries to pretend that Saudi Arabia is acting independently of USrael...which I find preposterous.  But the fact is...control of Socotra...or more generally understood...control of the Rulers of Yemen which owns the Island of the rationale behind the War on Yemen.

Summary and Conclusions:

The War on Yemen, which has not been going well for the protagonists, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and their various western backed terrorist actually a struggle between the two great powers, Russia and USrael, for control of the region via building a naval base on the strategic Yemenite Island of Socotra.  My long-held hunch the reason this war is not going well for the Atlanticist proxies is that fighters from throughout the Middle East, primarily Iran...are supporting the tiny army of Yemen...and supplying it with state-of-the-art weaponry and missiles.

The Arab countries are terrified that USrael will get them all in a headlock by controlling the Gulf of Aden....this is a well-founded fear.  This leads me to my final point.  And this point applies not only to the War on Yemen but the War for Regime Change on Syria and all the other pressure points in the Middle East.

The outcome of the wars will be decided by the Arab "locals".  As mentioned in some of the links above...both sides are relying on gathering up the loyalty of the "locals" in the nations involved.  Common sense tells us that a war on the ground cannot be won without the surrender/acquiescence or active support of the local population.  The US has (through its terror proxies) almost destroyed any chance of winning the "hearts and minds" of the locals...while Russia has been winning this war by leaps and bounds.  Now, under Trump, the US has decided to reverse strategy and, instead of "bombing and droning" from 35,000 feet they will put "boots on the ground" and attempt to turn the tide of the wars by restoring trust and loyalty amongst the "locals" in the area.

That is why, IMO, Assad, in his most recent interview....critically called the Americans "invaders".  This was a direct instruction (or battle command) to the "locals" as to how to react to the latest invasion of their war-torn land.  In conclusion...this development is a very dangerous one and could end up being another Viet Nam.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Death of Law

The Day International Law Died
Hillary Clinton's words about Gadhafi

The Rule of Law is dead in the West.  Oh, yes, it still exists in the metropolitan civil and criminal courts and in tax law....because it still applies to the average joe.  But, if you are a member of the 1% who has an offshore tax haven or if you are a political party or a protected, puppet politician or, and especially, if you are a military [the rule of International Law] does NOT apply.

Historians will debate amongst themselves when, exactly, it died.  I would submit it perished the day that US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said the words in the above video.  USrael had been skirting the law for years, nay decades before then...but when she cackled her complete and utter disregard for International Law by throwing her brutal murder of a national leader in the world's face...International Law was dealt a mortal wound and perished on the spot.

The result was this:
NATO Crimes in Libya

A war crime without parallel in our time

Since that day...USrael has pillaged and plundered and raped without cease.  Paul Craig Roberts, in a recent post, describes how the CIA has now moved its international criminality into the realm of cyber-crime:

The latest Wikileaks release of CIA documents code-named Vault 7 reveal that the CIA has the capability and the intent to mask the cyber-attacks it commits by making them seem as if they originated from another source.

This capability destroys the concept of evidence. The CIA can carry out a cyber attack or steal information and leave a fingerprint, so to speak, of the country or person it wants blamed. If the CIA can leave the fingerprint of an innocent party, we must assume the CIA can also put secret documents or child pornography on a person’s computer. Because of the CIA’s capability, henceforth we cannot know if any evidence presented in any trial against any defendant is real of faked. and

Our entire system of law...from your local "Small Claims Court"...right up to the US Supreme Court, the International Courts at the UN (Hague) and every law in every country of the land is based on the concept of EVIDENCE.  Evidence has to be presented and believed before a judgment can be made.  The destruction of the concept of evidence is the destruction of the concept of law.  Why would a country deliberately destroy the concept of law?  Wouldn't that be self-defeating as it would ipso facto destroy their own legitimacy and authority?  Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin offered a clue several years ago:

Putin on International Law
“....At the same time we see attempts to somehow revive a standardized model of a unipolar world and to blur the institutions of international law and national sovereignty. Such a unipolar, standardized world does not require sovereign states; it requires vassals. In a historical sense this amounts to a rejection of one’s own identity, of the God-given diversity of the world.

“Russia agrees with those who believe that key decisions should be worked out on a collective basis, rather than at the discretion of and in the interests of certain countries or groups of countries. Russia believes that international law, not the right of the strong, must apply. And we believe that every country, every nation is not exceptional, but unique, original and benefits from equal rights, including the right to independently choose their own development path.”

So Hillary Clinton and her gang of international criminals deliberately destroyed the law that was getting in the way of their tyranny.  As we know, Ziofacists have their own legend, their bible which declares "This Land Is Ours" kind of tyranny.  They made up this fictitious propaganda but, even then, they only adhere to the "higher biblical law" when the human-created laws don't work for them...AND the biblical lore supports their greed and perversions.

The inevitable result of the absence of law whether national or international is chaos.  This is what is brewing in USrael at the moment...

Americans are in a Pre-Civil War State

...and this is what is going on in Syria as the proxy terrorists, created by Hillary and her gang and now left without funding...turn on one another and cut each other's heads off.  WARNING:  Graphic photos.  A direct line connects the Dot in the Hillary video at the top of this the photos of headless soldiers in the link just previous.  It is a line connecting the disregard of law to the inevitable outcome...and this will spread like a cancer unless eradicated.  Americans will be finding mutilated bodies in their backyards...just like the Syrians are now.

Why does this cycle continue throughout human history?  Well, ONE reason is that the perps always have a plan B up their sleeves.  Why do you think the Saudis are buying up Islands all over the world?

Saudis make Maldives land grab to secure oil routes to China

March 13-14, 2017 -- Saudis on buying spree for islands. Why?
An Egyptian Constitutional Court case and protests in Egypt and Maldives are the results of a Saudi Arabian initiative to acquire islands near and far from the radical Wahhabist-ruled kingdom. Last year, the Egyptian government agreed to transfer to the Saudis sovereignty over the Egyptian islands of Tiran and Sanafir, located at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba. The move came after an official visit of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud to Cairo. Observers believe the deal was a result of a large infusion of Saudi cash -- estimated to be billions of dollars -- into Egypt in order to bolster a sagging economy.

Although Israel has long desired to occupy the uninhabited islands, its government reportedly agreed to the Egyptian deal to cede the islands to the Saudis. Israeli acquiescence was necessary since the transfer of the islands impacted the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. Israel briefly occupied the islands during the 1956 Suez crisis.

Who are the Saudis buying the islands on behalf of?  And why is the quiet, out-of-the-way island nation of New Zealand suddenly being inundated with US immigrants?   Whatever the stated pre-text can't blame the future immigrants for wanting to abandon a lawless land, now can you?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Analogy for the CIA - Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice - Foretelling the Future?

Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice
An Analogy for the CIA in the USA
Even the Wizard's Hat has a "C" on it

Foretelling the Future

When I was a child, I found the above Disney video which is called "Fantasia" terrifying.  All those marching brooms!  Now, I see that it was an prescient allegory for what was, and now is, in store for humanity with the growing power of the CIA in the USA. 

The CIA brooms...splintered into thousands..nay, millions of robotic clones...carrying their buckets of water (information) are now literally on the march on the Internet...surveilling, collecting information on all our "devices"...out of control...mindless and soulless.  They threaten to drown us all in a torrent of superfluous information.  Privacy, like water, is essential to our species...but, just like water, it can be inverted, subverted and turned into a monstrous weapon.

President Bashar al Assad's Interview with Chinese Media

Readers of the previous post below will note that there was an engaging discussion in the "comments" about the merits of this latest interview by embattled Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad.  Reader James graciously provided a link to the video (above) and transcript:

And the transcript can be read here-
President al-Assad to Chinese Phoenix TV

My take on this interview is that the experienced, world statesmen politicians Assad and Putin, as tightly knit as ever....are playing "good cop", "bad cop" with the new guy on the block...US President Donald Trump.

As has been noted elsewhere.  Russian and US generals met two weeks or more ago and apparently came to some détente as to what their soldiers were going to do in Syria...the US having determined to send some soldiers into the country to fulfil an election "promise" made by Trump to tackle ISIS.

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia General Valery Gerasimov (left)
and Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford (right)
in Baku, Azerbaijan, 16 February 2017

It would appear, to this observer at least, that Assad and Putin decided to "under-react" to the "too many cooks" American "invasion" of Syria...for a multitude of reasons, as you can imagine, not the least of which is to prevent an Armageddon.  The Russians are treating this very impulsive act with kid other words, are being the "good cops"...going along and "mentoring" the newbie, as it were.  Meanwhile, Russia from the air and Syria from the ground are making slow and steady progress eradicating ISIS and the other proxy militants from Syria by themselves.

Assad, on the other hand is the "bad cop"...reading the "riot act" in this interview.  He states categorically that the Americans and the Turks are "invaders".  This alerts the Syrian citizens not to aid or abet them in any way.  It was Assad's constitutional duty to state the obvious to his people and to the world.  He is a stickler (as is Putin) for the constitution and the rule of International Law.

Putin is treating the Yanks the same way he treated the Turks...hoping to de-escalate and negotiate them away from shooting up the main streets of the meantime, Assad is alerting the international community and public opinion that the "invaders" are at it again.  China and Russia recently blocked Western sanctions against Syria at the UN.  China may attend the next peace negotiations scheduled for March 20th in Astana.  Assad, during the interview VERY significantly called China a "loyal ally" and said Chinese corporations were being "invited in" to Syria to begin the rebuilding process.  Hmmmmm...perhaps Assad will invite the Chinese military he invited Russia in.  Now that would certainly be interesting.  I have not touched on the Turkish situation with the Kurds...which is a whole other area of concern.  All I can say is...I hope Erdogan has not forgotten (again) what side his bread is buttered on.

I am sure geopolitical observers will be watching this very combustible situation closely in the days and weeks to come.

Map of the Biblical Armageddon

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Assad: No one invited US, all foreign troops in Syria without permission are ‘invaders’

Syria: US troops spotted in armoured convoy
inside Manbij, Syria

Pity the poor Syrian people.  Imagine if you and your family saw the above atrocity on the streets of your country...convoys of American military vehicles, flags a fluttering...rumbling down the streets.  The history of that sight would strike terror in your breast.  You would know that your country will shortly be destroyed--brick by Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc., etc.,  They will poison its soil, water and air forever with depleted uranium weaponry. There is no more feared invading force on the planet than the "Democracy bringers".  Here's what the valiant, patriotic Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad had to say about it the other day:

 Assad: No one invited US, all foreign troops in Syria without permission are ‘invaders’

When a journalist asked the Syrian president if Damascus had “opened doors” for American troops in Aleppo province’s city of Manbij, Assad said “No, we didn’t.”

“What are they [foreign troops] going to do? To fight ISIS [Islamic State, formerly ISIL]? The Americans lost nearly every war. They lost in Iraq, they had to withdraw at the end. Even in Somalia, let alone Vietnam in the past and Afghanistan.”
According to Assad, the US “didn’t succeed anywhere they sent troops, they only create a mess; they are very good in creating problems and destroying, but they are very bad in finding solutions.”
The Pentagon confirmed earlier in March that US troops had been sent to Manbij to prevent conflict between US-backed Kurdish forces and rebels backed by Turkey.
Without foreign intervention, the Syrian war “will take a few months” to bring to an end, Assad noted.
“The complexity of this war is the foreign intervention. This is the problem,” he said. Syria’s president stressed that government troops are now very close to Raqqa, Islamic State’s stronghold some 100 kilometers from Manbij.

American troops were first spotted in the town earlier in March. Reports emerged at the time claiming that a deal had been struck for the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to hand over some 20 villages in a zone between Manbij and Al-Bab, which had been recently taken by Turkish-backed forces, to the Syrian government.

“They [Syrian forces] are certainly aware of where we [US] are, and we are aware of where they are. There is no intention between the two of there being any conflict against any party other than ISIS,” Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis told reporters.

On Thursday, the US-led coalition confirmed that around 400 American marines and army rangers had arrived in Syria to establish an outpost to support an operation to take the city of Raqqa. The new contingent adds to the 500 US troops already in Syria. US Air Force Colonel John Dorrian, the coalition’s spokesman, says the new soldiers have been deployed to expedite the defeat of the terrorists in Raqqa.

Sure enough...less than 48 hours later we have the first report of mass deaths and destruction:

Terrorist bombs, US airstrikes kill scores in Syria
The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the bombings targeted Shia pilgrims - a hallmark of Takfiri terrorists such as Daesh . They came after new airstrikes suspected to have been conducted by the US killed 28 civilians in and around Raqqah on Friday and Saturday, the observatory reported.The strikes hit a village on the eastern outskirts of the Daesh-held city, leaving four people dead and several others injured. US warplanes also targeted a school in the same area but caused no casualties. On Friday, US airstrikes on Raqqah killed 24 civilians, among them eight children and six women. Six Daesh militants were also killed in the strikes. The Observatory also reported fierce clashes between US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Daesh terrorists along the border between the Syrian provinces of Dayr al-Zawr and Raqqah

Washington has been leading a bombing campaign in Syria against what are said to be Daesh positions inside the country since September 2014 without any authorization from Damascus or a UN mandate. The strikes have led to a high number of civilian deaths.  Back in January, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu accused the US-led coalition of having made no positive contribution to the counter-terrorism fight in Syria but having rather worsened the conflict there.

Let's be blunt and cut to the chase.  USrael is not fighting much is it is fighting human civilization and the rule of law.  Just like the degree of cyber lawlessness in the CIA was recently revealed by WikiLeaks disclosures of Vault 7...USrael is also fighting the rule of international law on earth by invading a nation in violation of that nation's sovereign right to say "No".  It is a rape, in other words.  Yet, the International Community stands silently by, wringing its hands.  Every national "leader" is terrified that if he or she speaks up....their country will be next.  The United States should be kicked out of the United Nations for this flagrant violation of the most fundamental law on the UN books!  The United Nations should be moved out of the United States...immediately!

The evil Ziofascist perps will not cease till they have broken every law created by humanity and have destroyed the entire planet.  Zero Hour is fast approaching.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Obama fronting Deep State "stay behind" Gladio-style operation in US?

Obama is a longtime CIA Asset/Zombified Stooge

Regular readers of this blog will know what I think of former President Barack Obama.  I have always believed him to be a complete fraud, a zombified Project Monarch-style puppet of the Deep State.  Just look into his eyes in the above photo...or any photo or video of the man and you will understand what I mean.  Have you ever seen such cold, soulless eyes?

Surprisingly, since he left power there has been non-stop coverage of him in the news. Unlike his predecessor, George "W" Bush, who went quietly back to Texas...Obama has not left Washington.  On the contrary, he has been set up in a huge, gated, brick "compound" just down the street from the White House.  Pundits are already calling this the "Black House".  His handler has been installed in her own quarters and staff have been hired to carry on the work of the Deep State from this "Official Opposition" house.

Why didn't Obama go off into the sunset?  Because there was no controlled puppet to replace him in the White House.  President Donald J. Trump, being the loose cannon that he is...cannot be trusted to do the dirty laundry of the Deep State.  The "old guy" has had to be kept on until they can rid themselves of the "usurper".  So they have set up this sabotage black ops operation and are watching everything Trump says and does with the plan of using the presstitute media to continually barrage him with negative lies and fabricated stories.

It appears that the perps realized way back in October, 2016 that Hillary, unable to fill a phone booth with her supporters for political rallies, was going to lose the election by a landslide.  They did manage to fraud the California result to give her a false "popular vote" win...but the electoral college win was still a landslide for Trump.  So, in their frenzy last October to try to stave off the election defeat. They ordered puppet Obama to bug Trump in his New York office/home/campaign headquarters.  They were desperate for a "Hail Mary Pass" of some kind of political dirt they could fling at him at the 11th hour.  Didn't happen.  The video below is probably the most important video about the Deep State since the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency.  Please watch and listen carefully to what Napolitano says:

Judge Napolitano explains how it was Obama
himself who had to order the bug on Trump

There must have been a lot of gnashing of teeth in the Obama White House late last October when the bug on Trump came up empty.  Firstly, they had no ammo to fling at Trump...but secondly, he was going to win and THEN it would inevitably be discovered that Obama had used his special power of bugging to try to dislodge a political opponent during an election.  Now, in a functioning democracy (I can't think of one presently in existence in the West as an example) this would be catastrophic!  This would be probably the most serious charge that could be leveled at a politician...and would result in such serious charges that Obama would have been arrested already and sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial.  But, alas, USrael is NOT a functioning democracy and it is unlikely that Obama will even be arrested, much less brought to justice.

So, Obama is left sitting in his "Black House" with his massive black ops budget, his staff of corrupt and evil dual citizen grinding out their agenda to rid the country of Trump and perpetrate their agenda of perpetual ops, false flags and false flag hoaxes on the citizens of the US and the world.  They are the contemporary Operation Gladio "stay behind" force.

There are hints throughout the recent media reports about some of the activities of the Obama Stay Behind Gladio Black House.  Watch the video below for just one of them:

Here is another clue to what might be coming down the pike...a false flag could be committed by one of the "terror suspects" allowed to remain in the US...and who has subsequently gone missing...after interference in the case by the Obama DOJ.  Please watch the video below: [this video has now been removed, but the possibility of false flags perpetrated by foreign and domestic terrorists remains].

BREAKING: Obama DOJ Covered Up Refugee Terror
Suspect Days Before Election
| Suspect Now At Large     

Judge Napolitano advises Trump on TV
to have public hearings on CIA Deep State

Summary and Conclusions:

One has to feel sympathy towards the new US President, Donald J. Trump, assailed and assaulted as he is from all sides by this very powerful "pincer movement" opposition--combined Deep State/CIA, the presstitute corporatist media, the dual citizen left over bureaucratic moles still in the US government and the bought and paid for (by the Israel lobby) Senate and Congress.  In the video above, Judge Napolitano suggests...nay...urges Trump to order the Senate and Congress to hold public hearings on the Deep State/CIA so the public can learn the extent of the surveillance as revealed in the WikiLeaks Vault7 disclosure. 

IMO, even more urgently, there needs to be a hearing on Obama's order to wire-tap Trump during the past election campaign.  This would certainly, at the very least, neutralize the Gladio-style Stay Behind Obama Black House.  Alert citizens should watch this situation closely for developments.  If Trump doesn't "do something" and will certainly be an alarming indication that there are even darker forces at work than I have described above.  Reminds me of that quote about the NYC fashion maven, who prefers to wear the colour black...."until something darker comes along".

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Canada extending military mission in Ukraine to 2019

Canada extending military mission in Ukraine to 2019

Foreign minister says Canada should prepare for Russian attempts to destabilize its democracy

By Murray Brewster, CBC News Posted: Mar 06, 2017 1:05 PM ET Last Updated: Mar 06, 2017 8:21 PM ET

There you have it.  Canada will definitely be carrying the bucket of sh!t for the neocon globalists in their covert support of the Nazis in Ukraine.  How low can you go?...well le Dauphin's gonna show us for sure.

Freeland the flunkie is threatening Canadians with future false flags if we don't go along.  Of course the false flags will be blamed on Russia...the MIC's "enemy du jour". The main$tream media is softening up the Canadian populace to "beware of Russian disinformation", i.e, the truth.  We don't want those tender eyes and ears to hear such "destabilizing information" as the facts coming out about the neonazi backed shoot-down of MH17 a couple of years ago.  How the Kiev Junta had significant deployments of BUK missiles in the area of the shoot-down.

The fact Ukraine deployed 17 BUK missile launchers to the war zone of eastern Ukraine in the summer of 2014 does not mean that it must have been one of these launchers which shot down MH17. However the Western public’s impression of the tragedy would surely have been very different if Ukraine’s deployment of these systems was widely known about. As it is the Western public has barely been told about them to this day.

I personally do not believe the passenger airline was shot down by a BUK missile.  I have always believed it was shot down by way of air-to-air missiles fired from the two military jets seen tailing the passenger jet by numerous witnesses on the ground.  I believe these two jets were likely piloted by "foreign" military assisting the Junta in provoking Russia. 

So, Freeland's globalist neocon handlers got their way in dragging Canada into the Ukraine catastrophic financial and social meltdown....not to mention a potential war with Russia.  Canadians are totally disgusted with Trudeau and Freeland...if you don't believe me...check out the "most liked" comments at the end of the report from the CBC:

Dougal Fingal Guest

"Trudeau has aligned Canada with the Fascists in Eastern Europe."
  Likes 92  Dislikes 35

    • Sukhbir Powar Guest
    • "Canada should not assist or encourage this senseless carnage. It doesn't help anyone except warmongering trouble-makers." 
    • Likes 76  Dislikes 33

      • Charles Haldenby Guest
      • "All of Canada swells with pride, and people are sure to gather round whenever either Freeland or Sajjan makes an important announcement. A joint effort from them is sure to bring tears of great joy to the middle class..... and those working hard to join them.  Yes.......sarcasm."
      • Likes:  75  Dislikes 11
    • Furd Terguson Guest
    "We don't belong over there."
  • Likes:  64  Dislikes:  24

  • John Napier Guest
  • "shouldn't we mind our own business"
    Likes:  61  Dislikes: 22

    Ben Smith Guest
  • "It's Christmas and everything is free under the Liberals."
  • Likes: 57   Dislikes:  59
  • Phil Bigeau Guest
    "why do we have a minister from Ukraine"
  • Likes:  54  Dislikes 28


Why, indeed, Mr. Bigeau.  My guess is that once the sh!t starts flying in the hoped-for revved-up civil war between the broken down, corrupt Kievian Junta neo-Nazi military (being propped up by Canada) and the motivated and mobilized citizens of the ethnically Russian Donbass...Canada has been promised a lion's share of the "displaced persons" (refugees) that will inevitably result...and this population influx will bring down labour costs in Canada.  After all, that's what happened after WWII, didn't it?  Canada was given boatloads of Ukrainian refugees.  Unfortunately, many of them will likely be neo-Nazi types. 

Thank Gawd for the comments forums on the CBC...were it not for the few intrepid souls who catapult the bureaucracy involved in posting on them...we would have NO idea what Canadians are really thinking...or how much doo doo the Liberals and le Dauphin are really in.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Greencrow Investment Tip: Park Bench Futures

Park Benches -The Communication Device of the Future

Reading the torid and disturbing headlines in today's newz I realize that not only is the Orwellian "Big Brother" era upon has swept all semblance of respect for the legal RIGHT to human privacy a deluge of "wired"smart phones" Smart TV's and other commonly used devices present in almost every home.  Please read the following report from this morning's CBC and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

CIA could listen through cellphones, smart TVs, WikiLeaks claims

Leaks suggest spies can bypass encryption of messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram

The Associated Press Posted: Mar 07, 2017 9:41 AM ET Last Updated: Mar 07, 2017 10:55 AM ET

WikiLeaks on Tuesday published thousands of documents purportedly taken from the Central Intelligence Agency's Center for Cyber Intelligence, a dramatic release that appears to provide an eye-opening look at the intimate details of America's cyberespionage toolkit.

The dump could not immediately be authenticated by The Associated Press and the CIA declined comment, but WikiLeaks has a long track record of releasing top secret government documents. Experts who've started to sift through the material said it appeared legitimate — and that the release was almost certain to shake the CIA. 
Trump a 'puppet' of Putin? WikiLeaks target isn't who you may think, Russia experts say

"There's no question that there's a fire drill going on right now," said Jake Williams, a security expert with Augusta, Georgia-based Rendition Infosec. "It wouldn't surprise me that there are people changing careers — and ending careers — as we speak."

If it did prove legitimate, the dump would represent yet another catastrophic breach for the U.S. intelligence community at the hands of WikiLeaks and its allies, which have repeatedly humbled Washington with the mass release of classified material, including hundreds of thousands of documents from the State Department and the Pentagon.

The documents claim, among other things, that the spy agency has developed malware that can turn iPhones, Android devices and Samsung smart TVs into covert listening devices.
The latter, known by the codename "Weeping Angel," was allegedly developed in co-operation with the U.K.'s MI-5. Infected TVs appear to be turned off while, in fact, they record conversations in the room and send them via the internet to the CIA, WikiLeaks said in a statement.
WikiLeaks also claims U.S. spies can bypass the encryption of apps including WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram, and that the U.S. consulate in Frankfurt, Germany is a "covert CIA hacker base" for personnel covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  
Cryptic hints
WikiLeaks, which had been dropping cryptic hints about the release for a month, said in a lengthy statement that the CIA had "recently" lost control of a massive arsenal of CIA hacking tools as well as associated documentation. The radical transparency organization said that "the archive appears to have been circulated among former U.S. government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner" and that one of them "provided WikiLeaks with portions of the archive."
Jonathan Liu, a spokesman for the CIA, said: "We do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents." Williams, who has experience dealing with government hackers, said that the voluminous files' extensive references to operation security meant they were almost certainly government-backed.
"I can't fathom anyone fabricated that amount of operational security concern," he said. "It rings true to me." "The only people who are having that conversation are people who are engaging in nation-state-level hacking," he said."

If this is what is being admitted usually surpasses what is admitted to by a decade or more...we can assume that everything is wired.  The car that you drive to work every day. That TV you hung on your bedroom wall...your electronic thermometer that you installed by your door...your kitchen mix master....your solar powered panel on your boat...your electronic toothbrush stand.  They're bringing in "smart toilets" aren't they? 

All I can say is that they will have to start bugging every park bench in North America.  People are going to have to leave their homes and meet in parks and in forests to be assured of privacy.  That old typewriter gathering dust in the attic is starting to look good to me now...even a pen and paper has a newfound respect. 

You would think the "smart" people of the world would rise up and stop the nightmare. But, no...nary a peep from them. Even the so-called "journalists"...who you would think had the most to lose.  The fascist goose-stepping continues relentlessly towards a dystopian future where we're all rendered automatons...not even human any more. When they get us all micro-chipped with "smart chips"...we'll all be wired.... Git me outta here!

Pink Floyd - "Comfortably Numb"

Monday, March 6, 2017

CawRANT Events #43

CawRANT Events #43

Good morning, everybody!  Again we have a snowy day in the Pacific North West.  A wet, sloppy snow fell all last night and today it's slushageddon.  More snow is predicted for tonight.  Typically, in early march, we're seeing daffodils and cherry blossoms.  Not this year.  I have a feeling the weather modification black ops are working overtime....pushing weather systems around the sky with their haarp lazer weaponry.  Who will pay for this?  More "carbon taxation" anyone?

I have a long list of topics and links to cover in this RANT so let's get started.  First of all, close to home here in Canada I have some interesting updates on the ongoing crisis with the indigenous youth in Canada's north.  Here is a recent headline from the CBC:

Northern Canada's Youth Health Crisis
'You're seeing how callous they are': Ottawa spent a fraction of promised money on First Nations health

The federal government's attempt to close the gap in health care outcomes for First Nations children is progressing at a snail's pace in some provinces because Ottawa has spent only a fraction of the money it set aside for treatments, according to documents shared with CBC News.

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled, more than a year ago, that the federally run First Nations health care system is discriminatory and demanded the government provide services to Indigenous kids at the same level as those provided by the provinces to children living off-reserve.

....Unlike other children, health services for First Nations living on reserve are funded almost exclusively by the federal government...

Government has spent $11.4 million
And yet the government has so far spent only $11.4 million in this fiscal year, a far cry from the $127.3 million it earmarked last July, according to documents Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada and Health Canada filed with the tribunal last month, "

So, it's hardly any wonder that indigenous youth are in crisis...when they are getting a fraction of the healthcare funding received by children off reserve.  This is no surprise to me as a former social worker...the bureaucracy in getting health services and equipment...and dental care in particular... to indigenous children on reserve or off reserve...was a daunting bureaucratic nightmare...paperwork and hurdles galore.  I believed then and I do now that indigenous children should get free and available dental care throughout their childhood.  But the dental health of the average child I dealt with was appalling.  I spent a good part of my practice phoning dentists and begging them to confront the bureaucracy and serve my children.

Lasha Darkmoon had a blog post recently that described the harm done to children by Internet Porn.  I have said previously on this topic that Internet Porn and its effects could be behind the suicide crises in Canada's north.  This is truly a disturbing article...but it is crucial that humanity confront this evil and protect our children from it.

Sadly, it appears that children in the Siberian North are also experiencing a suicide crisis.  And social media has been implicated there as well.  The isolation and deprivation (including vitamin deprivation due to lack of sunshine) probably all contribute to the vulnerability of this group of children to the evil doers in the porn and social media industries.

Political Meltdown in Washington:

The political system in the United States, teetering on the brink of open civil war and collapse for at least a decade...since the Deep State Coup of 9/11...seems to be fast approaching some sort of meltdown.  Read Jon Rappoport's excellent summation here.  The fanatics are becoming psychotic...entering some sort of florid state.  I watched the video of that blond talking head MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinksi crying on the "morning Joe" this morning and thought when she started burbling through tears that Donald Trump was "mentally unfit to be president"...some nadir had been reached...or exceeded.  Again, we have to "name" the cause and it would appear to be the overwhelming number of "dual citizen" Ziofascists in places of power in the government and media.  Who was it who said "No man can serve two masters."?  These entities obviously aren't even attempting to serve two masters...they are serving only their political and economic domination through world chaos.

Bill Still has a good update on the legal aspects of the latest swirling controversy...the "Obamagate" scandal:

Bill Still Reports on Obamagate

But, as I said in my recent "Pincer" post...the chaos is just a technique towards an end...overthrow of this case a democratically-elected government.  There will be one crisis after another...escalating in scope until they get rid of Trump.  They have made that abundantly clear.  This is a fight to the death.  They can't back down...because if they do...then they will have to repeat what history has shown over and over happens...a mass exodus to a new host.  The difficulty here is that the planet is very short of new and/or naïve hosts. 

Geoengineering Updates

With all the political drama...humanity is being distracted from what they're doing behind the scenes with geoengineering, chemtrails, and bioweaponry.  Transhumanism is just around the corner and in a few generations...we would (if we could come back from the dead) not recognize the human species....or the earth they'll be living in.  I sometimes try to imagine what our forbearers...say Mozart or Aristotle, would think of the world we live in.  Would they think it was an improvement over theirs?  Sure, we live much longer lives on average...but what about that "blob" in the Pacific ocean?  And what about the threatened extinction of 50% of our wildlife?  If the "usual suspects' weren't so powerful and in control of the global agenda...we could try to solve those problems instead of fighting perpetual wars over outmoded (fossil fuels and nuclear energy) forms of energy.  Speaking of end on a positive note...I have some links on solar power as one of the few optimistic developments.

Solar Power to Replace Carbon Energy in Our Lifetimes???

Where it has gained root, solar power has grown exponentially in recent years and in 2016 was smashing records.  Solar power is now helping independent-minded humans move "off the grid"...which is a source of concern to the power-obsessed perps.  But there is very little they can do about it.  Unless they develop a bioweapon that blocks the sun (don't put it past them).

In a few years we will be re-charging our cars' battery with solar power and a few years further down the road..our cars will be painted with solar cells-mixed paint and there will be no more need for fossil fuels.  Ditto the roofs of our homes and factories.  We are entering a new and wonderful era with zero pollution and even solar powered clothing. 

Yes, if Mozart or Aristotle were to come back and see the fantastic horizon that humanity is on the brink of...with the coming of solar power...they would doubtless shake their heads in perplexity and disappointment at why we're still so mired in brutish, savage mindsets and behaviours.  Why can't humanity look up at the sun, instead of down at the carbon and radiation-filled earth...or across the fence at our neighbour's belongings?

Well, with that imponderable question left hanging in the air...I will end this RANT and go out into the sunshine...Bye for now.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Canadian Military Going to Help Ukraine Break Minsk II Agreement

Canadian military instructors and Ukrainian servicemen
take part in a military exercise at the International
Peacekeeping and Security Center in Yavoriv,
Ukraine in this July 2016 file photo.
(Gleb Garanich/Reuters)

What happens to small, vulnerable western countries who don't have a strong military and/or strong leadership?  This is what happens.  Canada is being ordered to carry the filthy bucket of sh!t for the globalist neocon in Ukraine.  The ziofascists have ordered Canada to do what the US is apparently no longer willing or able to do....prop up some puppet protagonists in far off lands so they can fight on behalf of the ziofascists against the "enemy du jour", Russia.

In this case, Canada has been ordered to provide military armaments and weaponry to the pathetic neo nazi Ukraine Military so they can fight their fellow Ukrainians in a bloody civil war right on Russia's border.  Please read the following excerpt from the lie and fake news filled CBC Report.  I have bolded and printed in red the lies and fakery...(one-sided "selective" reporting) and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:


Ukraine looks to Canada to help modernize military's 'Soviet mentality'

As 3-year conflict continues, Russian forces have extensively modernized — but Ukraine's troops have not

By Evan Dyer, CBC News Posted: Mar 04, 2017 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Mar 04, 2017 5:00 AM E

As the war in Eastern Ukraine grinds on, away from the international headlines, the country's Soviet-era military is struggling to suppress separatist forces backed by a modern, well-resourced Russian machine. And it is looking to Canada for help.

Both sides in the three-year-old conflict blithely ignore commitments made under the Minsk agreement — the ceasefire plan signed in early 2015 — to keep heavy weapons out of the conflict zone.

The Ukrainians, worried by U.S. President Donald Trump's closeness to Russia and his talk of accepting the annexation of Crimea, have been manoeuvring to win back some areas where they had agreed to remain out.

The combined Russian-separatist side has also upped the tempo of its rocketing and shelling, and still tends to be more effective in using those weapons, thanks to superior command, control and communications. The Ukrainian side, meanwhile, continues to closely resemble its Soviet predecessor with outmoded uniforms, equipment, organization and training.

Russia's armed forces have been through years of rapid modernization. The effects can be seen among the separatist forces of Luhansk and Donetsk, which include thousands of Russian soldiers nominally fighting as "volunteers" of Novorossiya or "New Russia. The result is a conflict that sometimes resembles the Russian Army of today fighting the Russian Army of 25 years ago — the one that suffered defeat in Afghanistan and the first Chechen War.
But Ukraine and its Western allies, including Canada, are determined to change that dynamic.

'DRAB' to the rescue

Jill Sinclair, a former assistant deputy minister of defence who once led the Canadian government's efforts to ban landmines, now holds Canada's seat on a panel designed to bring the Ukrainian armed forces into the 21st century. Ukraine's Defence Reform Advisory Board (DRAB) is charged with steering the Ukrainian military through a crash transformation even as it fights a low-level war against a far-stronger neighbour. She likens the task to "changing the wheels on a bicycle while the bicycle is moving."

Her co-chairs are a trio of retired generals: former U.S. Centcom commander John Abizaid; the U.K.'s Sir Nick Parker; and Jonas Andriskevicius, former commander of Lithuania's armed forces. Sinclair says there's currently "a Soviet mentality" in the Ukrainian armed forces and Defence Ministry. "The Ukrainians would be the first to say that." While the Russian military underwent dramatic upgrades under Vladimir Putin, Ukraine's military stagnated from independence in the early 1990s, through to the outbreak of hostilities in 2014.  

Outclassed on the battlefield

For Ukraine, the war in the east began with crushing defeats. First at Ilovaisk in summer of 2014, then again at Debaltseve six months later, Ukrainian units were first encircled, then decimated by Russian artillery. The battles showcased new Russian tactics that combined drone and satellite reconnaissance with modern communications and targeting, to produce devastatingly accurate and concentrated barrages.
Survivors who straggled back to Ukrainian lines brought tales of incompetent commanders, confused orders, chaotic supply lines and abandonment by Kyiv. It all led to a commission of inquiry, where those recriminations were aired publicly. The inquiry estimated that 1,000 soldiers died at Ilovaisk alone.

Ukrainian forces have never recovered the territory lost in those battles. But the debacle brought home the need for reform. "They really hit the reset button three years ago," says Sinclair.
She says the Ukrainians turned to their allies in the West to ask: "How are they going to position themselves so they're not constantly being bested by the other side?
"They want to move, by the end of 2018, to a civilian Ministry of Defence, and by 2020 to full civilian control of the armed forces," she says. "They also want to get to full interoperability with NATO by 2020."
That last goal is a monumental challenge for a military that still depends almost entirely on Warsaw Pact equipment. But Ukraine's state defence conglomerate, Ukroboronprom, has already begun production of a licensed version of the American M16 assault rifle, which will ultimately replace the Russian-made Kalashnikov designs currently used, allowing Ukrainian forces to use NATO small arms ammunition. Canadian companies are also finding plenty of opportunity as Ukraine retools its defence industry. Pratt & Whitney Canada, Esterline/CMC Electronics, IMP Aerospace, and L-3 Wescam all have joint projects with Ukroboronprom.

Training mission wrapping up?

Ukraine's foreign advisers are looking beyond the current conflict, Sinclair says.  "Canada's starting point is Ukraine's stated goal of joining the Euro-Atlantic family," she says, adding that Canada's training mission at Yavoriv, in western Ukraine, is focused on overall modernization and professionalization.  "We're never sitting down with the Ukrainians and saying, 'How do we help you to defeat the Russians?'," she says. "We are looking at the long haul, but of course in the meantime, people are being deployed [to the front lines]."
The effects of that training can be seen in those eastern battlegrounds, Sinclair says. "The last 24 months or so, they've been holding their own a lot better."

As of this month, more than 3,000 Ukrainians had completed courses given by Canadian Armed Forces trainers, mostly either small-team infantry training or explosive ordnance training.
Canada's training countering improvised explosive devices, Sinclair says, has been a lifesaver for Ukrainian troops. But Canada's training mission is set to end on March 31, and the Trudeau government has yet to say whether it will be renewed. Donations of free equipment to Ukraine have essentially dried up since the Harper government delivered several shipments of non-lethal assistance in the winter of 2014-15.

Profiteers and freebooters

Meantime, the internal battles in the Ukrainian Defence Ministry are focused on corruption and militias — two perennial issues that the country is finally determined to tackle, Sinclair says.
"You can't look at defence reform without looking at the militias," she says of the powerful paramilitary brigades that operate — at least nominally — under the control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Some of the militias, including the Azov Regiment and Right Sector, are given to displaying far-right and even neo-Nazi symbols that have embarrassed the government and provided ammunition for Russian propaganda. But the Ukrainian government is also painfully aware that their rush to the front lines may have saved the Ukrainian military from total collapse in the war's disastrous early days. Some of the brigades answer to individual Ukrainian oligarchs who recruited them and paid to equip them as patriotic gestures; their obedience to central command is questionable.

"They have been playing fast and loose. Does the Ukrainian government have its arms around all of that?" asks Sinclair. "Donor countries want to see more order and more cohesion." As for corruption, the bane of Ukraine's recent governments, profiteers who sought to get rich from the war, are finally being driven out, Sinclair says. "Previously, somebody's brother was getting the contract to feed the troops. Now it's a German company with full transparency."


Well, that's a lot of red, bolded print and a lot of lies and fakery.  But that's what passes for a mainstream media report nowadays.

The bottom line is that Canada is being pressured by the ziofascist moles inside and outside of the Canadian continue its assistance to the Kiev Junta and their neo-Nazi militia, and their corrupt oligarchs (including Poroshenko) as a blatant provocation to Russia.  This "military assistance program" was started by previous Prime Minister Stephen Harper and is one of the reasons he was defeated during the last election.  Trudeau has an opportunity to take Canada out of this mess at the end of March.  Removing Canada from this embarrassing imbroglio with neo-nazis and NATO war with Russia warmongers could staunch Trudeau's bleeding at the polls...where he's doing a popularity swan dive.

Canadians will be watching closely to see whether Trudeau has the cajones and/or political smarts to extricate Canada from this illegal quagmire.  I'm not going to bet that he will.  His appointment of neo-Nazi supporting Freeland, unfortunately, says it all.